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Root: Twitter for Schmucks

Have you seen the movie Dinner for Schmucks? Now we have a sequel, Twitter for Schmucks starring Congressman Anthony Weiner. I’m a Libertarian. I don’t want government in my bedroom, or my boardroom, so I’m generally hands-off (excuse the pun) about what politicians do in their private time. But this is different. Weiner must resign. If this was just an affair…Okay. People have affairs every day. But what people- let alone Congressmen- don’t do every day is send photos of their penis to strangers. That’s far worse than an affair. It’s mental illness. Weiner is a pervert, an electronic, high-tech version of the naked man in the raincoat from yesteryear who walks up to pretty female strangers and opens his raincoat. Weiner is a schmuck- and for that he must go.

Here is what the case boils down to:

#1) Weiner thinks we’re the schmucks. Any man so sick he must send photos of his penis, bulging underpants, naked chest, and talk dirty over Twitter and Facebook with complete strangers has a deep-rooted sexual and mental illness. Since he claims he never had a physical affair, Weiner thinks he should be forgiven. I’d rather hear he’d slept with them. I can understand sex talk and photos between lovers. But a Congressman sending crotch shots over Twitter to complete strangers? This man is in dire need of mental help. He has an addiction or perhaps a deep-seated need to destroy his career. Either way, he’s too self destructive to be sitting in the United States Congress.

Remember, this is the Congressman who introduced a bill to loosen immigration requirements for foreign models. I can only assume his goal was more potential Weiner Twitter victims.

#2) Don’t be surprised if it comes out that Weiner’s weiner was used for a lot more than (as he called it) “just innocent fun over Twitter.” I’m guessing, if he hasn’t already bought them off, there must be plenty of women ready to talk about Weiner’s sexual exploits. The most recent communication indicates Weiner was begging a Nevada blackjack dealer to meet him for sex. Excuse the pun…but I’m betting this scandal is much bigger than advertised.

#3) As far as I’m concerned, Congressman Weiner’s affairs are between him and Mrs. Weiner, a top aide to Hillary Clinton. But can you imagine the odds, to be involved in the biggest sex scandal of the year, and have Mrs. Clinton as your personal advisor? Now that’s hitting the lottery!

But, the affairs aren’t the issue. It’s Weiner’s arrogance, recklessness, and sickness. No one this reckless should be allowed anywhere near the Capitol. Any Congressman who after seeing what happened to Congressman Chris Lee after his shirtless photo was made public, still chose to send his own shirtless photo, and added crotch shots as the bonus, is reckless, dangerous, out of control, perverted, and dumb as a tree stump. No one like that has the right to pass bills that affect my life. Weiner is obviously a sick man dealing with a mental illness. He needs help. Intensive 24/7 help. He’ll only have the free time for that kind of help after being relieved of his job.

#3) We must remember that this man is the same Weiner (insert joke here) who went on a Joe McCarthy witch hunt against advertisers on Fox News, and in particular Glenn Beck. Weiner demanded Congressional and government investigations into fraud and false advertising by gold and precious metal companies. Why? Because he’s a raving, radical, leftist Kool-Aid drinker who didn’t like the fact that gold advertisers were paying tens of millions of dollars to Fox News and Glenn Beck. He attempted to intimidate and bankrupt these companies with investigations, threats and legal fees. I wonder if Weiner planned on a settlement that included these companies agreeing to spend equal money to advertise on the failing shows of MSNBC?

Weiner was acting the part of Mafia Don trying to extort and intimidate advertisers of his political opposition. This is as heinous an act as I can remember coming from any member of Congress.

Now picture this same political hack who enjoys witch hunts against political opponents, staring at his Twitter screen, sweating and shaking, with eyes and tongue (and other body parts) bulging out, as he sent strange photos to complete strangers, humiliating his wife, putting himself in a position to be black-mailed, while laughing at what schmucks the voters are who put him in office. Bingo. There’s the image all voters need to see.

Mr. Weiner, it’s time to go. Quickly.

Let this be a lesson to voters. Anthony Weiner is Exhibit A for why we should have a healthy distrust for all politicians. These are the power-hungry tyrants who want to control your life. Term limit them, keep tight reins on their spending, and limit the time they can spend in their seats planning new ways to steal our money and take control over our lives.

There are many more Weiners in Washington who simply haven’t been caught yet with their hand (or any other body part) in the nookie jar. We’ve got to watch out for all the Weiners of the world. Most of them aren’t perverts though. Their hands are in your pants to find…your wallet.

Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee. He now serves as Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee. He is the best-selling author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts.” His web site:

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  1. House "Member" House "Member" June 13, 2011

    Better headline: “Root says give Wiener the Shaft”

  2. wolfefan wolfefan June 11, 2011

    Does the LP have a formal position on term limits?

  3. what a @#$%^ing mess! what a @#$%^ing mess! June 10, 2011

    “Root says no to hands-off approach on Wiener; all-a-Twitter about Wiener’s wiener.”

    Details on Channel 69’s Hot Action Nudes, er, News…

  4. what a @#$%^ing mess! what a @#$%^ing mess! June 10, 2011

    Re: Root:

    Schmuck is as schmuck does.

    And Root is an expert on being a schmuck. Or a Schmock. It’s all in der Yiddish or ze German.

  5. zapper zapper June 9, 2011

    Congressman Dachshund has got the beat …

    His disgrace has come, it’s a fate complete …

    His root of evil, his head of shame …

    His dog of infamy, like his name …

    Never tweet ya meat …
    Never tweet ya meat …

  6. NewFederalist NewFederalist June 9, 2011

    I have to agree with Jill above… so many possibilities to disgrace myself with sick humor. For once I’ll pass.

  7. Steven Wilson Steven Wilson June 9, 2011

    One cup of coffee and this is the article I chose to read. Hardly even awake, this is all I can say.

    This week on Vegas edition Dr Wayne root suggests to his million strong viewers that they take the over under on an alleged recently old unofficial photograph of an unidentified male wearing nothing but turquoise parachute pants throwing cottage cheese at a Vegas sport star who was wearing only a bandana that was not on his banana.

    Dr Root also suggested that the 8 track might make a comeback (Favre, 2011).

    Flash Gordon, he’ll save everyone of us, he is for everyone us

    Get weiner
    Get serious

    I must be in the front row baby,

    Moral compass be thy name

  8. Robert Capozzi Robert Capozzi June 9, 2011

    My residual Rothbardian circuitry agrees with Root here: Leave Congress. Not just Weiner, all of them (except Ron Paul).

    Short of that, I say Stay, Weiner. Just as Clinton was a better prez post-Lewinsky revelation, Weiner is likely to be weaker because of this episode, and that’s a good thing. Scandals CAN make Nietsche correct (“That which does not kill me makes me stronger”), but wounded characters are often less credible and less forceful. We can only hope this is the case with Weiner.

    I did find Weiner’s press conference interesting. When asked What were you thinking?, he said I don’t know. Bad moves are often this way. We become, well, unconscious. Dark forces seem to just take over the train. He was in a sense temporarily insane actually tracks for me. Or, perhaps, he disconnected from his conscience. Weiner’s ego was in complete control with he posted his pics.

    I happened to run into Gary Hart during the Clinton/Lewinsky affair. I said to him, I have to ask YOU, what was going on in Clinton’s head? Hart laughed maniacally and said, He didn’t know what he’s doing!

    Another case for small-micro government. The powerful are more likely to get swept up in unconscious ego thinking, doing wacky, destructive things. Give them the smallest canvas possible, I say.

  9. right, but it is an excellent object lesson on the sub standard bi partisan junior varsity leader ship which allowed crap like NASA / Great Society /Viet Nam trifecta in the 1960s and then the Trillion Dollar ‘throw away’ military adventures on the other side of the world in the 21st Century ………..

  10. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt June 9, 2011

    There are just oh so many jokes I want to make re: this article–that I’d better just pass, and let someone else point out the hilarious ironies.

  11. [a] Most of the early Old Testament was written in ‘Biblical Greek’ ————— where ‘day’ can be 24 hours ———- or an indeterminate period of time ……….

    [b] The only non biblical reference to Joseph and slave built Egyptian pyramids and Moses / Tut Moses was the Greek Herodotus. Circa 500 BCE. Decade by decade he is discovered to be grossly subjective or out and out wrong ——- like disgraced American historian and practiced liar Steven Ambrose.

    [c] Forty years from the Nile to the Jordan? Forty years? [Pass the GPS!]

    [d] Christ as born on December 25th in the Roman Year Zero ——- Not!

    Let us political types take a page from the manufactured information of religious fanatics.

    If Ronald Ray Gun’s buddie and hill billy baptiste Lee Hamilton can make up quote after quote, then we should take both ‘churchie’ and ‘patriotic’ truths as untested and untried!

  12. Tom Blanton Tom Blanton June 8, 2011

    But what people- let alone Congressmen- don’t do every day is send photos of their penis to strangers.

    Well sure, not everyday maybe, but are we to believe that Wayne has never sent a photo of his penis to a stranger?

    Don’t most people attach a shot of their genitals to their e-mails just as a matter of course these days? It adds a personal touch to digital communications and it sends a message that you are open and outgoing.

    Wayne shouldn’t knock it until he has tried it. If I were him, I’d have a nice picture of my penis printed on my business cards so that people I meet could have the photo in hand right away.

    Wayne needs to modernize his approach to building a following – including having a decent color photo of his junk made that shows off his tattoos and piercings.

  13. Thomas L. Knapp Thomas L. Knapp June 8, 2011

    Wau @ 6,

    “You would be like the people who condem Jesus, and free the theft who did wrong.”

    That’s an interesting biblical story.

    There’s no indication that Barabbas was a thief. Matthew just calls him a “notorious prisoner,” while Mark and Luke indicate that he was involved in a riot of some kind. John refers to him as a “bandit” — which is what the Romans referred to anti-Roman Jewish rebels as.

    “Barabbas” is probably not a name, per se, but a description: “Bar Abbas,” or “son of the rabbi.”

    Jesus was a rabbi. Perhaps Barabbas was his son, and the crowd had to choose whether to spare the current claimant to the Davidic throne, or his heir.

  14. Darryl W. Perry Darryl W. Perry June 8, 2011

    “Ignore everything that comes before the word ‘but,'” a psychologist suggested. “because the real message comes after it.”

    WAR“I’m a Libertarian. I don’t want government in my bedroom, or my boardroom, so I’m generally hands-off (excuse the pun) about what politicians do in their private time. But this is different. Weiner must resign.”

    “Ignore everything that comes before the word ‘but,'” a psychologist suggested. “because the real message comes after it.”

  15. Well as usual Well as usual June 8, 2011

    I am sure some of you are just like Weiner. That why you put down Root. You would be like the people who condem Jesus, and free the theft who did wrong.

  16. Michael H. Wilson Michael H. Wilson June 8, 2011

    Hell leave him in there. He’s a joke and we need a good laugh every day.

  17. Ayn R. Key Ayn R. Key June 8, 2011

    The world economy is collapsing, China is dumping US debt, and Root thinks the important thing to do is attack an unimportant congressman.

  18. Steven R Linnabary Steven R Linnabary June 8, 2011

    Root really should proof read his articles before sending them out…

    There are TWO #3’s rather than a #3 and a #4…

    I suppose I should be happy that Root is now publicly claiming to be “Libertarian”, which he does right up front in the first paragraph…but Root never gives any “libertarian” reason for why Weiner should resign.

    Indeed, the only reason Root gives for Weiner’s resignation (other than being a schmuck) seems to be in the second point #3, that Weiner used his influence to go after Fox News.

    I’m quite certain that Weiner has proposed some rather outrageous un-Constitutional and/or un-Libertarian bills (didn’t Weiner propose to make it a Federal crime for school children to “sext”?)

    Weiner is an outrageous, pompous ass. But this essay does not make the LP look good. It makes the LP look rather silly.


  19. Michael Cavlan RN Michael Cavlan RN June 8, 2011

    This message has been brought to you by the “left wing” of the support Ron Paul and the Campaign For Liberty.

    No fake car salesman smile included.


  20. Michael Cavlan RN Michael Cavlan RN June 8, 2011

    Perfect case in point per my below about David Cobb.

    Wayne Root. Libertarian.

    EXCEPT when it comes to attacking president Oily-Bomber or any other DEMOCRAT.

    Hey Wayne.


    Your neo-con agenda is showing.

    He never did answer my questions about his
    a. lies
    b. delusions
    about president Obama being a “Socialist” now did he?

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