Jill Stein presidential campaign announcement and money bloom today

Source: Green Party Watch

Medical doctor, community activist and Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party leader Jill Stein is set to announce her campaign for the Green Party presidential nomination on Monday Oct. 24th at the state house in Boston, MA. Her website at JillStein.org states, “America deserves a a Green New Deal that provides a secure future for everyone and the planet we depend on.”

The Jill Stein for President website has been collecting pledges from supporters for a money bloom scheduled to coincide with the announcement. At last count, almost $8,000 of the $10,000 goal had been pledged.

To learn more about Jill Stein for President and to contribute, check out JillStein.org.

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9 thoughts on “Jill Stein presidential campaign announcement and money bloom today

  1. Google White Extinction

    It would be good to see the Greens grace the ballot with a White woman, unlike the last election when they disgraced it with a negress.

    If they would extend their concern for biodiversity to the human races, they would be the party to vote for.

    Google “White Extinction”

  2. Michael Cavlan RN


    Can you do me a favor?At a knuckle headed Nazi “rally” (of 4 people) in Minnesota- we played the song “Pretty Fly For A White Guy” by Offspring. We laughed our asses off and made fun of the idiots.

    Can you put it here for me? Then- if ya really feel nice- could you put up Ciaran Murphy and his song “A Word For The New Irish Racists.”

    Since I can’t have a SHARPIE good old fashioned boot party with a chicken-shit who does not even have the courage or integrity to use his own name- I am forced (by his own anonymous cowardice) to have a cyber song Boot Party.


  3. Michael Cavlan RN

    By the way all- I just got married three days ago. That is why I have been gone. To a wonderful Native Ojibewe woman. Our puur wee bonehead Ayran idiot will have frigging stoke.


  4. paulie

    Michael by request

    Congrats on the wedding and thanks for doing your part for “race mixing” LOL ….

    Gotta go for a bit but I’ll try to post the other song later

  5. paulie

    Speaking of “race mixing” my sister just had a kid…

    We’re Jewish, Russian, Mongol/Siberian Native among other things and her husband’s American “black” (which of course includes Anglo/Celtic “white” from the slavery days)…. that’s a good mix 🙂

    DJ Paulie


  6. paulie

    “Stein” sounds Jewish to me

    Could be German too, but according to wikipedia her sons are named Ben and Noah – not sure if that means anything, tho…

  7. Michael Cavlan RN


    Thanks mon

    You are my favorite Joo.


    Remeber- to the racist bonehead idiot. You just got a cyber boot party.

    ARA- Still alive and well.

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