Darcy Richardson challenges Obama in Democratic presidential primary

IPR does not usually cover duopoly races, but we’re making an exception for occasional IPR contributor Darcy Richardson, who has filed in the NH Democratic primary to challenge Barack Obama for the presidential nomination. In a phone conversation, Darcy said his slogan is “no fourth term for George W. Bush.”

At BostonTea.US Darryl Perry notes

BTP member Darcy G Richardson (Darcy2012.com) has filed as a Democratic Party candidate for the New Hampshire primary. According to articles here and here Darcy will be seeking primary ballot access in more States aside from New Hampshire.

Darcy says, “I hope that my candidacy, as limited as it may turn out to be, might in some small measure restore a belief in American politics and American government, reinforcing the notion that real change can be achieved at the ballot box.”

As Chair of the BTP National Committee, I wish Darcy the best of luck in his campaign!

In Peace, Freedom, Love & Liberty,
Darryl W. Perry

6 thoughts on “Darcy Richardson challenges Obama in Democratic presidential primary

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  2. Mullet Over

    Not recognizing any Democrats names except Obama, Richardson, Randall Terry and Vermin Supreme.

  3. Peter Gemma

    I think Darcy is smart and honest – he’ll have some credible and creative policy initiatives to offer. I’ll be following his campaign closely.

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