Reform Party joins blackout to protest SOPA and PIPA

The Reform Party website currently displays the following message:

Thank you for your support.
We are joining with others in this blackout to
protest SOPA and PIPA as a potential infringement
on the rights of all Americans.

The Reform Party is dedicated to upholding
the Constitution and is participating in a one day
Internet Blackout today Jan 18th, 2012.

This site will resume normal operations tomorrow, Jan 19th, 2012.

Among other sites participating in the blackout is wikipedia.

The US Pirate Party site has also been down for several days; I don’t know whether that is related to the protest or due to some other cause.

Webmaster Jonathan Gibbons for RJ Harris, a candidate for the Libertarian presidential nomination, provides the following editorial explaining the issue:

On the dangers of internet censorship and the power of the free market to combat it.

Wikipedia Blacked Out
[ Image from Wikipedia ]

Wikipedia and many other website giants will be turning themselves off Wednesday, 18 Jan 2012, to show their opposition to the unconstitutional and anti-liberty SOPA and PIPA bills. The internet is one of the last beacons of freedom with limited regulation and a plethora of freely exchanged information. The internet provides a platform for freedom fighters around the world to express their opinions, rally activists and promote liberty. So powerful is its’ edification impact that its’ invention may indeed be more revolutionary than the invention of the printing press. The internet has become the greatest enemy of the tyrannical state the world has ever known.

Government Seized Website
If SOPA and PIPA pass, this could be what you see on your favorite libertarian website. Click image to enlarge.

SOPA and PIPA will essentially give the Federal Government incredible powers to infringe internet liberties. It grants the government unforgiving powers to confiscate websites, shut them down, and to force search engines such as Google to remove indexed websites from their queries. Sound familiar? It should, because this is the same power exercised by China when they block websites from the public. You may see an example of what could happen to a government seized website by checking out this link of a seized website or by clicking the image on the right. It isn’t bad enough that they may shut websites down, but they will pompously flaunt that they did with unnecessary “seized images” as well.

The two party system has failed. The Congress has failed. Our Presidents have failed. But the free market possesses a power greater than that of any state. It possesses a power to influence and rally a great many people through voluntary action; not through force. The free market is indeed “We the People” unhinged from corporatist control and the power to take away fundamental rights through the state.

Electing candidates like RJ Harris to political office, who understand the power of the free market to combat tyranny, will help to curb these continued grabs at complete totalitarianism by corrupt corporatist-republicrats.

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Disclaimer: The contents of this post do not necessarily represent the views of RJ Harris or the RJ Harris campaign. These are the opinions of the RJ Harris 2012 Webmaster, Jonathan Gibbons.

15 thoughts on “Reform Party joins blackout to protest SOPA and PIPA

  1. Here's a radical idea

    Too funny. The Reform Party has been nearly blacked out since 2004. What is it, ballot access in 2 to 6 states? Who cares.

  2. paulie Post author

    What is it, ballot access in 2 to 6 states?

    4 to my knowledge, although there are other states they can reasonably try to get on the ballot in this year.

    Who cares

    As with other smaller parties that we cover, YMMV.

    Not all articles at IPR are of interest to all our readers, but they are of interest to at least some of them.

    The MSM uses similar reasoning to question why any alt parties should ever get any coverage — “they get less than one percent of the vote, who cares.” Sound familiar? Well, using that same logic, CNN, Fox and MSNBC could certainly refuse to ever interview Johnson, for example.

    Even parties with very little, or even no, ballot access can still comment on the issues of the day.

    This happens to be one that a lot of people find important, including wikipedia and even google.

    Instead of saying “who cares,” perhaps the Libertarians should consider how the LP can best use this issue to get some publicity for our views on freedom of speech and related subjects.

  3. paulie Post author

    Ironically, just as with another recent article I posted here recently about one of the micro-parties where there were people who actually took the time to ask “who cares,”
    this one is getting better than average readership traffic for an IPR article.

    Given that there are numerous IPR articles that get no comments at all, just the fact that someone would take the time to say “who cares” shows that they care at least somewhat.

  4. Kim Dead Jung Party, via Lake

    [a] closeted Ds and Rs ???????????

    [b] any thing smaller than the bigs is smaller, and needs to be protected and projected ………

    [c] Rfm PUSA has some thing to say, well, yeah!

    also: New York County Independence Party

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    Get your copy of the book: our first selection is Linda Killian’s The Swing Vote: The Untapped Power of Independents.

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    If you are in the NYC area, please join us. Sarah Lyons, Dir. of Communications

    This email was sent to by |

    The Independence Party of New York City | 225 Broadway, Suite 2010 | New York | NY | 10007

    [ah, an oldie but goodie, P. J. O’Roarke’s 1987 ‘Congress: Parliament of Whores’]

  5. Bill Blair

    I just heard that in response to the Reform Party’s protest, Congress is shelving SOPA and PIPA, asap.

  6. Darryl W. Perry

    @6 – actually SOPA & PIPA were “shelved” on Monday. However, I’m not convinced that either bill is dead. Congress could still get the text of either bill added to a larger piece of legislation that none dare oppose. You may recall that REAL ID passed in a similar manner.

  7. Kim Dead Jung Party, via Lake

    I just heard some thing about Rfm Party declaring valiant, anti establishment, San Bernardino County Party Chair, and my Reform Print In House editor, Kathy Chapman as ‘Secular Saint’ per her here to fore ignored Arizona death in 2009.

    Some thing ’bout pressure from Congress! ?

    1 Here’s a radical idea // Jan 18, 2012:

    Too funny. The Reform Party has been nearly blacked out since 2004.

    [Lake: I was ‘publisher’ of the house print rag in 2005, as domestic ‘Masad Agent Trainee’ John Blair destroyed said news letter and national blog to block RfmParty article on USS Liberty! Hmmmmm.]

    [Lake: the usual suspects, all hated by both Chapmans, John Blair, John Coffey, John Bambey, Valli Sharpe Geisler ………..]

  8. Bill Blair


    Welp, if the bill comes up again, I’m sure the Reform Party’s actions will make Congress
    backtrack immediately. They have a lot of weight to throw around!

  9. paulie Post author

    January 18, 2012Posted in Blog, News


    The article below from the LA Times is just one of many today reporting that we – millions of Americans who see the Internet as a last bastion of freedom – are maybe, just maybe, getting Congress attention about two very bad ideas: SOPA and PIPA.

    Kudos to Wikipedia and the thousands of other sites who took action to let people know of these threats to Internet freedom, the flow of information, and the free market. As I have said, there are NO problems with the Internet that we want the government to try to fix!

    This evening, as millions of parents find themselves answering their kids’ homework questions without the help of Wikipedia or any number of other sites that have changed the world, I hope everyone will visit Wikipedia,, or other sites to sign petitions or otherwise let Congress know that we want the government to keep its hands off the Internet.


    Three co-sponsors of the SOPA and PIPA antipiracy bills have publicly withdrawn their support as Wikipedia and thousands of other websites blacked out their pages Wednesday to protest the legislation.

    Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) withdrew as a co-sponsor of the Protect IP Act in the Senate, while Reps. Lee Terry (R-Neb.) and Ben Quayle (R-Ariz.) said they were pulling their names from the companion House bill, the Stop Online Piracy Act. Opponents of the legislation, led by large Internet companies, say its broad definitions could lead to censorship of online content and force some websites to shut down.

    In a posting on his Facebook page, Rubio noted that after the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously passed its bill last year, he has “heard legitimate concerns about the impact the bill could have on access to the Internet and about a potentially unreasonable expansion of the federal government’s power to impact the Internet.”

    PHOTOS: Sites on strike

    “Congress should listen and avoid rushing through a bill that could have many unintended consequences,” Rubio said in announcing he was withdrawing his support. While he’s committed to stopping online piracy, Rubio called for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to back off plans to hold a key procedural vote on the bill on Tuesday.

    Rubio’s withdrawal will reduce the number of co-sponsors to 39. Last week, two other co-sponsors, Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), joined four other Senate Republicans in a letter to Reid also urging him delay the vote. But Grassley and Hatch have not withdrawn their support.

    Terry and Quayle were among the 31 sponsors of the House legislation before they withdrew their support Tuesday.

    Quayle still strongly supports the goal of the House bill to crack down on foreign websites that traffic in pirated movies, music, medicine and other goods.

    “The bill could have some unintended consequences that need to be addressed,” said Quayle spokesman Zach Howell. “Basically it needs more work before he can support it.”

    Terry said that he also had problems with the House bill in its current form and would no longer support it.

    Wikipedia, Reddit and about 10,000 other websites blacked out their pages Wednesday with messages warning of the dangers of the legislation and urging people to contact their congressional representatives. Howell said Quayle’s office had not seen a major increase in calls or emails Wednesday, but that the piracy bills have been the main issue in recent weeks for people contacting the office.

    There has been a “manageable increase” in visits to House member websites Wednesday, said Dan Weiser, a spokesman for the House office of the chief administrative officer.

    “It’s possible some users will see a short delay or slow loading of a member’s web page,” he said.

  10. Rev. Alberto Medvedev

    Howdy folks;

    As a leading member of the Reform Party, Reverend Alberto Medvedev would like to take full credit for the failure of SOPA. I called Congress yesterday and asked them to please not instate this policy, and they said: “Oh, its Rev. Medvedev. Of course we will do what you want.”

    Milnes/Medvedev 2012

  11. Starchild

    Paulie @2 – Well stated.

    And we can all celebrate the fact that authoritarians in Congress were forced by widespread opposition to at least temporarily pull this anti-freedom SOPA and PIPA legislation.

    But as Darryl Perry @7 points out, this doesn’t mean they will be gone for good. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

    Getting the “Read The Bills Act” and “One Subject At A Time Act” (see ) passed would make it more difficult for the statists to sneak stuff through Congress in the dead of night (figuratively or literally).

    Bill @6 and @9 – Why are you making fun of the Reform Party here? Unless you have evidence they are simply being opportunistic and are insincere, they deserve credit, not mockery, for taking the right position on an important issue of the day.

  12. Kim Dead Jung Party, via Lake

    Pass the Jolly Roger please:

    “On March 10th, we will hold our first conference. It will be at the Democracy Center in Cambridge ……….

    We welcome any suggestions you have for speakers or talk topics. Email your suggestions or offers of help to or call or txt us at (617) 863-6277 (MAPP).

    ………. our conference blog page.
    Next In-Person Meeting is this Sunday, Feb. 5th [during half time]

    Our next in-person meeting will be this Sunday, February 5th from 2-4pm. It will be at 25 Moore St., Somerville [Mass ?????].

    We have moved our IRC chats to noon every Tuesday. “

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