Four Candidates Seeking National LP Treasurer Position; Debate Space Sought

Two candidates have joined the LP national treasurers race, where George Phillies and Aaron Starr have been running well in advance of the convention.

Joe Buchman of the Utah LP and Tim Hagan of the Nevada LP have both been recruited by a number of delegates unhappy with the other two choices. As of the last time I talked to them they both still plan to run.

Two or more of the candidates would be willing to participate in an informal debate if we can find a space to hold it in. Dr. Phillies has a suite which he has been using for debates/candidate interviews; last night Phillies ended up interviewing chair candidate Mark Rutherford. Wes Wagner was also there but since Wagner dropped out there was no debate. Mark Hinkle declined his invitation.

Aaron Starr told me that he had been told be could debate Phillies as well and showed up for that purpose, but was told that there was no more tape for the video. He believes that he was deliberately excluded and is no longer interested in participating if it is held in the Phillies suite.

If I recall correctly Joe Buchman said he would be willing to participate.

If an alternative venue can be found perhaps we can include all the candidates or as many as possible. If not, it is possible that two or more of the candidates, but not Mr. Starr, will debate in the Phillies suite.


1) Aaron Starr writes for IPR
2) I borrowed Joe Buchman’s computer to provide some of today’s IPR coverage, and he has been a commenter here many times, as has George Phillies.

13 thoughts on “Four Candidates Seeking National LP Treasurer Position; Debate Space Sought

  1. LNC Chair Candidate Debate

    Last night, there had been the idea that Aaron and I would discuss with Mark Rutherford moderating. We reached the end of the debate, Mark had worked a long day, there was no sign of Aaron Starr (he was unbeknownst to me right outside in the corridor), and so breakdown started. As Rutherford left, I learned that Aaron was right outside, but by then all the other elements were down. I invited Aaron in to meet the audience, and he did so.

    I have heard vague rumors than someone is trying to set up a Treasurer debate, but just vague rumors.

  2. George Phillies

    Having said that, large numbers of people had put out literature relevant to the LNC elections. For those of you who have never attended an LP national election, the delegate space is tabled, and large numbers of fliers etc go out for people to read.

    A few minutes ago, I went into the convention hall to pick up something, and discovered that the convention committee had had the tables stripped of literature.

  3. George Phillies

    @3 which means that the huge amount of work Chuck Moulton put into assembling a record of all the recorded votes of all LNC members has now substantially gone to waste, because his handouts with that information were trashed by the convention.

  4. Joe Buchman

    4 May 2012, Las Vegas

    Buchman announces campaign for Libertarian Party Treasurer

    Joseph Buchman, PhD, announced his intention to seek the position of
    Treasurer of the Libertarian Party.
    Buchman, 54, holds a master’s of science (MBA equivalent) in finance
    from Purdue University (1983) – a top-20 school of business — (as
    well as a PhD in mass communications (1989) and a BS in Marketing
    (1980) both from Indiana University. He has been a registered member
    of the Libertarian Party since 1984, and is a Life Member.

    In 2008 Buchman ran for the United States Congress in Utah’s First
    District, and received 6,287 votes. He served as State Party
    secretary during that time and was a media advisor to the 1992
    national Libertarian Presidential campaign (Marrou/Lord).

    Buchman lives in Park City Utah with his wife and three youngest of
    four children. He was a tenured professor of marketing and academic
    department head prior to joining Cardean University (a partnership
    with Stanford, Harvard and the University of Chicago) as a developer
    of early online MBA education. Today he serves as a part-time member
    of the MBA and PhD business faculty at Argosy and Davenport

    Buchman has been an active contributor to IPR (including serving as
    the sole blogger for the December Las Vegas LNC meeting), and
    describes himself as a “Principle Based” Libertarian. “There’s no
    value in watering down our brand. I support the political positions
    that naturally derive from the non-aggression and self-ownership
    paradigms. In short, I am not a “Reagan-Libertarian,” or a “Common
    Sense Libertarian.” I am a strict “Non-Violent Libertarian.” I
    believe in social change through education and persuasion and have dedicated my life to those pursuits — personally, professionally and politically.”

    For more information

    435 602 0798


  5. Stewart Flood

    The bags that the hotel staff used have been recovered. It is possible that most of the material has been saved.

  6. LibertarianGirl

    Tim Hagan has been a decades long activist with the LP both nationally and with the LPNevada. You may not know his name because he is not a loud or imposing voice. What he is though is the most reliable , fairminded , logical and nicest guy I know.

    He has never said a bad word about anyone , never let friendships or lack of influence his decisions and I dare anyone to find anyone that could say anything bad about him.

    He is not divisive and that is so important at this time.

    He is a Georgia Tech grad and has been a Libertarian since college.

    He has served on the LNC for a # of years as an alternet and always attended the meetings.

    In Nevada he has been a constant for as long as anyone remembers. He always shows up and is always the voice of reason even thru the hostilities of the past cpl years.

    He has served as both the Clark County Treasurer and the LPNevada Treasurer and is familiar and competent with all responsibilities associated with the job.

    He was drafted to run by Wes Benedict among other well known longtime members. I did informal polling without revealing he may run and everybody I talked to was voting Nota or the lesser of 2 evils.

    If unity is important than I urge you , vote Tim Hagan. I am sorry to the Treasurer candidate I was voting for , who was competent , but I had to go with what Im certain would be a better choice.

  7. Chuck Moulton

    George Phillies wrote (@3 & @5):

    A few minutes ago, I went into the convention hall to pick up something, and discovered that the convention committee had had the tables stripped of literature.

    which means that the huge amount of work Chuck Moulton put into assembling a record of all the recorded votes of all LNC members has now substantially gone to waste, because his handouts with that information were trashed by the convention.

    I was livid at this and gave Ruth Bennett an earful. It was a colossally stupid move — about on par with the many other colossally stupid moves the convention committee made (the floor fee, trying to cut short the convention because they didn’t book enough time for the hall, trying to cut short the LNC meeting because they didn’t book enough time for the room, etc.).

    Apparently Ruth made an announcement about the trashing as people were exiting the convention hall. I’m told half of the people were already gone by that time. I myself was running a region 5 caucus to select the LNC representative and LNC alternate followed by LNC chair speeches and a question/answer period that all told lasted over an hour.

    There were 3 1/2 big trash cans full of literature. I picked through 1 1/2 trash cans retrieving my vote charts. When I tried to pick through the remaining 2 trash cans I found soda and juice and other liquids spilled all over them.

    It took me over 2 hours, so I missed the first hour of the presidential debate. I am very grateful to Nick Dunbar and Robert Kraus from staff for helping me look for my literature in the trash. The silver lining to this process is I stumbled upon 5 envelopes full of Mark Rutherford for chair stickers which I was able to return to him (I didn’t vote for Rutherford, but I’m happy I was able to help a friend) and I found a list the Johnson campaign had compiled of delegate contact info (finders, keepers!).

    I put the vote charts fished out of the trash in a big suitcase by the South Carolina delegation and the original vote charts I had not yet distributed in a pile on the Georgia delegation’s corner table by the main door. Stewart Flood made an announcement about this as a point of privilege. The announcement even went out to the C-SPAN audience, which I know because a friend of mine tweeted mocking me for being part of a political party that necessitated fishing through the trash.

    The trashing was very frustrating and inconvenient, but more than enough charts were salvaged for anyone interested enough to seek them out.

  8. LibertarianGirl

    someone stole , yeah ill say it , my Tim Hagan handouts too (during the voting), altho not as important as Chucks voting records which were discarded WITHOUT HIS PERISSION, but dirty , dirty politics….someone said to me”why would you leave them?? BECA– USE I DONT THINK LIKE THAT, THAT SOMEONE WOULD STEAL THEM….in the end , Tim won , so it all worked out

  9. Brian Holtz

    I was livid at this and gave Ruth Bennett an earful.

    Good. I had to explain to my daughters why the flyers they worked so hard to pass out were trashed only a few hours later.

    Note that Ruth’s pink Bennett-for-Secretary flyers were conveniently not handed out until after she’d ordered the clearing out of earlier flyers. She’s lucky that Mattson didn’t have a flyer out to be trashed. But in fairness, it appears this was only done in the big central area reserved for Gold members during the POTUS debate.

    LG, I’m shocked, shocked that somebody would seek such unfair advantage in the domain of convention electioneering. (We can tell it was unfair because it hurt an opponent of Root.)

  10. Jill Pyeatt

    I’m sure as heck glad I wasn’t Ruth Bennett last weekend. She probably had to field complaints all weekend, often for things out of her control,
    like the hotel. I’m glad the delegation thanked her by voting her in as secretary. Personally, she was very helpful to me.

  11. paulie Post author

    For everyone who has complaints about Red Rock, there was an announcement to let Ruth Bennett know.

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