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Utah LP Endorses Gary Johnson

The Utah LP has joined the Nebraska LP and (members of the executive committee of) the South Carolina LP, as well as county parties in Snyder and Northampton counties, PA in endorsing Gary Johnson for the Libertarian Presidential nomination.

Dr. Tom Stevens quotes LP of Utah chair Jake Shannon as saying

The leadership of the Libertarian Party of Utah is excited to announce our official endorsement of Gary Johnson for the LP presidential candidacy.

We believe that Governor Johnson’s experience sets him apart, and that he will best carry the torch of liberty in the 2012 election.

We wish him much luck at the upcoming convention.

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  1. Marc Montoni Marc Montoni February 5, 2012

    I oppose any LP officers using their position to steer the internal conversation. They are entirely free to offer their opinions as individuals; but under no circumstances should they grab the “microphones” (email lists, newsletters, official meetings, media releases, etc) for which all members pay, and attempt to monopolize them to the benefit of their preferred candidate.

    It is somewhat more legitimate for a state or local *convention* to formally endorse a candidate; however, the proper way to do so is to elect delegates who have committed to one candidate or another, but otherwise maintain organizational silence.

    Doing otherwise is guaranteed to sow division, and the last thing the LP needs going into a presidential campaign is division.

  2. Rob Banks Rob Banks February 4, 2012

    #5 Does that mean that Utah endorsed against its bylaws? Or some other state?

  3. Time for change Time for change February 4, 2012

    Not sure where you are going with this # 5.

    Some states have tough rules on changing bylaws, being delegate to national LP convention, etc. Not all are haphazard.

  4. Brian Holtz Brian Holtz February 4, 2012

    Some state LPs have rules in their bylaws which do no permit bylaws being changed outside of convention. Apparently, it only takes a 5-4 vote at a restaurant to set aside such a rule.

  5. Sane LP Member Sane LP Member February 4, 2012

    Some states have rules in their bylaws which do not permit endorsements at various levels. Obviously, all do not .

  6. Ad Hoc Ad Hoc February 4, 2012

    Gotta agree with Matt.

  7. matt cholko matt cholko February 4, 2012

    I really do not like these affiliate parties endorsing candidates for the nomination. It seems to me that they should remain neutral.

  8. paulie paulie February 4, 2012

    Any other states considering such motions?

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