Three Parties Re-Qualify for Delaware Ballot

Richard Winger reports that the Green Party, Working Families Party, and Constitution Party have all re-qualified as parties in Delaware, due to meeting the requirement of having 600 registered voters.

During the month of May, volunteers and paid workers have been working hard in Delaware to increase the number of registered voters in the Green Party, the Constitution Party, and the Working Families Party.

All three were ballot-qualified in Delaware under the old law, which required approximately 300 registered members. But in 2010, the legislature doubled the requirement. The change was not effective until after the 2010 election was over. The Independent Party and the Libertarian Party already had over 600 registered members in any event, so they were not directly injured by the 2010 change. But the new law has forced three other parties to carry out a registration drive.

The three parties were aware that it is easier to get new registered members in Delaware before May 25, when restrictive rules make it impossible for registered voters to change parties. So, all three parties did their best to finish the registration drive before that day, and each believes it has succeeded.

Winger also points out that Americans Elect never even tried to make the ballot in this way in Delaware due to the party’s leadership’s discomfort with the idea of individuals registering into the party.

4 thoughts on “Three Parties Re-Qualify for Delaware Ballot

  1. Richard Winger

    My post didn’t say the three parties have re-qualified. It just says they think they have. Delaware Election Commissioner recently has been quite hostile to minor party registration forms and earlier this year invalidated almost half the Constitution Party’s earlier work. But it may be that the cards were carelessly filled out in the earlier work. We should know in a week or so if the three parties are back on.

  2. Ad Hoc

    Green Party, and Working Families Party, are Back on the Ballot in Delaware
    June 1st, 2012
    The Green Party, and the Working Families Party, each now have enough registrations in Delaware to be on the November 2012 ballot. The Constitution Party still doesn’t have enough registrants. It is possible there are enough voter registration cards in which voters have joined the Constitution Party, but if so, the cards still haven’t been submitted to elections officials.

    The Constitution Party, and any unqualified party, has until August 21 to get enough registrations. However, it will be difficult for a group to increase its registration in Delaware, because Delaware doesn’t permit voters to change parties during June or July or August. Groups can still find unregistered individuals and persuade them to register as a member of that group. Thanks to David McCorquodale for the news about the Green Party and the Working Families Party.

  3. Ad Hoc

    What about people who haven’t been registered to vote before? Can they be added by Aug 21?

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