Mayor’s Race in Vermont Offers Third Party Intrigue

We recently posted here at IPR that the incumbent Mayor of Burlington, Vermont, a member of the Progressive Party, was not running for re-election. In the aftermath, plenty of challengers have announced, but the Progressive Party has yet to announce a challenger.

After the caucuses, Vermont Progressive Party Chairwoman Martha Abbott explained why her party was still looking for a candidate. Without a Progressive in the race, she saw a choice “between a working-class Trojan horse Republican or a well meaning, untested Democrat who has not shown that he understands working class issues.”

Former Progressive Mayor Peter Clavelle is expected to endorse Weinberger, the Democrat, in a press conference on Friday.

Meanwhile, Community and Economic Development Office staffer Wanda Hines has entered the race as an independent. Although Hines, who previously ran the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf, won’t publicly confirm her plans until Friday, a poster is being circulated by the Committee to Elect Wanda Hines with the slogan, “Your choice, your community.”

The article goes on to detail why Hines cannot be endorsed by the Progressive Party and who is most likely to receive the party’s endorsement or nomination.

One thought on “Mayor’s Race in Vermont Offers Third Party Intrigue

  1. Morgan Daybell

    FWIW, the article has one thing wrong. Prog city bylaws do not prevent an endorsement of an independent or other minor party candidate. Hines has sat the Burlington Prog cmte in the past (the closest thing VT has to party registration) but has not said she is seeking the Prog endorsement. City Progs meet Sunday to nominate City Council candidates, and could choose to nominate or endorse a mayoral candidate then.

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