Wayne Root: What happens to the economy in Vegas, doesn’t stay in Vegas

The Obama apologists and mainstream media (sorry for repeating myself) claim  the economy is improving and unemployment declining.


You mean like in Las Vegas?

April’s numbers show joblessness fell in Nevada below 12% for the first time  in 3 years. Hip Hip Hooray! Break out the champagne. Obama has pulled off a  miracle.


Well, not exactly. You see in Obama’s world, down is up, while misleading  statistics and outright lies are “facts.” The truth is the shrinking  unemployment number proves the job picture is getting worse, not  better.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/05/25/what-happens-to-economy-in-vegas-doesnt-stay-in-vegas/#ixzz1y7no3kYU

12 thoughts on “Wayne Root: What happens to the economy in Vegas, doesn’t stay in Vegas

  1. Dale Sheldon-Hess

    Trying to stay positive:

    I am glad that…
    the right-wing has finally come to realize the shortcomings of U3 as a measure of worker dissatisfaction.

    I am hopeful that…
    they will not immediately forget this the next time there isn’t a (D) next to the President’s name.

  2. Michael H. Wilson

    ’Builders broke ground on more single-family houses for a third consecutive month in May and rising construction permits pointed to further gains, showing the residential real-estate market is weathering the U.S. economic slowdown.

    Work began on 516,000 one-family houses at an annual rate last month, up 3.2 percent from April and the most this year, the Commerce Department reported today in Washington. A slump in construction of apartments, which is often volatile, led to an unexpected drop in total housing starts.

    Building permits, a proxy for future construction, climbed to the highest level since September 2008, showing the combination of lower prices and record-low mortgage rates is underpinning demand and encouraging new projects. Toll Brothers (TOL) Inc. is among homebuilders benefiting from an improving housing market on rising demand for move-up homes.”


  3. George Phillies

    Hey. You base an economy on gambling casinos and whorehouses, ummh, escorts, cab fares through the ceiling, stage one of the biggest property bubbles in the country, and what do you expect to happen?

    Menawhile, in the productive economy, the world is doing better,, starting with the county in North Dakota that has a zero point seven percent unemployment rate, despite bringing in large numbers of workers. Indeed, across America, personal consumption expenditure is above its pre-recession level and industrial production is booming.

    Of course, the housing bubble due to incompetent conservative — but I repeat myself — monetary policy took a while to pop.

    But investors across America are indeed wondering what will we get in the next four years. Alas, many of them are not thinking about what a Libertarian Presidential administration might offer, but they can compare Bush and Obama.

    Republican Shrub League economics, eight years of Shrub, gave us minus five percent, annualized. Three years of Obama gave us twenty-four-point-five percent annualized, and I for one collected on that fairly well.

    However, there are a lot of stupid Republican investors out there who will continue to fall for Republican propaganda, until we libertarians convince them that Republicans are just plain terrible.

    That starts with libertarian mouthpieces who mention libertarians on occasion when they get the chance, and slip Republicans bad advice they are stupid enough to take:
    Trash immigrants — Americans love racists
    Cheer for the crooked rich — Americans grove at the feet of the 1%
    Deny global warming — America was built on the uneducated and ignorant, not this silly science and engineering stuff
    Blast Obama for opening the door to immigrant children — some of those kids might speak a foreign language

  4. Steve M

    As one of the 1%, who makes his money doing silly science and engineering stuff, I find that bit offensive. We here in silicon valley, get our wealth by creating it. Nothing crooked about that.

    As I told an old friend who is a math professor down in Texas with a very liberal slant. That when you take working capital away from me you are depriving your students of jobs.

    The big problem with Republican Economics is not that it doesn’t have the correct message, but when given the chance the republicans never execute what they preach. They always have a reason as to why we (the government) needs to spend more now because of the current economic disaster they have helped create. Why we need to fight one more 2 trillion dollar war that eats up all the savings that could have been achieved.

  5. Root Sucks

    Is this IPR or Wayne Root comedy hour?

    Four of the twenty front page articles are commentaries by this circus clown. What gives?

  6. Deran

    I’m sure there are articles and pr releases from various stalinoid party actual candaites for president that would be as least as comedic as Root’s prattle. Why doesn’t IPR give more room to stalinoid candaites if they are going to give Root so much attention.

  7. George Phillies

    @5 My point was to give Republicans stupid advice that will cause them to lose. Racism. Yahoophilia. Warmongering. etc.

    As it happens I teach university level physics.

  8. Thomas L. Knapp

    Deran @ 9,

    If someone submits something even nominally:

    a) related to third party or independent politics; and

    b) readable

    … it generally gets published.

    Root has supporters who submit stuff to IPR on his behalf. If those other people send stuff, or get their supporters to send stuff, they’ll appear on IPR as well.

  9. Paulie

    We’re on the Freedom Socialist Party mailing list, which I forward to the rest of the IPR writers but most of it does not get posted unless I do it. Austin said he will publish their latest. I also usually find something in our party links (P&F, PSL) to post whenever I look, PSL especially. Hopefully someone will do that regularly or someone new will sign up to do that.

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