26 thoughts on “Gary Johnson and Penn Jillette on Red Eye

  1. Common Tater


    But, it would have been nice to see or hear the L word here.

    Or to see THIS Gary Johnson on the Daily Show.

  2. paulie Post author

    Not sure if this was the whole segment or just a piece of it. Anyone here watch the show and remember?

  3. Austin Battenberg

    I didn’t see it on TV but usually Mediate only posts part of it. Not to mention if you go to the Mediate website, they have two videos embedded, and Johnson is on the second video as well.

  4. paulie Post author

    Haven’t found that yet but I did find this – the new Johnson youtube ad – someone else can post the article this time, or I’ll get to it if and when I get to it:

  5. Robert Capozzi

    Wow! This ad comes close to a A+.

    It’s an A for 2 reasons:

    1) I would flip the appeals to “disaffected” Rs and Ds” and the Constitution, Green and Ls. Does he mention independents? It felt weird for him to mention “Constitution Party” first, of all things. (Of course, almost no one knows the CP, so no real damage there, and the name seems benign.)

    2) The fadeaways to GJ seated and speaking just look weird to me. I might even say really weird, actually. There’s got to be better footage. Or, have him giving the ad’s narration as a speech. Have him standing, not sitting on a couch. Or show footage of him from Colbert or Stewart. Heck, show footage of him during the R debates, so long as we don’t see the other candidates. Something else! Fix this!

    New subliminal message at the end reads: “1776 kicks 1984’s ass.” Team GJ is certainly getting edgier, Paulie! I – Mr. Chillaxed Civility – approve. Somehow, a “middle finger” in the last ad and the subliminal “ass” in this one works.

    Also, the cutaway near the end is from a Lee Wrights ad. Frankly, I never cared for that shot…it feels one-dimensional to me. I do like the sentiment, though.

    BTW, the TV turned sideways is fucking brilliant! It burnishes the harsh-but-true message he delivers.

  6. Robert Capozzi


    reviewed, he says “Tea” before “Constitution.” Works a bit better than more initial take, but I still think the appeal should be more like:

    independents, disaffected, Tea, L, Constitution and Green.

  7. Robert Capozzi

    still more…

    “Be L with me for one election” is inspired! The repeated use of the word “together” is tonally a grand slam. That’s the message! It’s an anti-DC message, but, importantly, a pro-people message.

    Some Ls may find this too “collectivist,” but politics is a numbers game. Net taxpayers still outnumber tax consumers, so think of it in those terms, if necessary….

  8. Robert Capozzi

    one more…

    Does this ad mention “Governor”? Don’t think so. Seems like it should….

  9. Eric Blitz

    I love the rough edges of this latest ad, it has energy and an ‘in your face’ brashness that sometimes you need before you put the suit back on. (funny to me as the fade-ins were to Gary talking in a suit…)

  10. Austin Battenberg

    Yea, I like this ad a LOT more then all the previous ads with the same music and the same photo. But I agree with Robert I was not too impressed with the image fading in and out with him sitting there talking. It’s not even of him saying what he is narrating, so his lips don’t sync. The other problem is right at :32 in, it fads to him right as he begins talking about the people who’s fault it is for causing all the problems in America, so the timing is kind of bad.

    Also, when he started with the Tea Party, I figured he would have mentioned the Occupy movement, but he didn’t. I don’t know if that would have been a good idea or not. But yes, independents should have been mentioned as well.

    Is it possible that he could take some of these videos and send them to other individuals in the LP to review before he posts them on youtube so he can get a little advice? Because this is a great commercial, but it is a little rough. Just needs a little more improvements.

  11. Ross

    Well, Penn out-libertarian-ed our own candidate. That’s just sad. Seriously, someone should encourage Penn to run for office. He somehow manages to take firm libertarian positions and still get spots on conservative shows. Furthermore, he’s clearly more educated on libertarian positions than Gary (who I still support, of course).

    I say, if we don’t do well in the election (1% minimum) we drop this whole “leadership experience” concept and start hiring people who can competently sell the message to the few we do reach. Our history with elected officials as candidates has not shown promising results so far.

  12. Robert Capozzi

    12 ab, I’d not thought of Occupy…interesting. If pressed, I’d advise against mentioning it. While I’d like to somehow associate with both the Tea and Occupy movements, Occupy seems just too associated with an anti-markets, anti-wealth perspective.

  13. paulie Post author


    Just as Tea Party seems now to associated with anti-migrant, coercively social conservative warmongers.

    There’s good and bad in both Tea Party and Occupy, and I agree if you mention one, mention both.

    Also say “Democratic Party” not Democrat Party. And do mention independents and those who have never seen a good reason to actually vote until now.

    Overall I like it a lot though, sorry for the nitpicking.

  14. Robert Capozzi

    13 ross, Penn is an entertainer, very comfortable in front of the camera and on stage. I’m virtually positive he’s been approached many times, and he takes a pass.

  15. Robert Capozzi

    16 p, I do hear you. I associate the Tea Party predominantly with economic issues, but I grant that may not be the prevalent association…dunno.

    And deeper down there was some positive energy in the Occupiers, too. Again, my principal association with them is the 99% thing. And again my perceptions may be off here….

  16. Ross

    17 Robert, I’m not surprised. Unfortunately for us, the best libertarians tend to completely lack a desire for public office. That might be what makes them the best libertarians.

    As for the Tea Party and Occupy, mention both or mention neither. Either one will turn off a lot of people. That might be mitigated if both are mentioned, but avoiding them both is probably the safest course.

  17. Joe Buchman

    Here’s a teaser . . . the next set of candidates endorsed by Governor Johnson is likely to include one running as a Green Party candidate (highly endorsed by both our State Director for the campaign, and her/his State Libertarian Party . . . )

    Wondering if I should duck for cover now?

    That vetting process for that candidate is going on right now, could change, but we are looking at ALL candidates from ALL parties who would work well with a Gary Johnson led administration and who are asking for an endorsement. After his good performance on Stewart, better performance on Red Eye and IMO PERFECT 2 minute advertisement above, I expect that number to jump!

    (Yeah, I know the probability of that right now is small, but that IS the light we are casting on them in the vetting process.)


  18. Robert Capozzi

    19 ross, Team GJ will do what they will do. In my mind I’d like to think someone on the campaign scans IPR as a kind of free focus group.

    Whether they take our feedback is probably unlikely, but they might here and there. They’ve already mentioned the Tea Party, which I’d say on balance was a fine move. Mentioning both could be better. Mentioning neither could, too. The end the wars, stop the police state imagery should immunize from the latter-day image of the Tea Party as just the full-spectrum conservative movement association that I get you and Paulie’d like to avoid (as would I). (I would think early-days Tea Party is an association we’d all like to see, as it was in some ways a L project at the outset.)

    What we don’t know is how much bandwidth Team GJ has. How many cuts did they do of this piece? Can they afford to do more cuts?

    As is, for me it’s an A, with some disappointing aspects to it. Like in all things, I guess we just have to take the good with the bad….

  19. Be Rational

    @21 Technical matter: It looks like you are using canned shots of models or actors for your individual faces in your most recent spot (some I seem to recognize from other commercial messages). This can be problematic if such individuals later object to the spot they find their faces in. Better to include shots of actual LP members or supporters who agree when you are including real, identifiable faces and not just crowd scenes.

  20. Robert Capozzi


    I let some hours pass and re-viewed the ad. I’m almost of a mind to say it’s imperative to re-cut the GJ b/w footage. Yes, the sound gives a sense of him broadcasting this from a bunker, but making it look like he’s IN a bunker is just too much. And 12 AB’s point about the cut making it look like GJ’s part of the problem is really concerning.

    Just one man’s opinion, but imagemaking is what this game is about. Why settle for MY COUSIN VINNY when you have GONE WITH THE WIND in reach?

  21. Be Rational

    Again, to the Johnson campaign:

    I have to say that I agree with Robert Capozzi’s comments about this spot nearly 100%. (A rare event.)

    The visuals of Johnson seem weird.

    Try something else. Maybe, Johnson’s face, with the words Governor Gary Johnson below,
    should appear on the sideways TV or in some other way to distinguish the fact that he is speaking and he is not part of the problem being referenced.

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