Gary Johnson Polling at 8% in Montana

Gary Johnson was recently found to have been polling at 15% in his home-state in New Mexico. However, now the same polling company has conducted a survey which says he is polling at 8% in Montana too.

The poll asked: “If the candidates for President this fall were Democrat Barack Obama, Republican Mitt Romney, and Libertarian Gary Johnson, who would you vote for?”

Mitt Romney…………………………….. 43%
Barack Obama…………………………… 41%
Gary Johnson ………………………….. 8%
Undecided…………………………….. 7%

When the data is broken down further, Johnson appears to be capturing 4% of Democrats and 5% of Republicans. Among self-described independents, Johnson surges to 15%.

The former New Mexico governor is also polling at 13% among voters under the age of 30.

Will these numbers fall before election day or can the former Governor sustain, or even build on, such numbers?

8 thoughts on “Gary Johnson Polling at 8% in Montana

  1. matt cholko

    I don’t know about Montana specifically, but in most states there will be more choices than the three given in this poll. Further, third party candidate poll results nearly always fall as election day draws near.

  2. Trent Hill Post author

    It listed four choices–the other was “Others”.

    But yeah, spot on.

  3. hayek

    Even so, matt, fall starting when? October? How many of those were former two-term governors? How many of them broke 15% anywhere at any time? There are plenty of confounding factors.

  4. Trent Hill Post author


    I’d think he could hit 5% in New Mexico, for sure. I’d say he could score perhaps 2% in states like Montana, Idaho, Nevada, and Alaska.


    I’m curious as to how many of you think Obama has been a success as President? Not a success as a half African-American, but as to his duties as President. Has he performed his duties as well as Gary Johnson performed his duties as Gov. of NM ?

    –> *Gov. Johnson is a two-term Governor of New Mexico.

    –> *Gov. Johnson has the most executive experience of any candidate in the race.

    –> *Gov. Johnson is [was] the most fiscally conservative Governor in the country.

    –> *Gov. Johnson vetoed more bills than his contemporary 49 Governors combined.

    –> *During his time, Gov. Johnson was one of only 4 Governors to leave their state with a balanced budget.

    –> *Gov. Johnson cut taxes 14 times.

    –> *Gov. Johnson has the best record on jobs growth of any official presidential candidate, according to a National Review report.

    –>* According to a Public Policy Poll, Gov. Johnson is [was] the only Republican presidential candidate who is still popular in his home state, which also happens to be 2-1 Democrat.

    –> *Gov. Johnson has the record and the serious policy proposals needed to bring common sense back to Washington and put our country back on the right track.

    Friends if you are a libertarian, these are points to run on in any state in this country. Johnson/Gray 2012 is only limited to the smallness of your belief and goals! Gary Johnson can be President tomorrow and as his record proves he would be a much BETTER President than either the D or R !!!!!!!!!

    Please DON’T be ashamed of this LP ticket, but WORK your tail off to get the LP message out to your neighbors right there where you live. If not you, WHO will do it? More people identify themselves as Independent, NOT D or R. The LP can go after everyone of them with a candidate worthy of their vote and support.

    CARPE DIEM, don’t throw it away…..

  6. Mike Fellows

    Montana will have the 3 candidates unless an independent files for President by the August deadline. But Montana has an US vs THEM mentality, so Gary will need to pick up the Independent vote and get new voters involved A lot of people will like Gary for what he has to say but may end up voting against Obama by supporting Romney. Then those people bitch and moan about their choices.

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