Free State Project Money Bomb: Let’s Blow Up… In a Good Way, with Wads of Dough!

Source: Free State Project (from e-mail sent March 5)

The FSP runs entirely on generous donations from people like you. Please give today!

Your financial contribution goes directly toward achieving our goal of Liberty in Our Lifetime. Your support will help us:

  • Increase our advertising efforts (e.g. Peter Schiff radio show costs $3,500 for 3 months)
  • Place FSP spokespeople at Ron Paul events to target supporters. If we can reach 100,000 people, with a 10% conversion rate, we’re done!
  • Increase our outreach at liberty-oriented conferences across the country
  • Hire a publicist
  • Update our website and marketing materials
  • Procure high-impact speakers at Liberty Forum and PorcFest
  • Implement training for activists and FSP volunteers to make them more effective
  • Support grassroots marketing efforts of FSP participants to recruit more signers e.g. Free State Now
  • Make the Free State the “Happiest Place on Earth” (In case you missed Liberty Forum, there is statistical evidence that more freedom leads to more happiness!)

The FSP operates on a shoestring budget (in the low five figures). $20,000 goes a l-o-n-g way. If you, and 1,000 other supporters, each donate $20, we can accomplish so much more than we are doing now. I know times are hard, but $20 isn’t going to break the bank (and it might eventually help to break the Federal Reserve).

The FSP has been making huge strides. More than 1,000 early movers now live in the Free State. Some serve on school boards, town councils, and fifteen have been elected as state representatives, where they are working to make New Hampshire more free. Other movers have opened businesses and activist centers. If we can recruit 9,500 more participants, we can trigger the move. Imagine what will transpire then. Bring on the Yankee Hong Kong!

If you have donated to the Ron Paul campaign in the past, donating to the FSP should be a slam dunk. Due to the hard work and dedication of many Free Staters, Dr. Paul’s historic second place finish set the right tone for the rest of his campaign, which is bringing more people to the message of liberty daily. Also, should Dr. Paul not become the GOP presidential candidate, I believe the Free State Project is the last workable solution for people seeking “Liberty in Our Lifetime” in America.

Our need right now is great. There is no minimum amount to donate and the FSP accepts checks, money orders, credit card, Paypal, and Bitcoins. Consider a recurring monthly donation. Whatever you can give, please donate today.

Thank you for your support. It takes a village to build a Free State.

Carla Gericke
President, Free State Project

12 thoughts on “Free State Project Money Bomb: Let’s Blow Up… In a Good Way, with Wads of Dough!

  1. Richard Winger

    The fund appeal would be more persuasive if it included any concrete instance of New Hampshire becoming more free in the years since the Free State Project started. To the extent that gay people gained the ability to marry, did the Free State Project help with that? Certainly the election law has not become any better in New Hampshire in a long, long time.

  2. Deran

    @2Paulie. I read it twice and didn’t see any alt party or indie candidate conneciton. A lot of talk about Ron Pau’s current Republican campaign.

  3. matt cholko

    Here is an alt. party connection – 4 years ago the Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia had a FSP speaker come out to one of our events. That’s good enough, right? 😉

  4. Steven Wilson

    There are pockets of freedom fighters around New Hampshire, but the cause to effect relationship is hard to prove. Hiring a media planner would be better than a publicist. Let the people make the news. Let the planner strategize on how to get out the message through better vehicles. If you can explain to those outside of your target audience the benefit of helping those within, then you have a plan.

    Not going to convert when you simply preach to the choir.

  5. Paulie

    I didn’t say there is no connection, but I think it should be made explicit in the article for IPR purposes.

  6. Eric Sundwall

    “Some serve on school boards, town councils, and fifteen have been elected as state representatives,”

    A FSP’er could argue they are more effective than alternative parties, with a real record of success, I suppose.

  7. matt cholko

    I have nothing to back this up, and I’m not going to research it, but I think I have heard that a handful of FSPers were elected as democrats in the last several years.

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