New Jersey Reform Party Candidates Qualify for Ballot

The Reform Party, known for running candidates like Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan, had some success getting candidates on the ballot in New Jersey.

The leadership of the Reform Party of New Jersey has announced that two of their Congressional candidates have achieved spots on the November ballot. Margaret Chapman, an army veteran and breast cancer survivor, hopes to unseat Rep. Rob Andrews in the First District. Herbert L. Tarbous, a long-time third party activist, will take on Rep. Frank Pallone in the Sixth District. Both campaigns have met the signature threshold to appear on the General Election ballot.

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The Reform Party of New Jersey is one of three parties in the state to have elected officials. While it is the recognized state affiliate of the national party, the current New Jersey organization was founded and operates completely independently of its predecessor. Margaret Chapman’s campaign website can be found at The Reform Party of New Jersey is available at

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