Update on Americans Elect ballot access efforts

Ballot Access News reports on Americans Elect ballot access efforts in Rhode Island, Maine, Tennessee, and Georgia.

They are also petitioning in Oregon, Colorado, Alabama, and Arkansas (the last one may already be finished), Ohio, and possibly in other states.

The September 2011 Ballot Access News lists Americans Elect as having already qualified in Alaska and Arizona, finished petitioning in California, Unsettled in Florida (since then settled in favor of Americans Elect), finished petitioning in Hawaii, already on in Kansas and Michigan, finished petitioning in Missouri, already on in Nevada, and above the legal requirement and working on padding in Utah (in a telephone conversation, Richard Winger says he believes they have since then finished Utah). Idaho is shown with an asterisk, which usually means either that petitioning has started but no signatures have been reported yet, or that the legal period for collecting signatures has started but the drive itself hasn’t.

It is possible that Americans Elect could pass the Green and Constitution parties in number of states with ballot access for 2012 by the end of 2011.

8 thoughts on “Update on Americans Elect ballot access efforts

  1. CommonTater

    There will be a lot of Angry Americans in 2012 looking for an alternative to the Democrats and Republicans.

    Americans Elect may then seem to many like what they are looking for, but given who is on its boards, is it?

  2. Alaska Constitution Party

    This is a cynical attempt to co-opt the emerging genuine libertarian/left/center/right/constitutionalist independent populist coalition seen in both the Tea Parties & the Occupy Wall Street movements.

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