Libertarian State Representative Dan Gordon Happy Being A “Caucus of One”

Dan Gordon was interviewed recently by Uncovered Politics and revealed that he is very happy being a “caucus of one” within the Rhode Island legislature.

State Representative Dan Gordon made the high profile switch from the Republican to the Libertarian Party in the Fall of 2011.  Since then he’s been a “caucus of one” in the State House, which has allowed him to speak and operate more freely than ever before.   Representative Gordon has taken a lot of abuse in the Rhode Island media, particularly following an arrest for driving with a suspended license and failure to appear in court in Massachusetts that led to a discovery about some of Gordon’s well documented past legal issues.

Gordon said, prior to the RI GOP Primary, that he was rooting for Ron Paul to win the Republican nomination–it is not clear whether Gordon will back the eventual Presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party. Rep. Gordon’s twitter page can be found here. The entire interview is well worth reading. Thanks to Austin Cassidy for bringing it to our attention.


10 thoughts on “Libertarian State Representative Dan Gordon Happy Being A “Caucus of One”

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    He hasn’t really been embraced because of his legal trouble.

    But honestly–beggars can’t be choosers. I think the LP should embrace him to some degree.

  2. paulie

    No, stay far far far away from him. If anyone asks say the party has no interest in associating with him in any manner and has no way to prevent him from calling himself a libertarian.

  3. paulie

    Previous partners who have “embraced” him have a history of being violently assaulted. Not a good road to follow.

  4. Trent Hill

    Fair enough. I did say “to a degree”.

    At least say you’ve got an elected rep in Rhode Island.

  5. Rep. Dan Gordon

    Not everything on the internet is real. Especially from our rabidly left-leaning press here in the bluest state in the union. Indeed, I have made some mistakes many years ago for which I am sorry, and have paid my debt to society for. That being said, I am merely a carpenter that wanted to some good, and ran for the office. My first term legislative and voting record speak for themselves.

    Thank you and best wishes to all

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