John DeTar, IAP Leader in Nevada, Passes Away

John DeTar helped to co-found the Independent American Party in 1968 as a vehicle for the candidacy of then-Governor George Wallace. He was the founder of the Reno chapter of the John Birch Society and a fixture in right-wing politics in Nevada for decades. He passed away last month at the age of 86.

“The world will not be near so interesting of a place without Dr. DeTar,” said political activist Janine Hansen of Elko.

DeTar helped Janine Hansen’s brother, Daniel, form the Independent American Party in Nevada in 1968 to support the presidential bid of Alabama Gov. George Wallace.

Hansen called DeTar a dedicated patriot and a brilliant man with a strong command of history and events.

“He could see even then where we headed, the train wreck that America has become,” Hansen said.

DeTar was also an ardent Catholic and critic of the anti-drug organization called Synanon.

3 thoughts on “John DeTar, IAP Leader in Nevada, Passes Away

  1. Gene Berkman

    My condolensces to the family of Mr DeTar.

    Also, I am impressed that he was able to see through Synanon, which received a lot of favorable publicity for its efforts with drug addicts (as well as getting federal money) before the abuses were revealed.

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