Root: I Am The 1%

I am the 1%. I am a S.O.B. (son of a butcher). I started out with nothing. I was raised in a blue-collar dead end town on the Bronx borderline. Today I live the American Dream. My story is the story of the 1%.

The fake story meant to deceive you is that the 1% is Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Warren Buffett, Senator John Kerry, or Arianna Huffington. Gates was born to a family that owned the biggest bank in the Northwest. Trump was born to a billionaire father, the largest landlord in Brooklyn and Queens. Buffett’s father was a well-connected Congressman. Arianna Huffington and John Kerry married into fortunes. They aren’t the 1%. They’re the lucky sperm club.

99% of the 1% are just like me- small businessmen and women who started from humble origins and earned their money the old fashioned way. Our “overnight success” came from 25 years of hard work, risking everything, and overcoming failure. Many of us are struggling, but will forever keep striving for the American Dream.

I am sick of being denigrated and misrepresented by the media and leftist politicians who are purposely misleading the public about the 1%. 

I am sick of Obama targeting, vilifying, demonizing, and punishing us for our success. I am sick of the class warfare, jealousy, and envy that Obama’s socialist cabal tries to foment among the masses. The public has been told lies about the 1%.

My story is the story of 99% of the 1%. I am a small businessman. I work 16-hour days, mornings, nights, weekends, holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. I have no guaranteed job for life, nor any pension. I have no rich daddy or sugar daddy.

I don’t own a yacht. I have no private jet. I don’t have millions in an offshore trust. I don’t have one dollar offshore. Unfortunately, I don’t have $100 million here in America either. I am not connected, work like a dog, and fought like a cornered wolverine for everything I’ve ever achieved. No one has ever given me anything. I’ve earned it.

I don’t run a bank and have never been friends with a bank President. My buddies don’t run giant multi-national corporations. My friends don’t control the White House, Congress or the Fed. My friends are small business owners just like me. They are the 1%.

Along the way I’ve created many jobs, helping others live the American Dream too. I’ve made countless payrolls, and paid for other people’s health insurance. I’ve also failed countless times, wiping out my savings. But I never complained, blamed anyone but myself, and never asked for a bailout. Is this the story the media tells you about the 1%? Funny, I’ve never heard it.

My butcher father taught me to ask for nothing from government. I believe in self-reliance and personal responsibility. I’ve never collected a check from government in my life- other than a student loan. And I paid that back in full, with interest. I want and expect nothing from government. And in return, I just want government to get out of my way, and stop stealing (Obama calls it “redistributing”) so much of the money I’ve earned.

I became a self-made millionaire by the age of 30 by working grueling hours, being relentless, and risking my own money. My success was earned with blood, sweat, and tears. I’ve missed far too many cherished family moments with my four children. I rarely get a chance to watch TV. I live on a world-class golf course, but I’ve never played golf once in the ten years I’ve lived here. Should I be demonized and punished for my sacrifice and work ethic?

My butcher father taught me to out-work, out-smart, and out-hustle my competition. He taught me to study hard when others are partying. He taught me to stay away from drugs, and alcohol. He taught me that nothing good ever happens after Midnight. His dream was that I be accepted at Columbia University, where he wished he could have gone.

So I studied. I sacrificed. I got Straight A’s. I graduated Valedictorian of my high school. I was accepted at Columbia University (as was my sister). I earned Deans List honors. Should I now be punished for doing everything right, by others who chose to party when I was studying?

My butcher father was right. So I listened some more. He told me you had to risk your own money and start your own business to achieve the American Dream. So I became a risk-taking entrepreneur. After enduring several devastating failures, I became a business owner, television anchor and host, Las Vegas oddsmaker with my own star in the Las Vegas Walk of Stars, and eventually the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee. As Don King says, “Only in America.

Is this the story of the 1% you hear in the media? Is this the narrative you hear from Obama?

I’m just one of millions of small business owners in the 1% who strive every day to achieve the American Dream through discipline, unmatched work ethic, sacrifice, and personal financial risk. Are you aware that the standard Small Business Administration loan is personally guaranteed? How many bank, automotive, or green energy executives personally guaranteed their government loans? Zero.

We have earned our success. Shouldn’t those who create jobs, pay the taxes that pay for the roads, schools, entitlements, and the bills of government be celebrated as heroes and role models? Last I checked you don’t demonize, denigrate or punish heroes, do you?

We are the true 1%.
Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee. He now serves as Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee. He is the best-selling author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts.” His web site:

67 thoughts on “Root: I Am The 1%

  1. bruuno

    to johncjackson- now that was a really funny joke. Glad to see someone with a good sense of humor here

  2. rloy

    “I am a small businessman. I work 16-hour days, mornings, nights, weekends, holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries.”

    Congrats, you work the same schedule as a standard retail employee.

    “My friends are small business owners just like me. They are the 1%.”

    Your ‘small business owner’ buddies are in the top 1%? Laughably unlikely. Politifact has debunked this GOP talking point multiple times:

  3. NewFederalist

    *sigh* This crap is getting SO tiring! Blast Obama (spawn of Satan) and never mention the sins of the GOP even in passing? Nice job, Wayne.

  4. George Phillies

    …the 1%…

    The government is elected by the 99%, folks.

    Most of whom are honest, hardworking, and did not lose an eight-digit sum on a failed business venture.

    There is no future here.

  5. Wayne Root


    What exactly do you mean here?

    The future belongs to Libertarians who are in demand from media across the country.

    I’m on Des Moines radio right now. My 5th media appearance of the day.

    I do 20 to 30 per week.

    Were you referring to my business career- which is thriving.

  6. Darryl W. Perry

    The SBA has recently expanded the definition of “small business”, for instance Other Gambling Industries that have average annual receipts of $7 million or less… hotels with average annual receipts under $30 million are considered “small”.

    Additionally, according to the NTU the top 1% of income earners are those with an adjusted gross income of $343,927 (2009)2010 not available.

    Further, the Tax Foundation shows that the top 1% makes up 1,379,822 tax filers.
    Not all of these filers run a business, and even fewer run small businesses with less than a third of total AGI coming from business income.

    The TPC also shows that only 11.5% of tax filers reporting business income have an AGI over $200,000. Which means that 88.5% of tax-filers with business income have an AGI under $200,000!

  7. Wayne Root

    @9 This is such a bogus argument.

    All this comes down to is I that started with nothing…worked hard for my money…work 16 hour days…sacrifice…and I should not be punished.

    You can try, but you’ll destroy the economy. Just as California and New York badly damaged theirs. California lost one million residents in past 10 years. Almost all of them moved to lower tax states like Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Texas and Florida.

    New York has had a ONE TRILLION dollar wealth transfer to Texas.

    And they too lost one million residents to Nevada, Florida, Texas, North and South Carolina and Georgia.

    All low tax red states.

    It seems, much like Obama, you dislike and want to punish successful people…aka JOB CREATORS.

    Does it work?

    California and NY are heavily in debt because all these high income earners left. They chased them away. If they had stayed, their taxes would have created a budget surplus instead of $20 Bb in debt.

    I’m trying to prevent America from doing the same thing on the federal level.

    Try to steal money from people that earned it just doesn’t work. Eventually they leave. If the job creators start to leave America by the millions…and trust me, it’s already started…there will be no one left to pay the bills.

    I’m trying to prevent America from becoming Greece or Italy or Spain. But that’s just the start. Soon you’ll hear the entire EU is insolvent and bankrupt. All their banks are insolvent and in need of massive intervention within days. But the countries are broke too.

    Their only choice is to now print fake money by the trillions to try to stall the inevitable. The debt can never be repaid. This is called a “death spiral.”

    My goal is to not let this nightmare befall America too.

    Tax the rich to death…and I promise you…there will be no jobs…massive drop in tax revenues…unrest in the streets.

    Don’t believe me? Keep watching developments in Europe over next few months. They are the canary in the coal mine for USA.

    And by the way…find me someone making $500,000 per year…most of the time it’s a small businessman- a restaurant owner, a real estate agency owner, a stockbroker, or me.

    That is the heart of America.

    So stop trying to demonize the 1%. Like me, most started with nothing, worked hard, risked their savings to start a business, sacrificed and EARNED what they’ve got.

    Government already takes far too much.

  8. Darryl W. Perry

    I want to abolish the IRS and Federal Reserve while dismantling the federal government. How you came to the conclusion that I want to punish anyone is beyond me.

    My point @9 was to refute your claim of millions of small business owners being in the 1%.

  9. Tom Blanton

    We have earned our success. Shouldn’t those who create jobs, pay the taxes that pay for the roads, schools, entitlements, and the bills of government be celebrated as heroes and role models? Last I checked you don’t demonize, denigrate or punish heroes, do you?

    Wayne Root, hero and role model.

    A legend in his own mind.

    Can I get a Wayne Root action figure?

  10. MG

    Nice article, from the heart.

    The top 1% have professional level super-genius IQ’s, the bottom 40% have modest mentalities under ~90 IQ. The bottom 1/5th are what used to be called e.g. cretins and morons by psychologists. That bottom 2/5th are therefore people of modest jobs or taken care of by families or social programs. So unless you believe the mentally slow should be paid like neurosurgeons and are prepared to launch a civil war or start a commune to do it, the solution is elsewhere. Libertarians would say look to voluntary programs that are better, and realize legal shenanigans created the problems–and don’t worsen those problems with more shenanigans.

    I also started out with nothing, and have kept most of it.

  11. Tom Blanton

    The truth is that most of the job creators are part of the 99%. Thanks to the government championed by the 1%, it is very difficult for the 99% to create their own jobs and to accumulate wealth.

    It should be clear even to an idiot right-winger that America is run by the establishment elite and not the average person. The establishment elite is made up of one-percenters. They’ve done a piss poor job for the 99% and they are only heroes in their own twisted minds.

  12. Brian

    I HATE this argument. People, like W.A.R., who go around spouting this BS do not understand the difference between causation and correlation. This is textbook fallacious argumentation.

  13. johncjackson

    My IQ is in the top 1% ( Or maybe it’s top 2%- I don’t want to exaggerate), and my income is in the bottom 1%. I am a small business owner, though not necessarily by choice- I am unemployable. It’s the only way I survive. I don’t have that natural Wayne Root quality, and can’t act/fake it.

  14. JT

    rloy: “Congrats, you work the same schedule as a standard retail employee.”

    Standard retail employees work 16-hour days? What are a few well-known retail businesses in which this is the case? I don’t know of any.

    rloy: “The purpose of the state is to enforce the rule of the 1% on an unwilling populace, just as it did in Pinochet’s Chile.”

    That’s the purpose of the state? So then you’re saying you’re an anarchist? I thought you favored state income taxes, state welfare payments, and state mandates on businesses. Or do you mean you think the state should “enforce the rule” of a different 1% than it does now?

  15. Jill Pyeatt

    Seems to me there’s a whole lot of disrespect coming from Root–but I don’t have time to worry about it, since I’m busy running my small business and trying to further the cause of Liberty.

    Wayne, maybe you’ll get more respect (less people “denigrading” you) if you give more respect.

  16. Wayne Root


    I’m on San Diego radio right now- KOGO.

    I was on Des Moines radio earlier when I answered George Phillies.

    But those are 2 of 5 radio interviews today.

    It seems to me I’m getting more respect than any Libertarian politician in history. From the toughest audience in the country- the media.

    And from thousands of strangers who email me each month.

    The only disrespect I get is on this site from 5 to 10 jealous leftists and anarchists who can’t stand my success.



  17. NewFederalist

    Wayne… we are all happy for your success. We only wish you didn’t keep giving the Republicans a free pass. You do a fine job with the Democrats but when it comes to criticising Republicans… not so much. It makes one wonder.

  18. Darryl W. Perry

    “jealous leftists and anarchists who can’t stand my success.”

    I’m happy for you that you make lots of money;. What I don’t like is that you run around claiming to represent the LP, while sounding like a Republican.

    I need to get some rest, I have a day job in addition to running a small publishing company and being the Chair of the BTP.

  19. Darryl W. Perry

    My main issue with this article was the claim of MILLIONS of small business owners in the top 1%.

    I’ve NEVER called for or supported ANY increase in ANY tax rate. I support a flat tax rate of ZERO for individuals, I oppose government bailouts and government regulation (i.e. special privilege) of businesses, I oppose Central Banking, oppose fiat currency, support HONEST MONEY!

  20. Eric Sundwall

    “It seems to me I’m getting more respect than any Libertarian politician in history. From the toughest audience in the country- the media.”

    What is Wayne running for?

    How does one measure respect via the media?
    Mere repetition or laudatory feedback and reviews?

    Once that respect gauge is properly calibrated, how do we retrospectively apply it for the true measurement of such greatness in our dear history?

    Given the often negative connotation that ‘politician’ often implies, I find it better to define myself to the media simply as a libertarian or a ‘candidate’.

    Trying not to be disrespectful . . . but words and ideas do matter.

    btw . . . It is possible to get good grades and do well in the world with some fun and happiness in between.

  21. Tom Blanton

    It seems to me I’m getting more respect than any Libertarian politician in history.

    It probably seems to Wayne that it is raining when some guy is pissing on his head.

    Aww but don’t pay no attention me. I just can’t stand that Wayne Root is so successful, dammit.

    Why couldn’t it be me going on right-wing talk radio warning the masses about the Marxist president and his plot to destroy America?

    Life just isn’t fair.

    There is no God.

  22. Tom Blanton

    It is possible to get good grades and do well in the world with some fun and happiness in between.

    Fun and happiness? When there’s money to be made selling rubes gambling tips and schemes to be successful?

    Enough of this nonsense, I’ve got palms to read and magic amulets to sell.

    Oh, and I’m still selling my system on how to get people to send you $1,000. Just send me a $1,000 and I’ll show you how it is done.

  23. Sam

    Terryl Owens was a great receiver too, but he pretty much destroyed every team he was ever on by continually making self-congratulatory comments and other conceited actions.

    No one person is more important than the team.

    The team, the team, the team*.

    *There is no letter “I” in the word team.

  24. Jill Pyeatt

    Wayne @ 20: Hahaha, Wayne, you crack me up! You really think our comments about you stem from jealousy?


  25. langa

    It is a complete myth that Terrell Owens “destroyed every team he was ever on”. In fact, the record of most of the teams that he played for got better as soon as he got there, and then got worse as soon as he left. That’s not a defense of his immature behavior; it’s a simple statement of fact.

  26. I agree with Wayne with #20


    The only disrespect I get is on this site from 5 to 10 jealous leftists and anarchists who can’t stand my success.

  27. I have to admit

    I think more people may look on the IPR when Wayne is mentioned and Wayne is on here, otherwise nothing is worth looking. I notice it seem to generate more traffic. The rest. Well it just, just is. LOL ROFLMAO

  28. I Am SOOOOO Great!

    Read between the lines, and that’s the subtext — an incessant subtext — of Root’s piece. Of many of Root’s pieces.

    I am SO Great! I am SO Great! I am SO Great!

    Yet there’s also a pleading quality to his articles. As if Root feels insecure. As if he doesn’t feel he gets all the love and adulation that he deserves.

    So he clumsily screams at us, again and again, about his Greatness and Famousess. He boorishly “name drops” all the stations that he’s on (an implicit admission that being on all those stations doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re well known).

    This is one of Root’s most unattractive qualities. His constant trumpeting of his own horn.

    Truly great — and truly famous — people don’t need to constantly remind people of how great and famous they are. It’s obvious, to that point that other people will trumpet your horn for you.

    Root: Like me, most started with nothing, worked hard, risked their savings to start a business, sacrificed and EARNED what they’ve got.

    Started with nothing? You come from a middle class background (the North Bronx is not a bad neighborhood — it borders wealthy Westchester County). You attended Columbia.

    Not exactly a dirt poor immigrant, without any formal education, who doesn’t speak English. That would be starting with nothing.

    Risked your savings? Didn’t you mostly risk your investors’ savings?

  29. Wayne Root

    @32 Now my critics are starting to sound downright ignorant and desperate.

    My grandfather was a Russian immigrant who came to America in 1900…and died in the poor ward of a Brooklyn hospital.

    He left a widow with no income and 7 children- including my father.

    My father became a butcher after serving his country in WWII.

    My father died a butcher store owner after first working 25+ years as an employee.

    I attended Columbia, so that makes me rich? That’s really funny. Strange way of looking at things.

    The kids I attended Columbia with were all spoiled brat lucky sperm club members with fathers who were connected lawyers, judges, CEO’s, politicians and investment bankers. Many came from families worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

    I’m proud of my blue collar background.

    I achieved the American Dream.

    The Root family went from death in a poor ward to my becoming a self made millionaire by age 30.

    This is a great country because of capitalism.

    I earned my early success with Ronald Reagan as President and the amazing go-go years he produced by lowering income taxes from 70% to 28%.

    That changed my life. God bless capitalism and low taxes. they give the poor and average middle class Americans a fighting chance to compete with the Warren Buffets of the world.

    And that’s why they want to change it and tax us all to death. Because they already have their billions and want to kill the competition.

    High taxes are great for billionaires. They’ve already got their money.

  30. rloy

    “Standard retail employees work 16-hour days? What are a few well-known retail businesses in which this is the case? I don’t know of any.”

    On big sales days (such as the despicable Black Friday that just passed), the answer is yes. 12-16 hr days are not unheard of at all. And retail managers (even low level ones) work those kind of hours all the time.

    Does everyone in retail work 16 hrs *every* day? No, and I doubt Root does either. They most definitely do work weekends, holidays, anniversaries, and all the rest.

  31. Sam

    @29 langa wrote:
    “…the teams that he played for got better as soon as he got there, and then got worse as soon as he left.”

    My point is that each person helps the team by being one of many units working in humble selfless coordination as the game plan.

    When you get off the game plan, you cause mental errors, name-calling, personal fouls, penalties, ill-will, etc. That’s simply not acceptable or beneficial to a team that needs to make team plays.

  32. I Am SOOOOO Great!

    Root: I attended Columbia, so that makes me rich?

    Who said it did? Not I.

    You’re changing your original statement. You’d said that you “started with nothing.”

    I observed that you did not start “with nothing.” (I didn’t call you “rich.”)

    Your father was a small business owner (that’s a notch above blue collar), you grew up in a middle class neighborhood, and you attended Columbia.

    Your grandfather may have started “with nothing.” But not you.

    Now, being middle class is no crime. But exaggerating the facts is dishonest.

    You went from middle class to upper middle class. That’s admirable, up to a point, but it doesn’t make you David Copperfield.

  33. langa


    As I said, I am not trying to defend Owens’s behavior, which was often selfish and immature. Rather, I was merely pointing out that the frequent claim that his teams would have been better off without him is simply not supported by the factual evidence.

  34. ATBAFT

    The liberals I know don’t want to confiscate all the wealth of the 1% – what they advocate is “reasonable” – a tax increase on the 1% who earn the most is symbolic and they would hardly miss an extra $2K or $3k and it wouldn’t really alter their behavior. They also acknowledge that just about everyone in America could pay more in taxes (the meme that Americans pay far less taxes than people in other 1st world countries) but that nicking a lower class or middle class taxpayer for another $100 is hurtful. Very few liberals I know make any claim that the 1% are undeserving of their success. The vast majority of Americans will agree, pragmatically, that taxing the rich a little more won’t harm them or the economy. Given this view, perhaps the only thing we Libertarians have left is the moral case that taxation is theft if not correlated with the benefits received.

  35. JT

    rloy: “On big sales days (such as the despicable Black Friday that just passed), the answer is yes. 12-16 hr days are not unheard of at all.”

    Yes, they are. Retail employees can’t work 12-16 hour days. Managers just put more workers on the schedule on days when they expect to be swamped. And anyway, Black Friday is the biggest sales day of the year. It happens once a year.

    rloy: “They most definitely do work weekends, holidays, anniversaries, and all the rest.”

    They do sometimes.

    rloy: “And retail managers (even low level ones) work those kind of hours all the time.”

    Retail managers aren’t the “typical retail employee,” as you said. Store managers make considerably more money than the people who work under them and get more generous benefits.

  36. JT

    I’ll add on different note that the typical government employee doesn’t work weekends or holidays and makes more money than his or her private-sector counterpart (plus a nice pension).

  37. Michael Cavlan RN

    My Dear God Libertarians

    This idiot is your candidate. Oh well. You folks have made your bed, now you can lie in it.

    This guy is doing to you what David Cobb did to the Greens.

    Cobb did Democrat talking points and Wayne is doing GOP talking points. You are getting played. Or is it you are getting neo-conned?

  38. Thomas L. Knapp

    Michael @ 44,

    “This idiot is your candidate.”

    Actually, he claims not to be a candidate at all, when he’s not claiming to be the leading candidate.

    And even if he is a candidate, he’s exceedingly unlikely to be the Libertarian nominee, unless all of his opponents except Carl Person drop out, and possibly not even then.

  39. Jill Pyeatt

    Michael @ 44: I agree with Mr. Knapp. I can’t imagine any scenario where Libertarians will make WAR our candidate, which is why he hasn’t announced, I think.

  40. Tom Blanton

    Actually, Root would be less damaging to the libertarian movement in general if he were a candidate.

    The right-wing shock jocks that think he is so cool now may be very reluctant to put him on the air as it might siphon votes away from the GOP candidate, resulting in the Democrat winning and the end of the world.

    As the election, that many conservatives think is the most important election in the history of mankind, draws near, conservatives will be told to hold their nose and vote for the GOP candidate, no matter how bad he/she is. No way will the GOP water carriers expose a non-GOP option to the rubes in radio land.

  41. Dwayne Tool

    I am on the radio in Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico right now.

    I am on the air 5-6 times a day during drive times. When you finish this sentence, I will be on the air in Brownsville, Texas. What have you done lately for the libertarian movement? Did I mention I was ghostriding a 1955 Ford Fairlane this entire time? I paid for it with my paper delivery money by the time I was 16. I’ve bought a new car every year and kept all of them. I have kept my paper delivery job, my dishwashing job, my retail job, my sales job and my day trading job, all family businesses.

    America is the only country where such a thing is possible. I am on the air in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

    This is a great country because I have done this.

  42. Robert Capozzi

    48 tb: Root would be less damaging to the libertarian movement in general if he were a candidate.

    me: Hmm, interesting. I’ll have to think about that for the revisionists like Woods and DiLorenzo…get them to run to render them silent. 😉

  43. Bill Blair


    LOOOOOL. You forgot to mention you started
    from “nothing” (“nothing” = my family was doing well enough to have its own business and I went to Columbia)

  44. A Different Green Party Conservative

    I predict a Kavlan/Root presidential ticket for the Green Party. Kavlan may not like Root now, but that shouldn’t stop the Green Party conservative movement from drafting this great national unity ticket. Libertarians will be stuck with Karl Person, sorry.

  45. Tom Blanton

    When I was born, I didn’t have a dime. I didn’t even have any clothes. Now, I have a whole jar full of dimes and so many clothes that I only do laundry every other week.

    I’m living the American Dream.

  46. wolfefan

    Wayne, you’ve written elsewhere of having grown up middle class and moving up – is middle class really “humble circumstances”? For most of us those words conjure up different images than middle-class life. Most middle class families cannot afford to send their kids to private school, let alone families in “humble circumstances”. What does “humble circumstances” mean to you? What does “middle class” mean to you?

    Also, you talk about the many cherished family moments you have missed, and the sacrifices you have made to achieve your financial success – and I believe you. Other fathers make financial sacrifices in order to be with their families – you have chosen to do it the other way around, and sacrificed your family life so that you have far, far more wealth than the average American family. We all make our own choices. And just as I don’t criticize you for making your choice, I encourage you not to criticize others for making their choice.

    I also encourage you to keep in mind that humility is a virtue. I think that whatever each of us were born with or inherited, it’s not determinative of our success. Whether Bill Gates was born into a family that owned a bank or not, he (and Paul Allen) still had to write the code and do the work to create MS-DOS. His family owning part of a bank didn’t do that for him. I am sure you would hate to have someone refer to your kids as part of the lucky sperm club and diminish what I am sure will be their very real achievements, but if someone should do so, no matter how unfairly, you will have no right to complain. Please don’t elevate yourself at the expense of others. It’s not pleasant in friends and colleagues – let alone in potential candidates for political office.

    Finally, you’ve spoken before about your business bankruptcies. There is no shame in bankruptcy, but it is a government program. The government allows it, administers it, sets the parameters for it, and makes (and enforces) judgments about it. Creditors do not get all that they are due. If you have asked the government to help you get a fresh start by declaring bankruptcy for either yourself or your business, you have definitely asked for (and greatly benefited from) government help, and at someone else’s expense.

    Best wishes to you…

  47. If Wayne would be a candidate

    I am sure he got enough followers that way surpass the people who blog on here, day in and day out, day in and day out, day in and day out. At least Wayne, BUSTING HIS ASS SUCCEEDING AND STILL HAS TIME FOR SOME OF YOU LOSERS

  48. I Am SOOOOO Great!

    @57, why do you assume that Root is popular with his listeners?

    Fame does not equate to popularity.

    Octomom, Snooki, and Balloon Boy Dad are more famous than is Root, yet that doesn’t mean that Octomom, Snooki, or Balloon Boy Dad can win elections.

    Lots of freaks get face time on the media, because people enjoy gawking at freaks. People also enjoy listening to carnival barkers and infomercial clowns.

    Doesn’t mean that any of them are respected or admired.

  49. Brill Blackburn

    Michael, Thomas, Jill, and others,

    Agreed. Wayne Root just doesn’t get it. He may have a good story to tell about his upbringing and success from his own hard work, but it’s unfortunate that he continues to focus on tooting his own horn, engaging in Republican-style Obama-bashing, and otherwise misrepresenting libertarianism as some arm of the conservative movement. He consistently neglects speaking to the principles of liberty, or how genuine libertarianism is something that can appeal to those coming from the Right AND the Left. As such, Mr Root is a poor spokesman for the LP. It’s time for him to go back to the GOP, where he belongs.

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    Place: Las Vegas Blvd. from Sahara Ave. to Russell Ave.

    Honorees must have worked or lived in the Greater County of Clark, for periods of considerable regularity. Honorees must have, by their presence in this area, contributed to the charm, worldwide prominence and name recognition of Las Vegas, Clark County.

    A donation of $20,000 is required for each star. Check should be made payable to Las Vegas Walk of Stars, (Tax ID #71-0946230), reported as such to the IRS, and is not refundable. A $10,000 deposit is due at confirmation date, the remaining balance of $10,000, is due 30 days prior to star dedication day. This cost includes all expenses related to the shipping, manufacturing and imbedding of the Star, various proclamations, a Walk of Stars Plaque, the sound needed for the dedication ceremony, flowers for lady honorees, publicity, press releases, radio/TV interviews, liability insurance and applicable fees.

  51. Tom Blanton

    I see where Root is on the nomination committee of Las Vegas Walk of Stars:

    WAYNE ALLYN ROOT, 2008 Lebertarian Vice Pres Nominee

    ( I always suspected he was a lebertarian)

    Anyway, is there any truth to the rumor that Root has a significant ownership interest in Las Vegas Walk of Stars, LLC?

  52. Jill Pyeatt

    Well, I’ll give Wayne this: I sure as heck won’t have a star on any walk of fame, that’s for sure!

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