Justice Party Begins Petitioning in Utah

The Justice Party is a new alternative party formed by former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson. The former Democrat formed the party in late 2011 and is the first Presidential candidate of the party. Now, efforts have begun to get on the ballot in Utah.

Back at the Anderson campaign kickoff, they’re collecting the 2000 signatures they’d need to be on the 2012 ballot. It’s a tall order, but supporters say grassroots is the only way to real change.

“I believe everybody in the country knows that money in politics, and the corruption that’s going on, is a common occurrence and they’re sick of it,” said Steve Szykula,an Anderson supporter. “They’re sick of it and they want and need someone to represent them.”

Richard Winger says they need 2,000 valid signatures by February 15th. Parties already on the ballot in Utah are the Libertarian Party, Constitution Party, and Americans Elect.

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