Galbraith @ 9%; Moelleman polls 38,000 in unofficial Kentucky Results

Gatewood Galbraith received almost 75,000 votes, for 9% as Kentucky’s Democrat Governor was re-elected. Unofficial results from the Secretary of State’s office, with all precincts reporting:
Steven L. Beshear (Dem) (inc.) 464,635 55.65%
David L. Williams (Rep) 295,434 35.38%
Gatewood Galbraith (Ind) 74,923 8.97% m
In the race for State Treasurer, the Democrat achieved a minority victory, with almost 5% voting Libertarian:
L.J. ‘Todd’Hollenbach (Dem) 393,783 48.72%
K.C. Crosbie (Rep) 377,216 46.67%
Kenneth C.Moelleman Jr(Lib) 38,309 4.62%

In the other statewide races, Democrats were elected with comfortable majorities.

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8 thoughts on “Galbraith @ 9%; Moelleman polls 38,000 in unofficial Kentucky Results

  1. Daniel Surman

    I don’t have time to write a post about it, but the Indiana Libertarian won three local races. It was competed in several others. However, the Ed Coleman campaign ultimately fell short.

  2. Don Wills

    “the Ed Coleman campaign ultimately fell short.”

    Hah! That’s the understatement of the week. The LNC put $50,000 into the race. Coleman received 1,530 votes, slightly less than 25% of the vote.

    That’s $32.67 per vote! Why anyone donates a dime to the Wayne and Mark show is beyond me.


    What was the label next to Coleman’s name on the ballot? The “Libertarian” label is poison.
    I’m aware of at least one “study” where blind resumes of the candidates led one control group to pick the one who was the Libertarian candidate and when another control group got to see the same resume but with party labels attached, the Libertarian came third.

  4. Jeremy C. Young

    LP Presidential candidate Roger Gary came in fifth out of seven in a race for two seats on the San Antonio River Authority. The two incumbents won handily; Gary was just bested by two other serious challengers, while he handily beat the two joke candidates on the ballot. His total percentage of the vote was 9.85%.

    Personally, I think Gary did fine. But it’s worth noting that, the next time someone complains that RJ Harris got only 23% in a Congressional race, you can remind them that one of his opponents just got less than half that in a race for the San Antonio River Authority.

  5. Steve

    Mr. Young, yes Roger Gary got a smaller percentage in a lower race than Harris got running for Congress, but Gary has won election to that board in the past.

    Its too early for me to have a horse in the LP POTUS race, but the fact that Gary is the only candidate so far to have won and served in an elected office is intriguing.

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