Jill Stein Wins Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Ties In Hawaii

Six conventions or caucuses were held in state Green Parties all over the United States on Saturday, May 19th, 2012. Jill Stein, the leading candidate for the Presidential nomination of the Green Party, won all of the contests except for Hawaii, Roseanne Barr’s homestate, where she tied with Barr.

Six state Green parties completed their presidential primaries on Saturday, and all six voted strongly for Dr. Jill Stein. New York was the biggest win, with Stein winning 14 of 16 delegates. She also won 4 of 4 delegates at the Mississippi convention. Pennsylvania Greens completed their caucuses by awarding 4 of 7 delegates to Dr. Stein. In Tennessee, she won 2.5 of 4 delegates. In Minnesota, Stein won 4 of 7 delegates. And in Roseanne Barr’s home state of Hawai’i, Jill Stein won 2 of 4 delegates.

This means Stein has won 50% of more in every primary, caucus, or convention the Green Party has held thus far.

8 thoughts on “Jill Stein Wins Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Ties In Hawaii

  1. Nick Kruse

    Was this a surprise to anyone? We all know Stein will win all of the primaries.

  2. Trent Hill Post author

    I actually didn’t expect her to win Hawaii–and she didn’t. 😛

    When California rolls around, I expect her to lose that one.

  3. Doremus Jessup

    Rosanne should campaign with the 2008 Libertarian Party nominee – that would of course be the Barr/Barr ticket. They could have Jar Jar Binks as their spokesperson.

  4. Jed Siple

    That’s just crazy talk. Everyone knows James Ogle is Queen Roseanne Barr’s running mate.

  5. Willie Nelson Green Party VP

    Thanks for the Green Party report.

    Rosie and Willie!

    Willie Nelson for VP with Rosie that’s the winning Green Party ticket.

    Rosie will get the most votes, and most delegates in the Green Party California Primary.

    You read here first….

  6. Doremus Jessup

    Paulie, Thanks for pointing that out. I hadn’t seen it last month. HAH! Love the line about “A woman’s place is in the naval observatory.” Kinda sexy until Roseanne Barr is associated with the mental image.

  7. Trent Hill Post author

    No, they didn’t read it here first, Willie. I guessed that would happen in this thread just a few hours before you said it.

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