Cynthia McKinney to Run for Her Old Congressional Seat

Cynthia McKinney is a former Democratic Congresswoman from Georgia who switched to the Green Party and ran for President in 2008. Now, according to this article, McKinney is intent on getting back to Congress, this time as a Green.

Since February she has made a few public appearances in her old district but stayed low key with her plans. She filed paperwork April 2 with the Federal Elections Commission declaring her intention to run.

Tracked down at her mother’s home Thursday by a reporter from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, McKinney declined to comment and ordered the reporter off the property.

Last week she was recruiting volunteers to collect the 18,860 signatures of registered voters she’ll need by August 6 to get on the newly redrawn 4th district ballot, according the Georgia Secretary of State’s office.

Several people close to McKinney claim in the story to not know anything about McKinney’s plans. IPR has interviewed an individual close to McKinney who says McKinney will indeed run for Congress.

6 thoughts on “Cynthia McKinney to Run for Her Old Congressional Seat

  1. Curt Boyd

    It will take a lot to crack Georgia’s harsh ballot access law, but I wish her well. She may get a lot of votes!

  2. Deran

    She might get more votes if she were to run as an independent? I can’t see the hippie GP being that attractive to voters in Georgia?

  3. Trent Hill

    Deran–I suspect you’re right, an independent run would be better, and a Democratic run would be even better.

    But as a Green Party candidate, I’m fairly certain she’ll break into double digits. Her old constituency will remember her name.

  4. Richard Kuszmar

    We aren’t all old hippies in the Green Party. Some of us are working class, Catholic, have advanced degrees, and quit MENSA to devote time and money to the Green Party. We also practice monogamy.

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