California: Senate Votes to Eliminate Write-Ins; Bureaucrats Can’t Translate “Americans Elect” into Spanish

Ballot Access News reports that

On January 19, the California Senate unanimously passed AB 1413, which, among other things, eliminates write-in space from November ballots for Congress and partisan state office. The bill now goes to the Assembly, because when it passed the Assembly last year, it didn’t have the same provisions.

Meanwhile, another article at Ballot Access News reports that election officials in California, the state with the largest number of Spanish speakers in the US in overall numbers and home of Silicon Valley, were not able to translate “Americans Elect” into Spanish. The party will appear on the ballot for California Spanish speaking US Citizens as “Partido Americans Elect”, only the first of which is a Spanish word. Commenters at BAN and Google Translate suggest Americanos Eligen or Estadounidenses Eligen.

11 thoughts on “California: Senate Votes to Eliminate Write-Ins; Bureaucrats Can’t Translate “Americans Elect” into Spanish

  1. Mario Conde

    How hard would it be to translate it to “Americanos Electos”?
    There are many hispanic legislators that are billingual in the Assembly and State Senate.

  2. D. Lou Shenoll

    No Write-In allowed equals FASCISM/COMMUNISM
    The Citizens should rise up against this garbage.

    Si Si Amigoes

    Never fear Bloomberg ha$ enough ca$h on hand to hire people at each polling place to interpet for the non-engli$h $peaker$

  3. Robert Capozzi

    careful…remember the Chevy Nova.

    Google translate says Elect = Electo as a noun, elegir as a verb.

    Which is it? Plus, it seems the words get reversed often in English to Spanish…Elegir Americanos?

  4. paulie Post author

    Elegir Americanos?

    Americanos Eligen. The only issue I see is that due to all the Spanish speaking nations in the Americas, Americanos is not shorthand for United Statesians in Spanish in the same way it is in English (or Russian – Amerikantzy), so some would say Estadounidenses Eligen to make it clear that they mean US Americans versus People of all the Americas.

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