CO Green Party County Commissioner seeking reelection

Art Goodtimes, a Green Party-affiliated Commissioner in San Miguel County, Colorado, has decided to run for reelection.

Goodtimes said he has tried to balance his West and East End constituents throughout his tenure. For instance, he said that a controversial proposed uranium mill, generally favored in the economically depressed West End where it would create jobs, is something he will support if his constituents want it.

“I might not agree with it personally, but I want to make sure West End residents who do support it are represented,” he said. “I get paid by the people to do their work — it’s a great honor, and I’d like to continue.”

But in Goodtimes’ view, support for nuclear power isn’t a local issue, it’s a federal one. He said it would be difficult to oppose a uranium mill in the Paradox Valley with the Obama administration supporting nuclear power development from Washington.

Goodtimes still needs Green Party endorsement to run, but he’s confident that he’ll get it. Observing that there are no other Green elected officials at the county level, he said that focusing on local candidates would be a good way to augment the party’s political strength.

“I’m a big proponent of building the party from the ground up instead of getting these celebrity candidates who always lose,” he said. “Third party candidates have a tendency to do that.”

State Rep. J. Paul Brown (R-Ignacio) introduced a bill early this year that could change the way county elections are held, but it wouldn’t take effect until after this fall’s elections. If approved, a measure will go on the ballot asking voters in small counties if they would rather elect candidates by district rather than at large. Such a change could affect Goodtimes’ standing, as he lives in conservative Norwood.

For the time being, though, he stands unopposed.

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  1. Bob

    A friend told me about Art and his pro-uranium mining position, so I did a web search to confirm it.

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