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At Ballot Access News:

California Secretary of State Web Page Has Data on Americans Elect Petition Validity

Americans Elect Begins Petitioning for Oregon Ballot

Americans Elect Adds Details About Building Itself as an Organization

Americans Elect Asks its Delegates to Help Build the Organization

At Irregular Times:

Americans Elect keeps saying it’s Not a Party in public, keeps arguing it Is a Party in private

Americans Elect via

AE Weekly: 5,000,000 questions, 2,000 leaders, two new issues, one cool preview, and more

Americans Elect: Where the Questions Come From (pt. 2)

Americans Elect: Where the Questions Come From (Pt. 1)

TechCrunch Disrupt and DEMO Conferences Welcome Americans Elect

3 thoughts on “Americans Elect Update

  1. Rick

    It will be interesing to see how the validity reports compare to Arno’s end of campaign chargebacks(instead of payment he sent out claims that virtually everyone who circulated his petition owed him money). The county registrars do not have a vested financial interest in claiming peoples work is substandard. It’s showtime! People who were cheated by Arno can have their attorny call me at 916.812.9024. I have additional information which might be useful in litigation.

    Only the names have changed.

    Michael Arno’s pattern of conduct is virtually identical to his behavior preceeding his last bankruptcy:

    Several years ago the bitter resentful statements started. The recurring theme being that everyone was mking money but him and people were plotting to steal from him.

    Today, it is Jenny Breslin, Ron Tomczak, Eileen Ray, David Spero, etc.; last time it was Richard Green, Sunny McDonald and Marcia Goldstien,

    Today the corporate laundry includes Capitol Links, Direct Voice, and Arno Political Consultants; last time it was Capitol Ventures, Kemilly Copr. and American Petition Consultanting.

    Today it’s Rich Nicholas: last time Will Tranquilli was the close confidant and business associate facing the child rape charges.

    In my opinion Arno has cheated the industry, and ripped off the people who can least afford it. I tend to put more faith in the methodology of the Secretary of State, than Arrogant Parasitic Cowards (sorry for the play on the acronym)

    Time will tell.

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