Schum: Progressives are Lost to LP

Debbie Schum resides in Colorado, and gave IPR permission to publish her article, below, which was originally sent to the LP-CT discussion list.

Progressives are Lost to the LP
By Debbie Schum

Just to prove how effective educating the masses is, my husband just registered Libertarian today. It only took me 16 years to persuade him that Libertarians aren’t nuts.

Seriously­, in this sound bite world, our message is too complicated (by necessity). It occurs to me that people like Matt Stone, Trey Parker, Penn & Teller, and even Wayne Allen Root are doing more for us than we realize. They are making the word Libertarian a mainstream word. Does anyone remember Root’s message on Faux news? Of course not. But the more often they simply hear the word Libertarian, the more commonplace it is. The more commonplace it is, the more legitimate it is.

Sigh…our message requires thinking – ­something many people are unwilling to do.

I’m not making fun of people. I’m saying all of us are so bombarded with information from all directions that we hardly venture out to explore new ideas. And when we do, we want to hear the summary in 45 seconds or less.

[Libertarians] can’t do that. We can’t (the best one I’ve heard is “keep your hands out of my pockets AND my underwear” and people laugh and like that until you start talking about drugs (conservatives) or welfare state (liberals) then they balk). But if some people can get their mugs on TV and radio and say Libertarian over and over, it begins to seem legitimate to people.

Regardless of our message.

I’m well aware many of you do not like Wayne Allen Root (I disagree with him frequently myself), but he gets on TV really a LOT. And says Libertarian. We need a left winger to do the same. I know, I know­ that’s supposed to be Mary Ruwart, but I have yet to talk to a liberal who has even heard of her. Yet, I have talked to quite a few conservatives who have heard of Root and saw him on Faux news. He can speak “conservative-ese”. We need someone who can speak “liberal-ese” too.

But in my own experience, the progressives have taken over the Democrat party lock, stock and barrel, and they are the main liberal activists. They are hard core authoritarians, want the government to do EVERYTHING, and are not open to persuasion. It’s “all or nothing” with them. Most of them I have met hate us more than they hate Republicans (look at the quiz diamond­ — we are their exact opposites. They have a little in common with liberals and conservatives, nothing at all in common with us).

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  1. Brian Holtz

    Love the pocket/underwear slogan — added it to

    Agree that people outside the LP like Penn Jillette (and John Stossel, and many economists) do more than the LP does to promote the libertarian worldview. That’s OK — the LP exists as much to measure and demonstrate the demand for freeom as it does to awaken or create it.

    We should no more write off all “progressives” (don’t let them use that word) than we should write off all conservatives. There are many paths leading to our big libertarian tent. If everybody recruits from the market segment they know best, we’ll be fine.

  2. Mark Hilgenberg

    I agree with Brian, we should not write off the left, or the progressives. For every one hardcore, true authoritarian progressive, there hundreds of bleeding heart FEELING based progressive sympathizers who respond to their rhetoric but who are ripe for our picking.

    We will not educate them to our side, first we need to help them feel that we are on their side, meaning we want a good life and a fair system for all.

    Most of my research has been to the left, including progressive events. If we had a vote for every person who says, they would vote for a Libertarian if we didn’t sound cold hearted and right wing, we would win a lot of elections.

    Here is a piece I wrote in the Advocates for Self Gov mag about left conversion. Please repost this to the email list.

  3. p money

    It’s important to distinguish the liberals from the progressives. Many liberals think they are progressives but there is a difference.

    Liberals tend to be libertarian on peace and civil liberties issues and to hold those to be of paramount importance. They tend to be least sure and/or least knowledgeable on economic issues, and/or to consider those to be least important. Most college-age people tend to be liberals and also to be the least likely demographic to be firmly wedded to a political party. Ron Paul has made huge inroads with them *despite* being more socially conservative than Johnson or the LP on several key social issues.

    Schum makes some good points in this article about the need for a Root equivalent to appeal to the left. To some extent Johnson does this. Wrights may also be in a good position to leverage his campaign for the nomination into something like this. He should combine his essays that he published during the campaign into a book, go on a media tour to promote it, then perhaps get a syndicated column and/or talk show.

    LNC rep Starchild may be a good person to do something like that. Mary Ruwart, as Schum suggests.

    There should be a media booking agent to get folks like that on a lot of shows, the way Root does.

    It would also be really cool if one or more of them could do a campus tour between now and the election – even cooler if it could continue all the way through the next presidential election.

    It is also important to distinguish similarly between republitarian conservatives and red state fascists. Both the left and right have groups that are closer to libertarians and others closer to authoritarians.

    One key difference is that the low hanging fruit have been more so picked on the right. Another is that conservatives tend to be more temperamentally conservative, which means least likely to change (including their party affiliation). Demographic factors tend to indicate this as well.

    Advocates have an OPH chart/materials that is free to student groups. We should coordinate tons of campus OPH booths in the next few months and years and make sure the LP gets the contact info and follows up on it.

    We should also make sure our presence is widely known at upcoming ReOccupy, antiwar, marijuana events; next year and other upcoming years at Pride, migrants rights marches etc.

    Also, in campus papers and urban weeklies.

  4. p money

    I’m saying all of us are so bombarded with information from all directions that we hardly venture out to explore new ideas. And when we do, we want to hear the summary in 45 seconds or less.

    [Libertarians] can’t do that.

    We can sloganize as easily as the other guys.

  5. p money

    I think two of the reasons why Ed Clark did better than other LP P candidates since him

    A) He painted himself as a “low tax liberal”

    B) Campus tour of hundreds of colleges, strong appeal to young people and use of their volunteer time.

    Johnson is best at replicating that than others in the meantime.

    Other factors in Clark’s numbers

    C) Koch money


    D) TV infomercials

    It’s possible superpac could take that role this time

  6. Robert Capozzi

    2 mh: … there hundreds of bleeding heart FEELING based progressive sympathizers…

    me: Hundreds? Everyone is “feeling based,” whether they recognize it or not. That may lead millions to be “progressive sympathizers.”

    In your heart, you know it’s right…

  7. Paulie

    The anti-liberty progressives have no monopoly on the “polar opposite” of libertarian.

    Much as with libertarians, authoritarians are split between those who self-identify with the left, those who self-identify with the right, and those who find themselves alienated from both. One interesting phenomenon I’ve observed in doing OPH booths is that some of them really like the quiz because it crystalizes this for them as a mental concept, much as it does to hitherto undiscovered libertarians.

  8. paulie

    Brian’s sites are a great source of libertarian slogans, schwag, and activism tools. Wish LP national was getting that kind of info out through the website, email lists etc…LP facebook has 200k plus likes, it would be good to have it mentioned on there frequently. Also the LP youtube channel and twitter etc.

  9. Dale Sheldon-Hess

    The best way to continue to lose progressives is to continue to assert that we’re impossibly uneducated about economics.


    P.S. We have neither “taken over the Democratic party” nor “are hard core authoritarians [who] want the government to do EVERYTHING,” although that last assertion is also a great way to alienate us.

  10. p money

    People who are unwilling to re-examine their economic views on the modern left are not going to become libertarians, just as with people who are unwilling to re-examine their social and foreign policy views on the modern right.

    Fortunately both the “left” and “right” contain plenty of people who are willing to re-examine those views when spoken to in “their language,” making it clear to them that many libertarians share the goals they seek with their policies and believe that those goals can be achieved through voluntary means – rather than reinforcing the commonly held view among many that we don’t even share the goals those policies are meant to achieve at all.

  11. Marc Montoni

    @Nick, thanks for the correction; updated the article.

    I think there are fertile fields in all other quadrants of the political map. My parents were supplicants at the state trough; their livelihood came from the state almost all of their lives. I was thoroughly schooled in the progressive black arts; and by the time I hit high school I was two steps away from being an outright commie. I was an environazi long before the term was invented; I spent many a day doing volunteer work with the local leftist hippies behind a store crushing glass for recycling (imagine — allowing a 12-year old kid to pick up a 20-lb steel glass crush rod, with no goggles or anything, and letting him pound away at glass in an unsecured 55-gallon drum!!). I drew comics for my middle school student newspaper, excoriating businessmen and holding high the poor socialist crusader.

    If I was able to overcome that, so can others.

    I have become convinced over the years that people who haven’t adopted liberty as their philosophy simply haven’t heard the right “magical notes” — the words, actions, or events that spark a new pathway in the brain.

    Once that magical note is heard, and a synapse is fired off, eventually there is a cascade and a lifetime of being misled fairly rapidly gets cast off.

    Who the hell knows what small thing started me on the path. But two things that certainly helped: 1) a thoroughly dysfunctional family (why, when they were so well-taken care of (by their object of worship) were their lives so messed up); and 2) The Fountainhead.

    I put up the above article not because I agreed with it, but because she put some thought into it and it was fairly well-written. However, I disagreed with it before I posted it.

    Coming from the background I do, I don’t think Libertarians have to write off liberals, progressives, commies, or anyone else — except the relatively few who delight in wielding the power of the state to commit assault and theft — those people don’t need forgiveness or deference, but something else entirely.

    In any case, the only people I know of who suggest writing off the left are the people who came to the LP from the right.

    I would ask them to consider their own journey to libertarianism.

  12. just libertarian

    Good point above about liberals vs “progressive” – Johnson has lost cultural-left identity “progressives” to Obama this past week.

    Johnson can appeal to true liberals if he wages a campaign explicitly based on the Bill of Rights and peace. But right now his two biggest issues seem to be homosexuality and a sales tax. Both are losers…

  13. Deran

    Yeah, a good place to start would be with cutting the condescension. Very stalinist.

    “Progressive” is sort of like the US version of “social democrat”. “Capitalism with a human face”.

    Assuming that the Democratic Party, and anyone who carries water for them, is a leftist is a flase idea.

    Where libertarian capitalists and radical leftists and socialists can meet is around privacy and anti police state issues.

    I may well vote for Gary Johnson in Novemember, but it will be ebcause he is the only significant alternative, not because I as an open source socialist am experiencing a conversion to Randism.

    I think if the LP approached things more like that, they could garner more Leftist votes.

  14. paulie


    I come from a similar background, except that I never rejected it to the extent that it appears you did.

    Back in the 1980s and through 1992 I was active in the Democratic Party, environmentalist groups, voluntary communalism such as Rainbow Gatherings, marijuana rallies, and so on.

    There were however rumblings of discontent.

    I was pro gun ownership, since I grew up in a high crime area and used guns for self defense several times.

    I was also opposed to authoritarian state socialism, having spent the first seven years of my life in the USSR.

    When my high school progressive club brought in speakers that suggested the people of Nicaragua were unanimous in their support of the Sandinistas and that in South Africa communism and democracy were the same thing (and a good thing, too), I balked.

    When the Democrats nominated corporatist, drug war hypocrite, draft dodging warmonger DLC chair Clinton over the candidate whose campaign I worked on, Jerry Brown, I realized that the baby boomers who had “infiltrated the system” and rose through the ranks to the top weren’t going to change the system – the system had changed them.

    I needed alternatives to the DP. The only non-duopoly choice on my ballot that year, besides corporatist, war monger, drug warrior Perot, was the LP. I knew LPers from the drug peace movement but still thought of them mostly as right wingers. However, I was prepared to vote for them because they were against the drug war and against the military-industrial complex. The Green Party was not on my ballot, or I may have gone in that direction.

    I sent an inquiry to the LP and they sent me Bergland’s book _Libertarianism in One Lesson_. I believe you told me you were actually the one that sent it to me.

    Over the next two years reading through that book, other books it referred me to in the appendix for further reading, etc, I began to see libertarian solutions as plausible means to achieve liberal/progressive goals.

    I was studying environmental geography in college at that time. As I progressed to the higher level courses I encountered some things that made me re-evaluate my views. We learned that the alarmist view of environmental issues that we studied in lower level courses was not held unanimously by scientific experts, and debated the morality of exaggerating our level of certainty to the the lay public. To my dismay, my professors and most of the students were on the side of dissembling in order to affect policy change. They also supported retroactive zoning – that is, theft of potential value. That likewise troubled me greatly. We read Julian Simon’s work, which helped me gain an additional perspective I did not have before.

    by ’94-’95 I became a full fledged libertarian and LP member.

    However, I remained active in environmental, drug peace and antimilitarist causes, and still consider those to be important issues. I have also continued to oppose corporate-government collusion, as I had as a leftist.

    I still support voluntary communalism as a libertarian alternative, just as legitimate as true free markets – which are much different from corporatism.

    I still support workers mutualist cooperative action, which is much different from government- and corporate-intertwined modern unionism.

    I still support individualist feminism, LGBT equal rights and marriage equality, and other “leftist” causes.

    I support having more libertarian outreach to the plurality of ALL college students who score left-center-libertarian in hundreds of OPH booths I have personally done, and in other studies I have seen elsewhere.

    I support having more libertarian outreach in “majority minority” communities, which score libertarian at a greater rate than “white” people on surveys, yet are few and far in between among active LP members.

    I support having more libertarian rhetoric on economic issues which speaks in bottom up terms to those who want to see equal opportunity for all, rather than speaking primarily in terms of self-interest to those already well off.

    I support more libertarian outreach on peace and civil liberties issues at mass gatherings on issues of mutual concern – marijuana legalization, migrants rights, gay rights, peace, anti-corporatism, as well as ballot access, open debates and media coverage for alt parties.

    I try to avoid “Limbaughisms” such as “environazi” and “feminazi” even though some people in “left” causes clearly exhibit authoritarian attitudes in both theory and practice.

    I try to find, explore, and broaden common ground as much as I can. And I have found some people doing the same with quite a bit of success. I think this year and years to come will present expanded opportunities for that.

  15. paulie

    Johnson has lost cultural-left identity “progressives” to Obama this past week.

    Johnson can appeal to true liberals if he wages a campaign explicitly based on the Bill of Rights and peace. But right now his two biggest issues seem to be homosexuality and a sales tax. Both are losers…

    I agree about the sales tax.

    I disagree about the LGBT issue, which I think presents a good opening for Johnson/LP.

    However, I think you have gotten the wrong impression about how central it will be to the campaign.

    I do believe it will be a Top 5 issue for Johnson, as I believe it should be.

    However, I don’t think it will be his #1 or #2 issue.

    The reason he has made it so central right now is because of developments in the news with NC and the Obama administration.

    During the course of the campaign, I believe he/they will take advantage of developments in the news to highlight other leading campaign issues.

  16. Deran

    Yes, “Randism”, that was a snarky reaction to the essay. I don’t think the LP is Randian etc.

    Nonetheless, privacy, anti-police state, anti-imperialism, those seem actual points the left libertarians and libertarian capitalists can actually agree on.

  17. Michael H. Wilson

    In the last few month I have followed discussions on two so called left blogs that suggested we need to reduce regulations on urban transit so that jitneys could come back in fashion so to speak and reduce zoning laws on the other blog.

    Then damn lefties just want to get rid of gubbermint so people can do what they want. Sounds like some damn libertarians.

  18. Mark Hilgenberg

    @ Paulie #20

    Great post, I would have nominated you for chair had you said that at the convention!

    So much of our problem goes back to communication style. I posted this in another group to help my left friends see part of our problems.

    Why are Libertarians so hard to understand?
    Why do they all sound alike?

    Why do they all get into arguments over everything?

    It all comes down to communication style.

    Most people active in politics and the largest segment of society are concrete communicators. Here is how Dr. David Keirsey describes this type of communication. “Some people talk primarily about the external, concrete world of everyday reality: facts and figures, work and play, home and family, news, sports and weather — all the who-what-when-where-and how much’s of life.”

    They are also cooperative in action, “they try to do the right thing, in keeping with agreed upon social rules, conventions, and codes of conduct, and only later do they concern themselves with the effectiveness of their actions.”

    “As Concrete Cooperators, Guardians speak mostly of their duties and responsibilities, of what they can keep an eye on and take good care of, and they’re careful to obey the laws, follow the rules, and respect the rights of others.” They make up 40-45% of the population.

    Most Libertarians are abstract communicators: “This group of people talk primarily about the internal, abstract world of ideas: theories and conjectures, dreams and philosophies, beliefs and fantasies –all the why’s, if’s, and what-might-be’s of life.”

    They are often Utilitarian in action: “act primarily in a utilitarian or pragmatic manner, that is, they do what gets results, what achieves their objectives as effectively or efficiently as possible, and only afterwards do they check to see if they are observing the rules or going through proper channels.”

    As Abstract Utilitarians, Rationals speak mostly of what new problems intrigue them and what new solutions they envision, and always pragmatic, they act as efficiently as possible to achieve their objectives, ignoring arbitrary rules and conventions if need be.

    This group makes up 5-10% of the population, yet they are the vast majority of Libertarians.

    How does this work out in a typical political conversation.

    Libertarian: “We need to cut government by 50%”

    Now in their thought process they are thinking abstract and tangentially, they see millions of forks in the road. Paths leading to various solutions, ideas abound in their vision of this simple statement. All of the benefits of the various liberty oriented ideas are wrapped up in that statement.

    Guardian: “What!!? You want chaos in the streets and people dying?”

    There thought process is concrete, they “hear” cut government and they immediately envision the removal of things they feel help (police, Fire, defense, etc.). No forks, no alternative paths or solutions, just an immediate thought to the worst case scenario.

    Unfortunately few rational will look into this stuff being that they think it isn’t scientific but more like astrology. It is ironic considering that for the most part “they do what gets results, what achieves their objectives as effectively or efficiently as possible.” Maybe more of them will realize that they are not being effective or getting results.

    This must be why I am an idealist.

    “As Abstract Cooperators, Idealists speak mostly of what they hope for and imagine might be possible for people, and they want to act in good conscience, always trying to reach their goals without compromising their personal code of ethics.”

  19. paulie

    I would have nominated you for chair had you said that at the convention!

    Thank you very much, but I would have had to decline.

    However, if you know the chairs of Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas you could lobby them to have me fill the regional alternate vacancy.

    Our region elected Lee Wrights as alternate and he went on to become Vice Chair so there’s an opening.

    I wasn’t going to run but then at Marc’s suggestion I wrote my region rep John Jay Myers and At Large rep Starchild to volunteer for LNC subcommittees that include non-LNC members and to help them with research. JJM said he wanted me to be Regional Alternate.

    If not, my original offer still stands.

  20. Austin Battenberg

    As a former self-proclaimed liberal, I can admit that most use feelings to base their decisions. So we “feel” that we need to help the poor and government is there to help provide that. When conservatives rail against things like food stamps, and goes, “President Obama is the biggest food stamp president in history,” they end up turning away liberals even though it might be a fact. Libertarians have the same problem of sounding cold hearted and not caring, even though a free society would produce all the things liberals desire without the force of government.

    Education CAN work on some. Ron Paul converted me, and I was able to convert a couple liberals from my work onto libertarianism. This may be because Obama is so bad, that they are willing to question their own beliefs. In a way, I believe Obama is actually helping liberal activistists discover libertarianism.

    I agree 100% that we need more libertarians who can speak to liberals, and get a positive reaction. They might exist, but are not known or mainstream enough yet.

  21. just libertarian

    @21 – I’m going by what I see in his emails and on C-SPAN Washington journal. His pro-homosexual crusade is the number one issue and a national sales tax is his second issue. The “war on terror” police stare got one throw-away sentence and the “war on drugs” police state maybe two.

    I continue to disagree that his absolutist pro-unisex marriage crusade is helping. A more neutral position would alienate fewer. Dedicated single-issue unisex marriage activists are all in thrall to Obama now and Johnson won’t pick any of them off. He needs to give it up and focus on say, Obama’s torturing of homosexual political prisoner Bradley Manning.

    Is Gov Johnson for or against Obama’s torture of Bradley Manning?

  22. JT

    jl: “Is Gov Johnson for or against Obama’s torture of Bradley Manning?”

    What torture are you referring to? I hadn’t read or heard of this.

  23. paulie

    I’m going by what I see in his emails and on C-SPAN Washington journal. His pro-homosexual crusade is the number one issue

    At this particular point in time, because of events in the news with NC and the Obama administration. Why is that difficult to comprehend?

    The “war on terror” police stare got one throw-away sentence and the “war on drugs” police state maybe two.

    I expect they will get their turns in the limelight.

    marriage [equality] activists are all in thrall to Obama now

    Some, not all. There is obviously room on Obama’s left flank on this one, and Johnson is very astute to seize it. Even Jill Stein didn’t.

    “Alienating fewer” is a job for middle of the road establishment candidates, not upstarts seeking to grab a niche.

    He needs to give it up

    Nope. Keep pressing the issue.

    Is Gov Johnson for or against Obama’s torture of Bradley Manning?

    Regardless of his guilt or innocence, the seriousness of his actions, or whatever, one thing is clear: No American should be stashed away in the brig, under questionable conditions and treatment, without a timely day in court.

    I would have been much pro-Manning, but he’s clearly against torture.

  24. just libertarian

    @33 – I was getting emails from Johnson hectoring Obama on marriage before NC and before Obama’s “announcement. ”

    And there’s nothing in the news compelling Johnson to blather on about the sales tax all the time.

    And while it’s great that the ticket (theoretically, if not much in practice yet) has a strong “no war on drugs” angle; here in 2012, the LP needs to be just as vocal on ending the bogus “war on terror” since at this point the police-state apparatus is just as, if not more, based on the latter.

  25. paulie

    before NC and before Obama’s “announcement. ”

    Along with quite a few other issues.

    And there’s nothing in the news compelling Johnson to blather on about the sales tax all the time.

    There we, unfortunately, have to agree.

    And while it’s great that the ticket (theoretically, if not much in practice yet) has a strong “no war on drugs” angle

    Marijuana legalization is probably the #1 issue Johnson is most known for.

    LP needs to be just as vocal on ending the bogus “war on terror”

    I agree.

  26. just libertarian

    Let’s see. I have nine emails here from Johnson’s media list over the past month,. Two are about marriage. One is about Bloomberg’s police state.

    The other six are about Ron Paul, the LP convention, and Jim Gray.

    One positive is that over the past month, I’ve seen Johnson’s volunteer a lot less about his pro-war policies than he was before. (Although there was a still a little bit of that on CSPAN. More than cannabis and police-state in fact.) He used to bring up his pro-war & pro-Israel positions whenever he was asked about Ron Paul. Hopefully this is his recognition that the Root contingency isn’t as important to as he had seemingly thought.

  27. paulie

    I don’t know what emails you get or why. Objective evidence …dataset 1 going back to May 1!/GovGaryJohnson

    3h Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    From @ThomasMullen in @WTCommunities: “Can Ron Paul supporters accept Gary Johnson?” #libertarian #tlot #tcot

    18h Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    @OccupyTheFedNYC “Gary Johnson to Drug Policy Alliance: Pardon non-violent marijuana offenses”

    18h Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    From @TPM: “Gary Johnson: ?I Will Continue The Ron Paul Revolution?” @LPNational @RonPaul #tlot @foxnewspolitics

    “@RonPaul suspends active campaigning.” Liberty can’t be suspended. The RP Revolution will continue. #tlot #tcot

    12 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    From @DouglasESchoen on “Gary Johnson could catch presidential race by surprise” @RonPaul #tlot

    11 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    Today: “#MittRomney backs away from gay adoptions”. Tomorrow: Speaks at Liberty University. Makes perfect sense.

    11 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    If u r in the LA area, meet Judge Jim Gray, LP candidate for VP, Sat. morning!,0,2802807.story @LPNational @JudgeJimGrayVP @RonPaul

    11 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    If you missed my interview on C-SPAN this a.m., take a look: @RonPaul @LPNational #tlot @cspan @cspanwj

    10 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    Looking forward to being on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal Friday morning. 8:30 am ET. @cspan @cspanwj @RonPaul

    10 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    Join me at in 10 mins for an on-line Town Hall with @LPNational Chair Geoff Neale! 9:00 pm ET/6:00 pm PT. Bring Q’s!

    10 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    Tune in tonight. I will be talking with @ErinBurnett on @CNN. 7:00 pm ET. @RonPaul @LPNational #libertarian #tcot #tlot

    10 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    Let’s elect one of our own and get out America Back. @GaryJohnson #Libertarian

    10 May Daily Beast TV ? @dailybeasttv
    On #CampaignChronicles, @JohnAvlon talks with @govgaryjohnson about his 2012 Presidential bid. WATCH NOW:
    Retweeted by Gov. Gary Johnson

    10 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    “Gary Johnson and Third Parties: Why The Two-Party System Fears Them” #tcot #tlot @RonPaul @LPNational

    10 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    #Obama: Throwing #gaymarriage to the States. I’m a States Rights guy, but not to allow discrimination. #tlot
    9 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    Tomorrow night, 6 pm PT/9 pm ET: Join my on-line Town Hall w/ #LNCChair Geoff Neale! Go to @LPNational @RonPaul

    9 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    @politico: “Obama expected to speak on gay marriage” Hmm..The day AFTER NC vote. Where was he yesterday? #gaymarriage

    9 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    @DailyCaller: “Gary Johnson: ?Gay Americans deserve better? than Obama” #tcot #tlot #gaymarriage

    8 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    “Half Of Americans Agree With Gary Johnson” on #gaymarriage. Meanwhile Obama tries to agree w/ 100% while evolving.

    8 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    DOJ claims victory: 25 CO #MMJ dispensaries closed. Great use of our tax $$ ?? #legalize #420

    8 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    From @CochranShow & @BuzzFeed: Gov. Johnson: I?m The Best Candidate For Gay Marriage #gaymarriage

    8 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    “Biden’s backing of gay marriage pressures Obama” Obama games re Marriage Equality aren’t funny. #gaymarriage

    7 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    “Gary Johnson Polling at 8% in Montana” 5% of R’s, 4% of D’s, 15% of Independents. @RonPaul #TCOT #TLOT

    7 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    From @mirkel in @thedailybeast:”Don?t Forget Gary Johnson! How the Libertarian Could Shake Up 2012″ @RonPaul

    7 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    “Gary Johnson, Libertarian Candidate, Gives Marijuana Supporters an Alternative to Republicans” #MMJ #Legalize #MMOT

    5 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    Humbled to receive the LP Nomination; Ready to give America a real choice in Nov. @RonPaul @LPNational #TCOT

    5 May Michael Ames ? @mirkel
    BREAKING: @govgaryjohnson wins #Libertarian Party (@LPNational) nomination with 70% on 1st ballot. Says he’s a viable 3rd party alternative.

    4 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    Please follow @JudgeJimGrayVP — Judge Gray is my choice for @LPNational nominee for VP of the US! @RonPaul #legalize

    3 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    @LPNational convention getting underway n LV! History in the making. @RonPaul

    1 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    6:00 pm PT/9:00 ET – On-Line Town Hall w/ myself & Judge Jim Gray, candidate for LP VP nomination. Join us at!

    1 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    15 Minutes! Join Judge Jim Gray and myself for an on-line Town Hall @ 6:00 pm PT/9:00 ET. Bring your questions to

    1 May NC for Gary Johnson ? @NC4GaryJohnson
    @GrowTheLP @GovGaryJohnson @judgejimgray North Carolina Supporters, follow us for local updates on the campaign effort!

    1 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    “Gary Johnson and the End of Marijuana As a Fringe Issue” @conor64 in @TheAtlantic #legalize #420 @MarijuanaPolicy

    1 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    Tonight night, 6 pm PT/9 pm ET: Join my on-line Town Hall w/ LP VP cand. Judge Jim Gray! Go to @LPNational @RonPaul

    1 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    In the @nytimes: “A Likely Third-Party Candidate for 2012” @LP National @RonPaul #tcot @thecaucus

    1 May Gov. Gary Johnson ? @GovGaryJohnson
    Tuesday night, 6 pm PT/9 pm ET: Join my on-line Town Hall w/ LP VP cand. Judge Jim Gray! Go to @LPNational @RonPaul

  28. just libertarian

    Glad to see his twitter account is mentioning the cannabis issue more than his media list.

    I see four tweets about cannabis freedom. Unfortunately, I see zero tweets about other Bill-of-Rights issues.

    And I see seven tweets about homosexual politics.

    And in the plus column, nothing about a sales tax.

    (The other tweets aren’t issue-specific.)

  29. paulie

    Latest Johnson email — I’m adding emphasis to issue positions

    Friends and supporters,

    We are different.

    Barack Obama and Mitt Romney support the Patriot Act. I will advocate repealing it.

    Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will keep waging war in Afghanistan. I will get us out immediately.

    Neither Obama or Romney has proposed actually cutting government spending. I will propose a balanced budget in 2013.

    Mitt Romney, in a speech three days ago at Liberty University, repeated that he is against marriage equality. Barack Obama now says he supports gay marriage, but says he will leave it up to the States . I believe the right to marry under the law is a constitutionally-protected right the Federal government is obligated to defend.

    Both Obama and Romney have pledged to continue the failed War on Drugs – even if it means sending federal marshals to shut down medical marijuana businesses operating legally under state law. I have pledged to not only call off the marshals, but legalize marijuana.

    On issue after issue, when you look past the rhetoric, there really isn’t a great deal of daylight between the Democrat Obama and the Republican Romney.

    And America is looking for daylight: The daylight between the tired business-as-usual that has driven us to the brink of bankruptcy, kept us in Afghanistan 10 years longer than necessary, and inserted the government into more and more corners of our privacy and daily lives – and an America that is living within its means, ending senseless intervention abroad, and where government protects our liberties rather than destroying them.

    America is longing for a real choice in November, and with your support, we can tell America that the choice they are looking for will be on the ballot. Please go to and help deliver that message.

    A few days ago, after months of hard work by many great supporters like you, I received the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President. Former federal prosecutor and California Superior Court Judge Jim Gray was nominated for Vice-President, with my enthusiastic endorsement. With those nominations, we will be on the ballot in every state as the candidates who truly offer voters something different: The Governor Gary Johnson difference.

    Voters will have a chance to vote against war. Against the Patriot Act, the NDAA and other assaults on civil liberties. Against deficits as far as the eye can see. And vote FOR marriage equality and ending the War on Drugs. And all you have to do is look at the polls to see that millions of Americans are not just ready, but anxious to cast those votes.

    In short, we have now put ourselves in a position to make history. To give voters the choice they REALLY want, not just the ones offered by the two ‘major’ parties.

    It is now up to us to capitalize on the incredible, historic opportunity our hard work has created.

    In the few short days since becoming an official nominee for President, I have appeared on Cavuto, CNN, Newsweek/Daily Beast, C-SPAN and a host of radio talk shows across the nation. That news coverage certainly helps, but you know as well as I that we cannot depend on the media elite to get our message out – and let frustrated voters know that there will be a real choice in November. A choice that reflects their own views of liberty: Freedom from a government that does too much and spends too much.

    We cannot wait for someone else, like the news media, to carry our message. We have to do it ourselves, and that, my friends, requires money. Real money. Right now, our campaign is identifying states, media markets, available voter lists and potential coalitions where we can get the most ‘bang for our buck’. But none of that will matter without your financial support.

    We have come an amazingly long way on very little funding. The fact that I am already earning 6-9% in national polls, without buying a penny of TV or radio advertising, is nothing short of remarkable. And we owe much of that to supporters like you.

    But now the real work begins. We have to reach voters in key states, and we have to reach them directly – not through the whims and biases of the news media. In short, we have to buy it. Advertising, direct mail, social media tools. And we have to step up our grass-roots efforts. All of those require funds, no matter how frugal and efficient we are.

    The nomination and the wake-up call it has given the tired two-party establishment have given us momentum. But without the resources to seize that momentum, it will be forgotten in the wake of the next big news story. Your contribution today will provide those resources. Please go to and help make absolutely certain that voters know that liberty, freedom, and a real choice are on the ballot.

    Thanks for your friendship and your support. We can do this!

    Governor Gary Johnson

    P.S. Now that the Libertarian Party nomination is secured, we must mount a truly national campaign. Help us reach voters in your state and all across the nation by sending your contribution. Go to

  30. paulie issue related postings:

    Gary Johnson Criticizes Obama for Throwing Gay Marriage to the States


    According to Gallup, 50% of those polled believe in marriage equality as does Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

    Gary Johnson: I’m The Best Candidate On Gay Marriage

    Gov. Gary Johnson Suggests Mayor Bloomberg Bring ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ to an End

    On 4/20, Gary Johnson Reflects

    Libertarian Johnson Sees Fiscal Discipline As By Word

    Former NM Gov. Gary Johnson: Legalize Marijuana To Reduce Violence

    Libertarian Candidate Touts Fiscal Conservatism, Social Tolerance

    Gary Johnson:Lower The Drinking Age!

    Help Me Debate The War On Drugs With Obama And Romney

    Gary Johnson, The Anti-war 2012 Candidate

    Gov. Johnson [pro] Privacy

    Gov. Gary Johnson: Fed Raid On CA Legalization Advocate An Outrage


    Gary Johnson is pursuing many of the same goals as Ron Paul

    It Is Past Time To Bring Them [troops] Home!

    Pat Robertson Says Marijuana Use Should Be Legal


    Romney & Santorum: My fence will be bigger than your fence


    Presidential Candidate Concerned Over U.S. Drone Program Within America




    It’s Time To End The Failed War On Drugs






  31. Mark Hilgenberg

    Paulie @30I can see you as an artisan, it helps when gathering sigs. Everyone has all four types, we just have one that is dominate.

    This is why I cringe at much of what Wrights says and some of the other nomination speeches (We are anti-government) ugg.

    We need to learn how to stop preaching to the choir and stat reaching the masses.

  32. just libertarian

    @42 – I was going mostly by what he says to general audiences. Fundraising emails are preaching to the choir… twitter is on the border

  33. paulie

    Blog posts on his web page are what he says to the general public. I have also viewed quite a few TV interviews. Same mix of themes by and large. Print interviews and articles. Same thing again.

    Aside from a brief time sensitive focus on gay marriage equality I see no indication that is a number one or two issue for GJ. Indeed his twitter feed has already moved on.

    You are cherry picking two issues you disagree with Johnson on. One of those I agree with you on, the other I disagree with you and agree with Johnson. Then you claim they are his two top issues. That claim is bizarre and contradicts voluminous evidence. I have laid a lot of it out and I trust it is enough to convince just about anyone reading that your characterizations and claims are baseless. I could keep presenting more evidence, but it seems you have your mind made up regardless of the facts, so what would be the use?

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