John Jay Myers Elected Region Rep; Lee Wrights Alternate

In LNC region formation, my region which had previously combined the Southeastern states with California has been broken up. Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama formed a region which may or may not also include Arkansas and/or NM; Florida, Georgia and Tennessee formed a separate region. From what I have been told California, New York, Nevada and possibly some other states have also formed a region.

If I understand correctly New England States, NJ and NC are another region. I am not sure of other regions. Additional info would be welcome in the comments.

I attended the caucus of the region which includes Texas. John Jay Myers defeated Guy McLendon in the race for region rep. Both are Texas residents but McLendon promised to focus more on the other states in the region compared with Myers. McLendon then declined the regional alternate position, which was taken by Lee Wrights without opposition.

10 thoughts on “John Jay Myers Elected Region Rep; Lee Wrights Alternate

  1. Carol Moore

    The partyarchs are in trouble til they figure out a way to boot John Jay. He needs a cool headed advisor to keep his head cool.

  2. Mark Axinn

    Region 5 (a double region) is all of New England, NJ, PA and runs down the East Coast to NC.

    Dr. Lark remains representative of 5S; Rich Tomasso (NH) and Dave Blau (MA) are rep. and alternate for 5N.

    My state (I am LPNY chair) has tried something new and teamed up with CA, NV, NM and Arkansas to form a new double region.

  3. Milnes is Phillies Daddy

    Congrats to John Jay. Could this be the omen for a Phillies win? NOPE – LOL !!!!!!!!!!!

    Who should the Libertarian Party target?:

    For youin whoin don’tin understandin. John Jay and Phillies are always runnin but never seemin to winnin.

    Wellin John Jay has brokin thru! Phillies ? – LOL not a snowball in hades……

    Warning! This man is smarter than your average John –

    Freedom Fried: Foreign Aid is not Charity:

  4. Carol Moore

    I agree, Trent. How can they work on secession strategies together if they are all spread out. On the other hand, if it keeps HOMELAND SECURITY confused… ha ha ha

  5. Thomas L. Knapp

    Trent @ 7,

    The regions are non-contiguous because they are “self-forming.”

    Any group of state affiliates which claim an aggregate of sustaining LNC members in excess of 10% of the total can form a region and get a rep on the LNC. 20%, a “super-region” with two reps.

    Geography is only one factor.

    That numbers game incentivizes states to get together until they’ve got 10%+, and to not add any more states unless it would get them to 20% (because at anything below 20%, they get no more representation, just dilution of each state’s authority in CHOOSING that representation).

    So, even if it starts off looking somewhat geographically consolidated, the “don’t need’em for 10%, and they don’t get us to 20%” states that get left out in each area have to either get together to form non-contiguous regions, or else forgo LNC representation.

    A third factor might be ideology — state parties that tend to be more like each other politically getting together, state parties that don’t look like each other not thinking they could be properly represented by the same person.

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