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With city’s first ranked choice election coming up, St. Paul’s Greens endorse 3 candidates, work for more

From the Twin Cities Daily Planet (read the full thing here, there is a lot more information in the article itself):

The Green Party of St. Paul began a new effort to recruit candidates for upcoming 2011 local elections June 16, as candidates and around 40 supporters gathered to launch the effort dubbed Green St. Paul.The campaign is an attempt to change the party’s sporadic track record in local elections by recruiting candidates to run for local office, said Green St. Paul co-chair Roger Meyer…

The Green Party has officially endorsed three candidates in local races. Johnny Howard and Jim Ivey are running for St. Paul City Council seats in Wards 1 and 2, respectively, while Devin Miller is running for the St. Paul School Board…

Meyer said the recruitment campaign was inspired by St. Paul’s adoption of ranked choice voting. The elections this November will see the first implementation of the ranked choice voting system that St. Paul voters approved in a referendum in 2009.

The system allows voters to rank candidates in order of preference. If one candidate receives more than 50 percent of the first choice votes, they win outright. Otherwise, the candidate with the lowest number of first choice votes is eliminated and their votes are redistributed to the voter’s second choice. The process is repeated until one candidate crosses the threshold needed to win.


  1. Michael Cavlan RN Michael Cavlan RN June 19, 2011

    Don. Yup.

    As an aside, IRV only happened in St Paul because of the actions of two people.

    Amber Garland and Paul Busch. These two members of the St Paul Green Party gathered the needed signatures, virtually alone, to get IRV and the ballot where it passed.

    Amber and Paul are two very sweet people with whom I have a great deal of admiration and respect. Most of the rest of the St Paul GP is a very different story. Well OK, the rest of the St Paul GP that are left that is. There was a group called the West Metro Greens that met because they were not happy with the shenanigans that was going on.

    However, the ST Paul GP then changed their status from the St Paul GP to the 4th District GP
    which made the West Metro GP group “illegal” to be involved in anything.

    Don Lake. What you say is sooo 100% correct..
    You have no idea just how much so.

  2. Michael Cavlan RN Michael Cavlan RN June 19, 2011

    Oh and Libertarian.

    I will say it again.

    Beware of Wayne Root and his allies.

    From a friend and ally.

  3. Michael Cavlan RN Michael Cavlan RN June 19, 2011

    Oh as an aside. The way I hear it.

    St Paul Green Co-Chair Jessie Mortenson was managing the website of Democratic Party US Senator Amy Klobuchar.

    At the time that I was running against the now Minnesota Senator.

    Just a mild coincidence of course. He also apparently “lost” all of the contact info for the Minnesota State Green Party contacts info.

    While at the same time smearing both myself and At that time Green Party Governor candidate Ken Pentel.

    Just another coincidence of course. Whoopsie.

    It is my own opinion that Mr Mortenson is a mean spirited , sneaky bastard. As well as very arrogant. Reminds me of Audrey from the VA Greens in many ways. Just my opinion of course.

    Sadly, those Greens in Minnesota who wanted to deal with this in an open, democratic manner were successfully blocked by a minority of those who used the “concensus” model of blocking things, along with Greens who did not want any conflict at all.

    At this point those of us who did believe in having the GP openly oppose the corporate two party system at every level, local AND Federal pretty much left.

    Much of this mirrors what happened on the National level.

    As an aside, there are groups of us who are in fact quite along in building an actual open, honest and transparent opposition to the corporate corrupted, two party system.

    You will be hearing of it quite soon.


    Organize, build an opposition to the pro-war, corporate corrupted two party system.

    Like we really mean it.

  4. [a] ya get the birf daze present and card [usps postal] ????????

    [b] Personal experience #1, both California [South Lake Tahoe] and National [Tucson] dropped the ball [‘working committee’ on Abused Veterans —- constructed under Green guide lines by Citizens For A Better Veterans Home (the grunt work) ]!

    [c] #2, In Sandy Ego County, the local greens acquired an up and running office in a central area and just down the street from TWO large colleges. Telephones, coffee maker, lights, and constantly empty, empty, empty!

    [d] #3, San Diego’s Balboa Park, annual anti Iraq week end. Greens keep out more conservative anti war participants ——- year after year!

  5. VAGreen VAGreen June 19, 2011

    “It is my own opinion that Mr Mortenson is a mean spirited , sneaky bastard. As well as very arrogant. Reminds me of Audrey from the VA Greens in many ways. Just my opinion of course.”

    Whatever one may think of Audrey personally, she is no friend of the Democrats. She can make a strong run for County Board this year.

  6. Michael Cavlan RN Michael Cavlan RN June 19, 2011

    Did anyone see the documentry about Ralph Nader, “An Unreasonable Man”?

    One scene sticks out. One of Naders staff remarked about the Democrats.

    they are just mean motherf***ers.

    Got to agree.

    Audrey AKA VA Green. tell me more about your run for office. this is you right?

    Audrey is one of the Green party national Delegates who as especially meanspirited and vindictive to nader supporters. The ones who then left the Green party. To hers and others actual cheers.

    They are mean motherf***ers all right.

  7. VAGreen VAGreen June 19, 2011

    Audrey is running for Arlington County Board on a platform of preserving affordable housing, stopping overdevelopment, opposing the widening of I-66, expanding recycling, and banning styrofoam and single-use plastic bags.

    Audrey ? VAGreen

  8. VAGreen VAGreen June 19, 2011

    The last sentence should be Audrey is not VAGreen.

  9. Michael Cavlan RN Michael Cavlan RN June 19, 2011

    VA Green

    So you are not Audrey the Green party national Delegate from Virginia?

    hmmmm interesting

  10. Mobert Rilnes Mobert Rilnes June 21, 2011

    Michael V. Calvan, RN your relentless hostility is forever putting off the fundamental oneness of all things! Drown yourself in love! Give up all that you own and go forth naked into the world!

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