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LP Presidential Candidates respond to Questionnaire

Recently, a questionnaire of ten personal and ten policy questions was sent via e-mail to each Libertarian Party presidential candidate listed at Politics1. R. Lee Wrights was the only exception, since he answered the same questions last summer.  Former presidential candidate RJ Harris also answered the questions last summer.

This time, only Robert Milnes and Joy Waymire decided to fill out the questionnaire. Dave Redick responded to the request, but noted that he had ended his campaign and would reopen it only if drafted to do so.

Below are the responses from Milnes and Waymire.

Personal questions:

1. What are your some of your personal achievements?

Milnes: I have little in the type of usual personal achievements.
I dropped out of high school but did get a timely GED equivalency diploma.
I took I.Q. tests and applied to and was accepted by Mensa.
I attended classes at several colleges/universities.
I did not learn welding from my father a government certified welder.
I did not go into father/son business or business myself.
I did not join the military as did m father and two uncles.
Depression has been a major factor in my life.
However I did read and study the works of Wilhelm Reich. Died 1957. I wrote his major succerssor, Dr. Alexander Lowen around 1977. Lowen wrote me back a brief letter stating that he believed I had successfully completed his concepts.
Specifically the tension/charge/discharge/relaxation formula.
I elaborated with tension/charge-radiating bridges/discharge-biosexual fusion/relaxation as TC formula with respect to convergence,
And tension/charge-radiating bridges/biosexual fission/relaxation as TC formula with respect to divergence.
Also I elaborated on social psychoanalysis including formulating the three essential elements: quarrantine of youth, prophylaxis and therapy.
I sent copies of this letter out in several mailings but have since lost it. Little came of all this.
I eventually lost contact with Lowen who died in 2008.
More recently I have refined and named The Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy. This is largely based on the near victory of the Progressive Party with Teddy Roosevelt in 1912.
Little has come of this either.
I consider both major accomplishments and contributions to humanity.

Waymire:Created a non-profit organization to provide music instruction on a sliding fee scale in January 2005; The resignation of the Board of Directors in 2009 ended the organization
Taught piano, guitar & violin for 30+ yrs
Began playing piano at 3, reading music at 5, & went onto learn mostly all keyboard, string & percussion instruments.
Many musical stage performances in my younger days
The ability to see what I want to create & then doing it; Either by hand sewing, crocheting, painting, or another form of craft
The ability to see the good in things no matter what comes my way
The ability to see people for who they are on the inside, not their outside appearance
The ability to look at both sides of the issue and find the common ground for the benefit of all
The ability to spread joy in those I meet through my walk in life
To be a mother of two, step-mother of 6; 21 grandchildren & a great-granddaughter last year<

2. What are your goals in life?

Milnes: I hope to make something of my two theoretical accomplishments.

1)  To work towards building “Unity” amongst all people; leading us towards a future of World Peace
2) Re-teach the people the simple pleasures of life; that true happiness cannot be bought; to put needs before wants

3. Have you ever been arrested or charged with a crime?

Milnes:Yes. See USA v. RWM 1985 Eastern District of PA.

Waymire:Only if you count being arrested for a Failure to Appear on a traffic ticket; I believe was in 1981

4. What historical or contemporary figures do you admire?

Milnes:Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Wilhelm Reich, Teddy Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, George Washington in that order of importance.

Waymire:There are many, but to name those who inspire me the most, they would be as follows:  Our Creator, Moses, Daniel of Scripture, Joan of Arc, Gandhi, Black Elk & George Washington, just to name a few

5. Who did you support in the 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008 presidential elections?

Milnes:I have not actually supported much any candidate. I tried to support Gravel/Ruwart in 2008.

Waymire:I usually support the Libertarian candidate & I even supported Barr for the sake of the LP showing, though it went against my every instinct. But I cannot say for certain the years prior, but most likely whoever was on the LP ticket.

6. Have you run for public office previously?

Milnes:Yes. I was a candidate in 2008 for the Libertarian, Green and Boston Tea Party nominations.

Waymire:I have attempted, but could not garner the signatures needed to be on the ballot for being in a remote location.  I have been a Campaign Manager for a local City Council race in 1999

7. Why did you choose to run as a Libertarian?

Milnes:I was hoping to form a m/f progressive libertarian fusion ticket.

Waymire:Because I believe in True Freedom of Choice, State’s Powers & the non-initiation of force

8. What do you feel sets you apart from your fellow contenders for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination?

Milnes:I have a Strategy that might actually win. The others will clearly lose.

Waymire:I have observed for many, many years and in looking at each issue facing this nation, I find that they all have the same “Root Core”; the trampling of Freedom of Choice amongst its peoples and the stripping of the State’s of their power

9. How often do you campaign and how would that change if you won the nomination?

Milnes:I do not campaign much but if I got the nomination with support I would be able to campaign 24/7.

Waymire:Currently, I am posting to my blog 3-4 times per month & posting within Facebook, different groups and hosting a radio talk show 3 times per week.If I receive the nomination, I would then add travel to my current agenda so I can meet the people themselves & discuss their concerns & ideas.

10. If elected, what would you do as president?

Milnes:Ride the progressive libertarian wave.

1) End the Federal Reserve & restore a sound monetary system
2) Set Term Limits & Per Diem pay for Federal Elected/Appointed officials; ending pensions & perks as well
3) Close all foreign military bases by the end of 4 years time
4) Eliminate all useless departments within government; such as the Department of Education
5) Instead of the current administration consisting of 1,700,000+, a Team of 1,000 made up from all parties & walks of life would be the new administration.  People setting aside their differences and devoted to working together as a Team for the common good of all people & Nations
6) Abolish any & all laws, regulations & restrictions imposed upon the Citizens that infringe upon their individual rights to Freedom of Choice

Policy questions:

1. What necessary freedoms are currently lacking in American society?


1) Freedom to marry whomever, without permission of the State
2) Freedom of Individual’s to choose what’s best for them
3) Freedom to earn a living in a manner that does not infringe or bear harm upon another, without any restriction to education, experience, & so forth

2. When is government necessary?

Milnes:Government is necessary in order to avoid violence when people are not self reliant.

Waymire:To protect the rights of its citizens and to protect our Nation’s borders from foreign invasion or attack

3. In a market with little or no government regulation, what prevents an entity from seizing the entire means of production and becoming the new main regulator?

Milnes:The Non Aggression Principle.

Waymire:The power behind the people, themselves, with a government that backs the People, not self-serving interests

4. In context of government’s role, what are your stands on the legality of incest, bestiality and child pornography?

Milnes:No comment due to insufficient relevance.

Waymire:These are all a sin against nature and should always be considered immoral behavior and punishable by whatever means the majority of the people of each State deem proper and just

5. Do you disagree with any parts of the Bill of Rights?

Milnes:Only that the right to privacy was not sufficiently included.


6. Should the people of the United States have a right to constitutionally amend the Bill of Rights to increase the power of the federal government and limit individual rights?

Milnes:Too complex to respond here.


7. Should the lives of American citizens be valued above citizens of other nations?

Milnes:Objectively and ideally, no. In reality, yes.

Waymire:No one person upon earth should be valued over another; each are equal in the eyes of Our Creator as it should be amongst men.  Good and evil reside everywhere.  Just because of a few rotten apples, that does not mean they are all bad.

8.What are your views on immigration?

Milnes:In the case of the USA, it is a country of immigrants imposed on indiginous peoples who were insufficiently represented.

Waymire:I have no problem with those immigrating to this country that follows the set procedure. But this Nation has an ever increasing illegal immigration problem. To resolve the main reason, the definition of a US Citizen must be updated.  When one in our military has a child on a foreign soil, that child takes its parents citizenship; as it should be in the US as well. We must also re-institute an “open door” policy as before by issuing “work permits”; the ability to support their families, yet residing in their own country; Canada and Mexico.

9. When is war necessary?

Milnes:Objectively and ideally, never. In reality when all known alternatives are exhausted.

Waymire:I was brought up to believe that it is a better man that can speak and calm the situation than one who raises his fist against another.  I do not believe war is justified in any action other than in defense of our Nation’s borders and its citizens.  Violence begets violence; but working together to resolve a conflict by means of conversation, builds Peace & Understanding the World over

10. Are you a truther, birther, neither or both?

Milnes:Truther. And I include Pearl Harbor.

Waymire:I am a strong believer in speaking the Truth, even when the truth hurts. Better than to feed a lie that grows in time. Regardless of my personal beliefs, I stand for Freedom of Choice. Our Creator gave us all “Free Will” and if He does not interfere in the choices of men, who am I to dictate the choices of another?


  1. paulie paulie June 9, 2015

    Not as far as I know, but I haven’t kept a close watch.

  2. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt June 6, 2015

    Well, Miss Waymire’s answers were mostly libertarian. I wonder if the views have changed much?

  3. paulie paulie May 4, 2012

    I have not seen Mr. Milnes here and would be surprised to see him.

  4. He is in room 666 and will make his first public appearance at Midnight. Only 500 delegates away and we need a woman as our VP. This can be done in the year of our lord Teddy Roosevelt 1912 plus 100!

  5. Richie Richie May 3, 2012

    Milnes is running again? Good grief.

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