American Third Position Party nominates presidential ticket

The American Third Position Party, which promotes white nationalism, nominated a presidential ticket this past week. Independent film director Merlin Miller was selected as the presidential nominee, and professor Virginia Abernethy was chosen as his running mate.

Miller posted the following statement on the announcement:

America, the greatest nation ever conceived, is now on the precipice and needs her patriots to come to the rescue. She has been betrayed by career politicians and a two party system that no longer serves the interests of the American people, but instead serves global special interests. America has also been betrayed by a mainstream media that no longer respects truth or righteousness, but instead promotes our social and moral decline. The global forces behind these betrayals are intent on destroying America, and sacrificing all that our forefathers built and that we hold dear – to establish, instead, a socialist new world order in which they will surreptitiously rule an unsuspecting, yet increasingly enslaved mass – “1984” revisited. The evidence is clear to those who seek out truths, historic and current.

These global elites have debauched our currency, involved us in unjust and undeclared wars, opened our borders to massive third world immigration, destroyed our production capabilities through government overregulation and imbalanced trade agreements, and subverted our rights and constitutional protections. Government and the military-industrial-banking-pharmaceutical complex are the only growth industries, and as the American middle class is being systematically wiped out, a police state is evolving. In less than fifty years, America’s national character has been dramatically altered. The overwhelming white, Christian majority

(90% in the early 1960’s) is now 65% and predicted to be a minority within the next thirty years. To question this radical demographic assault against traditional America, or divisive and unfair “affirmative action” programs – is to be classified a “racist”. To question Israel’s excessive influence over America’s foreign policy or the Jewish dominance in media – is to be classified “anti-Semitic”. Our Republic has been turned upside down, and “cultural Marxism” and “political correctness” has silenced too many patriots for far too long. What can we do about it?

A new political party, the American Third Position (A3P), is stepping forward with honest and rational answers. During Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign events, and patriot meetings since, I was privileged to get to know several of the A3P’s future party leaders and came to respect their courage and vision. I share their most noble ideals and have been asked to head the party’s ticket for the 2012 Presidential campaign. I am honored and will do everything in my power to reach the American people and help restore America’s former greatness as a Republic. America has traditionally been the beacon for the rest of the world, not a ruthless interventionist in the affairs of other nations – and it is time we restored our traditions and America’s reputation. The world should emulate us, not fear and despise us.

As an Iowa native, West Point graduate, Army veteran, engineering manager, and award winning filmmaker, I was never interested in politics, but now am compelled to answer the call and serve my nation in its time of greatest need. I’ve been married to my wife for 37 years and we have four wonderful daughters, three of whom also graduated from West Point. We owe our progeny a future and can no longer rely on a system that has been corrupted to its core. Enter the fight with us – to take back our country!

The party was founded in 2010 as a response to the policies of President Barack Obama. Recently, Harry Bertram ran for governor of West Virginia as a member of the party during the 2011 special election, and received 0.35% of the vote.

According to Miller campaign manager Alex Carmichael, “we currently plan to be on the ballots of several states and should have our plans posted soon.”

51 thoughts on “American Third Position Party nominates presidential ticket

  1. Krzysztof

    If Ron Paul doesn’t run third party I will likely support Mr Miller. Hopefully the A3P will be able to defy all the obstacle and get ballot access in most states.

  2. William Saturn Post author

    I changed it to “White nationalism”, I think “white supremacy” is probably a bit too strong when describing the party.

  3. Catholic Trotskyist

    Merlyn, I am praying for your daughters to fall in love with and marry African immigrants.

  4. langa

    Maybe Miller’s daughters could star in some interracial porn flicks. I’m sure old Merlin would love that.

  5. paulie

    Merlyn, I am praying for your daughters to fall in love with and marry African immigrants.

    That would be poetic justice.

  6. paulie

    Maybe Miller’s daughters could star in some interracial porn flicks. I’m sure old Merlin would love that.

    A little too much, probably.

  7. bruuno

    Formed in response to Barack Obama’s policies? More like formed in response to Obama’s skin color.

  8. paulie

    Formed in response to Barack Obama’s policies? More like formed in response to Obama’s skin color.

    Shhhh…it’s supposed to be a secret, lol

  9. Hugh Mann

    From a commenter at Ballot Access News:

    With a name like Merlin, Mr. Miller must certainly be accustomed to wearing pointy hats…now of the white variety.

  10. Curt Boyd

    If I was unclear @ 14, I meant the “burn the Qu’ran” guy, not the Monty Python member. I’d much prefer the Monty Python member to run for president, even though he’s Constitutionally ineligble!

  11. Richard Winger

    #16, traditionally, candidates for President who were born outside the U.S. have been presumed to meet the constitutional qualifications to be President, if their parents were U.S. citizens. George Romney was on the Republican presidential primary ballot in New Hampshire in 1968 even though he was born in Mexico. John McCain was born in either the Panal Canal Zone or the Republican of Panama and he had no trouble running for president.

  12. william johnson

    The nomination of Miller/Abernethy is a first small step for white America to reverse its decline and fall. If we keep pushing forward, eventually calumny will wane, self-awareness will re-assert itself and we will once again proudly build for our children’s future. We will, in short, secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.
    Bill Johnson

  13. Aaron Smith

    Nice, Mr. Johnson. Quoting your terrorist hero David Lane, then? Nice use of the 14 words, the favorite line of every despicable neo-Nazi. Why don’t you just put an 88 after that! I’m sure you really wanted to.

  14. johncjackson

    My existence is pretty secure and my white children likely have a bright future, at least partially because we are not complete assholes and have no interest in encouraging the decline of white people through scapegoating and promotion of laziness, anti-intellectualism, and a host of other bizarre beliefs.

  15. wolfefan

    Hi Trent @16 –

    Sorry to miss your most pertinent question. It doesn’t matter since I don’t know! 🙂 Both her website and her Wikipedia entry are silent on the question.

  16. Be Rational

    Not to take away from the nasty insinuations by well meaning posters wishing verbal vengance visited upon the grand wizard Merlin, but wishing his daughters to marry Africans ignores the fact that Africa is home to a multitude of races including millions of white Africans who would suit Merlin just fine, and in many cases, join his cause.

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  18. Kim Dead Jung Party, via Lake

    “despicable neo-Nazi. Why don’t you just put an 88” ………. that wonderful, deadly, eighty eight millimeter, high mussel velocity plane killer, tank killer, castle killer, mobile artillery piece ?????

    V-2 any one ?????????

  19. Anonymous

    @aaronsmith Terrorist friend? Who are you talking about? Obama’s bomb-maker pal Bill Ayers??

  20. Zany LP Member

    you sound like a moron. Go suck on somebody’s walnuts.

    Wow, call someone else a moron and immediately follow it up with a childishly moronic attempt at an insult. Irony bonus points!

  21. Zany LP Member

    Terrorist friend? Who are you talking about?

    David Lane. Basic reading skills aren’t really your strong suit, apparently.

  22. JD

    The A3P is a very interesting group. They are definately racist of the worst kind but they are even more mainstream in their approach than David Duke was. A ticket that featured a moderately successful film director and a Harvard Ph.D would be a formidable duo under normal circumstances. If you look at their economics they are even of the corporate/syndicalist variety found in most true fascist movements. The economics are pretty solid but their morals are not.

  23. Zany LP Member

    The economics are sickening, the social policies more so, and the slick marketing is pretty transparent.

  24. JD

    I dont agree with corporatism but it was once a widely respected economic system. It was even moderately successful in Portugal.

  25. Zany LP Member

    We can disagree about how successful it has been. As for respected, many things have been respected undeservedly.

  26. JD

    We are free to disagree about anything we wish. It is rare to never I agree with libertarians. I do however respect the right of the party to exist. A sometimes unfortunate side effect of a free society is we must tolerate some things we find repugnant. I find most American political parties disgusting and that includes the A3P.

    As for corporatism it has a long history and is a descendent of the ancient guild systems of the renaissance. It did lead Portugal through years of 6% growth in GDP during the 60’s and 70’s. It is merely an observation, not an endorsement.

  27. William Saturn Post author

    You forgot the best part, where he commanded you to be homosexual.

  28. paulie

    @49 There is a definite element of simultaneous homophobia and homoeroticism in fascist movements, as well as among many sexually repressed cultural conservatives.

    Not my thing, but I have nothing against my gay friends or what they do, whatever gets you through the night is alright by me.

    In short “someone” there was perhaps engaging in wishful thinking.

  29. JD

    Paulie you are absolutley correct about the homoeroticism. I have often wondered why it is now such a taboo subject amongst the world’s modern fascist movements when originally it was tolerated fairly well. I am referring to Fiume, Italy and early NSDAP.

  30. JD

    Paulie, of the LP, are there any members that are themselves strictly concervative and “prudish” in their personal lives whilst still being socially liberal? I believe it is possible to be both.

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