Libertarian Presidential Nomination Candidates Debate at LP of Manhattan

Video of yesterday’s debate among candidates for the Libertarian Presidential nomination at LP of Manhattan (h/t Bonnie S., Tom Knapp and George Phillies):

This debate is significant because it is the first one to include Gary Johnson since he has switched to the Libertarian race.

Also included were RJ Harris, Carl Person and Bill Still. Of the candidates who have been participating in other debates, Lee Wrights and Roger Gary were not there. Those two will first (that I know of) go up against Johnson in Grapevine, TX on February 25. RJ Harris, and possibly other candidates, will be in that debate as well.

Gary Johnson was also on the Chris Hayes show on MSNBC yesterdays morning. I will try to find video of that and post it as a separate article.

After the debate there was a straw poll. The results (h/t Tom Stevens):

Gary Johnson – 35 votes (66%)
R.J. Harris – 11 votes (20.8%)
Carl Person – 5 votes (9.4%)
Mary Ruwart (Write-In) – 1 vote (1.9%)
Ron Paul (Write-In) – 1 vote (1.9%)
Bill Still – 0 votes (0%)

6 thoughts on “Libertarian Presidential Nomination Candidates Debate at LP of Manhattan

  1. Starchild

    Terrific opening speech by James Babb, talking about the TSA and the ton of publicity that he and George Donnelly got with the group We Won’t Fly and National Opt Out Day. Way to go, James!

    This video recommends him as a speaker for any Libertarian convention or gathering.

  2. Jill Pyeatt

    Speaking of James Babb, I hope everyone knows by now that Rand Paul refused a TSA patdown at the Nashville Airport, and is being held indefinitely.

    You go, RAND!!!

  3. Be Rational

    He was released after a short while and caught the next flight.

    This story should have a fairly long news cycle.

  4. Carol Moore

    So are you guys going to MAKE me listen to the debate to hear if Gary Johnson really his going to force us to pay his federal taxes? To see if hanging out with libertarians is starting to make him more so? Thoughts??

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