Ron Paul Radio is Revived with the Help of Third Party Members

On January 23, 2012, Ron Paul Radio started broadcasting as a source of information and discussion for the principles of liberty as taught by Congressman Ron Paul. It currently has 22 hosts and twenty different programs, discussing monetary policies, civil liberties, non-interventionism in foreign policy and other topics which pertain to the events and issues in this country. The programs are varied, and, curiously, the hosts list political persuasions from “Democratic Tea-Partier” and “Voluntaryist/Agorist”, as well as featuring several men who have been long-time activists in the Libertarian Party.

The current incarnation of Ron Paul Radio started when Hank Xavier, a long time political activist and media entrepreneur realized that several top level domains were available for the Ron Paul Radio brand. After Xavier had purchased the .net and the .org domain names over a year prior, Xavier’s business partner Corey Moore, a student at Kent State University in Ohio majoring in electronic media communications and long time libertarian activist, made the decision to use them to revive the Ron Paul Radio Network. Moore subsequently posted to The Daily Paul website to gauge the community and was surprised to discover that there was indeed a great deal of interest in the project. After receiving some seed money from a generous donor, Moore decided to move forward as the General Manager and Technical Director of the project, later bringing on Xavier to act as Station Manager. Together, the two men designed and built the website while Moore built the broadcast infrastructure from the ground up and Xavier got busy managing the administration of the network. In Jan 2011 Xavier finalized the deal to purchase the premium top level domain name and became Moore and Xavier have over 10 years of combined web based media production experience; both men have had various featured radio programs on several networks. Moore is most well known for hosting a program and podcast called “The Voice of Radical Dissent” as well as having been a whistleblower regarding elements with the Libertarian Party establishment. Xavier, otherwise known as Hx, is a well known radio commentator online, often remembered for his fiery rhetoric and radical ideas. Their stated purpose is to further the principles of Dr. Ron Paul and to stay on message. After the election, their plan is to keep the discussion of these principles going, but plan to make a transition to a brand name that is not restricted to strictly representing the views of Dr.Paul.

Jake Digman co-hosts a show with Nicholas Burdohan called “The Diggs Show”. Their show features discussions and guests with many different political views. Jake has a long history with the LP of Ohio, and is currently running for Summit County Central Committee. He has a colorful professional history, including being ring announcer for NAAFS Cage Fighting TV show . Nicholas is currently Executive Director of the Summit County Libertarian Party.”The Digs Show” can be heard Saturdays 12 to 2 PM Eastern time.

On Sundays, you can hear Mr. Alan Pyeatt on his “Liberty Lighthouse Project”. He discusses current events from an historical perspective, bringing a clear understanding of how our founding fathers planned for and championed the principals of personal liberty. He is on between 4 and 5 PM Eastern on Sundays, and will expand to 2 hours soon. Alan is a civil engineer who was raised in Texas, but resides in California. He has many years of experience in music, radio, and film. He ran for Congress in 2008, and is currently a member of the California Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party.

Libertarian John Jay Myers from Texas hosts a weekday program with Republican Austrian School economist Jarrod Atkinson. They discuss current events from a Libertarian standpoint. Their show, called “Freedom Fried”, airs Monday through Friday from 3 to 4 Eastern time.

Some of the other hosts and programs you can currently hear on Ron Paul Radio are Scott Horton of Anti-war Radio; Sovereign Curtis, with discussion of Free State Project in New Hampshire; David Nickerson’s “Comedy Caucus”. and “Freedom Files” with James Burns. Programs are available on podcast shortly after they’re aired.

You can listen to Ron Paul Radio here. If you’re interested in supporting the station, or possibly becoming a host yourself, contact Hank Xavier at or

This article was written with the help of Hank Xavier.

7 thoughts on “Ron Paul Radio is Revived with the Help of Third Party Members

  1. Let the T-Rex of Talk Radio Entertain U2day

    Dr. Paul is on C-SPANS Road to the Whitehouse.

    Nice speech in MI ! You can catch a repeat on TV @ 9pm PST, 10 MST, 11 CST, 12 midnite EST or I guess their website may have it.

    *What do America’s soldiers know about a commander-in-chief that you don’t know?. –

    2012 Election RIGGED – This is going Viral –

    *The Ron Paul Revolution DEFINED –

    Ron Paul’s great neice –

  2. Jarrod Atkinson

    For the record, I’m decidedly Republican. I was a Republican Senate District Convention Chair, in addition to filling alot of other roles within the Republican Party. I’m not wed to the Republican Party or anything, but I’m definitely involved and have always voted Republican. My co-host is decidedly a Libertarian Party person, having run for Chair of the National Libertarian Party.

  3. Jill Pyeatt

    Thanks for verifying, Jarrod. I had sent a message through Facebook to John Jay to give me a little more info, but didn’t hear back, which is why the paragraph about your show is a little short. The main thing is that I wanted the info to get out about Ron Paul Radio. I’ll try to listen in to your program one day this week.

  4. John Jay Myers

    Jill, I typed out this very long reply about it, and then my computer died as I was going to hit send, so I said screw it. By the time I remembered again, the article was up.

    Basically I said that I am the vice chair in Dallas County, probably one of the most organized counties in the country. I ran for national chair of the Libertarian Party, I was the Membership director for the State of Texas.

    The show itself is usually a little funny and covers current events from a libertarian perspective. 2-3 Central time.

  5. Jill Pyeatt

    I thought I would probably need to update this article, so thanks for giving me more info. Again, my main plan was to get the info out there. I’ll share the article on my FB page every few days.

  6. Precede with Caution, via Lake

    ………… Winning the Revolution
    Thursday, March 1, 2012 12:30 PM
    From: “Mike Benoit”

    Forwarded by “Citizens For A Better Vets”
    [Are you thirsty for liberty? ]

    In San Diego County we need volunteers to help us walk precincts for Ron Paul for President.

    I am also running for congress and I need help on two things.

    I am looking for some dollar help to pay for my Candidate Statement. (The cost is $1,500 dollars. )

    If you are inclined me with that you can send a check to Mike Benoit, 8781 Cuyamaca St. Ste D, Santee Ca. 92071 [or pay pal to this email address]

    I am also looking for volunteer writers to give a stab at writing my campaign statement.

    I want the statement to reflect Dr. Paul’s positions as they are also mine, in order help him [and me] get more votes.

    Again, Thanks in Advance, Mike

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