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Hawkins blasts NY Governor Cuomo for arrests at Occupy Albany

(excerpt from a Howie Hawkins for Governor Press Release)

For Immediate Release: November 14, 2011

Howie Hawkins for Governor – Green Party
Media Release

Hawkins Blasts Cuomo for Arrests at Occupy Albany:
“Governor 1% Assaults Political and Economic Rights of the 99%”

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party’s 2010 gubernatorial candidate, blasted Governor Andrew Cuomo for the arrests of Occupy Albany demonstrators over the weekend.

“The Occupy Albany demonstrators have a First Amendment constitutional right to peaceably assemble and express their views in a public park. Governor Cuomo is assaulting the political rights of the 99% just as he has been assaulting the economic rights of the 99%. Cuomo’s attempt to suppress their political rights will only mobilize more of the 99% to fight for their political and economic rights,” Hawkins said.

“Cuomo’s opposition to the Millionaires Tax or any other progressive tax reform to make the rich pay their fair share of taxes again in order to fund our schools and public services is why we call him Governor 1%,” Hawkins said.

State police arrested 25 demonstrators on Saturday night and 13 more on Sunday night in Lafayette Park, a state-owned park. The state imposed an 11:00 pm. curfew for Lafayette Park the same week Occupy Albany began its encampment in the adjacent city-owned Academy Park on October 21, where city police have refused Governor Cuomo’s appeal to enforce an 11:00 pm curfew there. The protest expanded to the state-owned Lafayette Park on Saturday and state police came in at 11:00 pm to make the arrests.

“Cuomo is a Wall Street Democrat…


  1. Green Party Conservative Green Party Conservative November 16, 2011

    Howie Hawkins of the Green Party is correct.

    Thanks for story.

    Thanks to Mr. Hawkins of the Green Party.

  2. A Different Green Party Conservative A Different Green Party Conservative November 17, 2011

    Wrong, Mr Hawkins is not correct, and is an infiltrator attempting to sabotage the true Green Party Conservative movement. In fact, Andrew Cuomo is the real Green Party Conservative. He is fighting for Green Party environmental policies by arresting the occupiers because of their detrimental affect on the environment of cities. I predict Andrew Cuomo receives the 2012 Green Party presidential nomination. I think Wayne Root would be a good running mate for him, since the great Green Party conservatives Giuliani and Bloomberg are not available since they live in New York.

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