Al Jazeera Profiles Alternative Party Presidential Candidates Lee Wrights, Rocky Anderson, Jill Stein and Jack Fellure

An article in Al Jazeera takes a look at several US alternative party presidential candidates:

Rocky Anderson, who recently compared Obama’s lack of prosecution of the Bush administration for war crimes to Ford’s pardon of Nixon in announcing his acceptance of the nomination of the newly formed Justice Party. In the Al-Jazeera article, Anderson says among other things

In addition to that, the Democrats seem to have no more regard for the rule of law as the Republicans … After President Obama took office, one of the first things he said about accountability under the law, particularly for war criminals, was that we should simply look forward and not look backwards … It’s really appalling that anybody in our government would suggest that those who commit these egregious crimes simply be exempt from the application of the law.

Under the Obama administration, not one person responsible for the massive financial fraud leading to the economic disaster from which we’re still suffering … has been subject to criminal prosecution. No one has spent one day in jail for those massive financial crimes.

Lee Wrights, one of several candidates seeking the presidential nomination of the 40-year-old Libertarian Party (H/T to Lee Wrights for the link to the Al Jazeera article).

Among other things, Wrights says in the Al Jazeera article

[If elected president, I would] declare peace – not only with the world, but with ourselves. Americans have got in this mindset of war. Everything’s a war. Our political rhetoric is rife with war. We need peace. Everybody wants to be prosperous. There’s one way to be prosperous – and that’s to be at peace with everyone.

America needs to stop being the nosy neighbour in the crowd, poking our nose into everyone else’s business and trying to tell them what to do, and making enemies because of that … If somebody is coming to America and attacking us, then yeah, we need to go to war and defend ourselves. We need to stop making war for any other reason.

[If elected,] I’d be raising unemployment, particularly in the Washington DC area – because I plan to put a lot of bureaucrats out of work ….

Next is Jill Stein, leading contender for the nomination of the 20 year old Green Party, who is planning on a people’s state of the union response on January 25, the day after Obama’s State of the Union speech on January 24.

Part of Stein’s pitch at Al Jazeera:

The Green New Deal is basically an emergency programme of jobs creation. It is modelled on the New Deal that helped get us out of the Great Depression in the 1930s … Specifically, it would be creating jobs in small businesses and cooperatives at the local level in key areas of the green economy … clean manufacturing, local organic agricultures, public transportation, and sustainable, clean renewable energy. That simultaneously goes a long way to solve the issues of national security and would begin to make wars for oil obsolete.

Lastly, Al Jazeera’s Sam Bollier gets to Jack Fellure, presidential nominee of the Prohibition Party, which was founded in 1869.

A sampling from Fellure:

The biggest problem facing America is the morals. The morals of this country [are] shot. And I’m not just talking about getting drunk and shacking up – I’m talking about conviction, standards, honesty, integrity, righteousness – the whole schmear.

Our country started off with … Christian foundations, Biblical foundations, and we’re so far away from them now we’re not even close. Schools had prayer and Bible readings … When we took that out in 1962 – the Supreme Court said: ‘You can’t do that anymore’ – then our country started down the tubes.

In addition to pitching their ideas, the candidates also discuss the challenges of ballot access, lack of finances and media disinterest for alternative party candidates in the US political system.

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