California Libertarian Party Primary Results

The Libertarian Party nominated former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson for president last month, however, on Tuesday, California held a primary to determine whether the party’s nomination matched the wishes of its California members.

With all precincts reporting, the results did indeed match the convention as Johnson finished first among the field of nine candidates with 5,349 votes, 49.5% of the total. Surprisingly, Barbara Joy Waymire, the only candidate on the ballot to complete the IPR questionnaire, came in second with 1,701 votes (15.5%).

The first-place Johnson lost only three of California’s counties and tied in a fourth. Two of these were won by Waymire: Lassen County, where she attained seven of the 15 votes cast; and Del Norte County, where she received four out of seven votes. Seventh-place James Ogle, a parliamentary activist who won the Missouri primary in February, won the other county that Johnson lost: Plumas, receiving six of the 14 votes cast there. Johnson tied third-place Scott Keller and fifth-place RJ Harris with two votes in Colusa County.

R. Lee Wrights, who came in second in delegates at the Libertarian National Convention, finished in last place with only 390 votes.

Other candidates listed on the ballot included fourth-place Bill Still, sixth-place Roger Gary, and eighth-place Carl Person.

Candidate Votes %
Roger Gary 460 4.3%
R. J. Harris 526 4.9%
Gary Johnson 5,349 49.5%
Scott Keller 966 8.9%
James Ogle 448 4.1%
Carl Person 419 3.9%
Bill Still 550 5.1%
Barbara Joy Waymire 1,701 15.7%
Lee Wrights 390 3.6%

Results by County

Green – Gary Johnson

Black – Barbara Joy Waymire

Yellow – James Ogle

Blue Violet – Tie

10 thoughts on “California Libertarian Party Primary Results

  1. Nick Kruse

    Interesting how 50.5% of Libertarians in California didn’t vote for the party’s nominee.

  2. RedPhillips

    This suggests to me that even many of the people who deliberately registered Libertarian are not tuned in to Libertarian party politics at all. Other than Johnson, these results seem almost completely random. Wrights was clearly the consensus non-Johnson candidate, but that isn’t reflected in these results at all. Gives you an idea of what an extreme minority us informed third party activists are.

  3. Michael H. Wilson

    How many registered Libertarians are there in the state and what per cent of the voters overall turned out?

  4. Trent Hill

    Only reason Waymire did so well is because she’s the only female on the ballot.

  5. George Phillies

    @2 First they would have to know that the party has a nominee. Then they would need to know who the nominee was.

    For example, they might get their national party news from the LNC Newsletter, which has not come out since the convention, meaning that the non-computer-oriented people are unlikely to have learned who won. Indeed, the fact that someone voted for President tends to suggest that they are not aware that we had a convention.

    Waymire is a Californian, too, though I agree gender helped.

  6. Ted Brown

    The U. S. Senate race is more interesting. While 11,000 or so registered Libertarians voted (as reflected in the presidential primary) out of the 93,000 registered, Gail Lightfoot won over 76,000 votes for U. S. Senate and ran 9th out of 24 candidates in the open “top two” primary. This means that 65,000 non-Libertarians voted for her. Of course, 147,000 Republicans voted for Ron Paul in the GOP primary, so many of them probably crossed over and voted for Gail.

  7. Kleptocracy And You

    State run Primaries are A WASTE of taxpayers funds. Political Parties should always pay for their own methods of electing their nominees for any office. The Kleptomaniacs continue their sorry ass STEALING, from the honest taxPAYER, ways. Only you can STOP them!

    Donate To Former Gov. Gary Johnson TODAY….
    Has everyone who lands in the Libertarian Quad put out a Gary Johnson 2012 Road/Yard Sign yet ? I hope you have ! Bumper Stickers available ALSO !! ‘If it is to be, it is up to ME’ !!! CARPE DIEM
    – Please Visit and get involved

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