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Wayne Root to do Video Commentaries for Personal Liberty Media Group

Posted at blog and emailed to IPR:

Las Vegas, Nevada–January 12, 2012– Former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, best-selling author, and national media personality Wayne Allyn Root just announced a weekly column at titled “CAPITALIST EVANGELIST.”

Now Wayne has another high-profile deal to announce. Wayne has agreed to become a video columnist and commentator for the Personal Liberty Media Group. was founded in 2008 and has quickly become one of the most popular eNewsletters in America, reaching over 825,000 readers daily.

The PersonalLiberty web site was ranked #8 on the list of Top 50 Libertarian web sites worldwide by Alexa in 2011, according to a 3-month average of Alexa worldwide traffic. Wayne will provide his exclusive weekly “Root Rant” VIDEO commentaries to the Personal Liberty Digest eNewsletter and each week, as well as print commentaries.

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  1. wolfefan wolfefan January 14, 2012

    I was pleased to see the Forbes announcement – that’s one of the few of Wayne’s regular media outlets that doesn’t make me feel like I need to take a shower after looking at it. Newsmax, WND, and now this place…

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