A3P Nominee Merlin Miller Responds to ‘White Supremacist’ Label on Wikipedia Page

Filmmaker Merlin Miller, the presidential nominee of the American Third Position Party (A3P) has responded to the  A3P Wikipedia article, which currently says the party promotes “white supremacy.” Via e-mail, he writes:

My best reaction is LOL.  As you know, the political discourse is controlled by select groups who try to marginalize anyone who challenge their positions.  Here is article which addresses this  http://www.examiner.com/article/interview-with-a3p-presidential-candidate-merlin-miller    Our websites have other articles which address the propaganda and manipulations rampant in “mainstream” media (www.MerlinMiller2012.com and www.American3rdPosition.com).  Also, the “news page” of my company website (www.Americana-Pictures.com) has other insights into media control and spin.  Fortunately, due to the internet and a general awakening to truths, more and more people are becoming aware of how these false labels are used.  For a complete understanding of where I’m coming from and what the important issues effecting America are, read “Our Vision for America”…today’s “Common Sense”.   In it, I specifically address the Wikipedia slants and one-sided controls.

Last month, there was a bit of controversy on Wikipedia over the label, but ultimately it remained. IPR reached out to the users involved, but only received a response from an editor using the name “Evanh2008.” When asked about the A3P and the dispute, he provided some personal insight into activity on the page:

I first became aware of the A3P through its Wikipedia article, while RC [Recent Changes] patrolling earlier in the spring. It was an earlier instance of the “white supremacist/white nationalist” dispute, and I intervened once I realized that we had people who were either misrepresenting or ignoring third-party sources. From there the article wound up on my talk page, and I’ve been monitoring it for trouble ever since.
It’s similar to the sort of thing that happens on a lot of articles related to white supremacy, antisemitism and the sort. It generally comes in waves; we’ll sometimes see multiple socks (or at least SPAs [Single-purpose accounts] that look a lot like socks) each bombarding a given article across a period of twenty-four hours or so. I keep several such articles on my watchlist, just to make sure I can respond in the event that something happens.

62 thoughts on “A3P Nominee Merlin Miller Responds to ‘White Supremacist’ Label on Wikipedia Page

  1. Dennis

    I bet five bucks David Duke flirts with their nomination in 2016 and then backs out after he milks as much press as he can from them.

  2. JD

    Sorry they are white supremacists. I contacted them once and was told that they would not speak to me again because my fiance is Japanese.

  3. montana

    JD: There is a difference between a “white supremacist” and a “white nationalist” or “white separatist.” That’s the point of this dispute.

    A white supremacist either (1) thinks that whites are superior to people of other races or (2) thinks that whites should legally dominate people of other races. (Those are two different definitions that are commonly applied.)

    A white nationalist advocates on behalf of whites as a group.

    A white separatist believes that whites should remain separate (in some way) from non-whites.

    From what I know of the A3P platform, white nationalist/separatist seems like a more accurate label.

  4. Pete Healey

    I’m of Irish, German, and English ancestry and my ancestors have been here for a hundred years and more… and I’m still not ‘white’ by any of the definitions these guys mught use. So ‘supremacist’ or ‘separatist’ or ‘nationalist’ is just splitting hairs, very fine hairs.

  5. JD

    Montana, I was specifically told to “leave my fiance and find a nice white girl.” That is white supremacy. While one can be a separatist, that ideology would preclude one from running for the office of president. For instance the League of the South is a separatist organization. They usually endorse the CP because the CP is not opposed to separation. They are supremacist and publicly state that they wish to end all non-white immigration and to deport all non-white immigrants. As a side note I would like to make clear that the League of the South is not a white separatist group. I was using them as a group to explain the idea behind separation.

  6. johncjackson

    You know, when it comes to seeking statist political power to advance the assumed causes of a specific race, I don’t really see how the difference between “supremacist” and “separatist” is meaningful at all.

    If you belong to a certain race and believe your race should live separately from everyone else- even though 99% of the individuals you would consider part of your race would want nothing to do with you- why don’t know, you know, go live separately?

    Otherwise you most certainly are attempting to use violence against other individuals based on whatever dubious criteria you use to categorize your race. The separatist semantics is just complete BS that no one is buying.

  7. JD

    13, you are correct, that was what I was saying. The LoS and the Second Vermont Republic are separatist. The Nation of Islam might even be considered separatist in their goals even though they are promulgators of black power (supremacist) rhetoric. The A3P is no different from the NSALP, NSM, or American Nazi parties. They are just a little better educated and a little slicker.

  8. JD

    If they were separatist they would advocate mass migration of whites to a designated area and then the secession of that area from the US. That is white separation. They are advocating a white only party take control of the government in some fashion and then remove non-whites. That is white supremacy and the act they are speaking of is called ethnic cleansing. They are America’s Golden Dawn.

    Speaking of Greece, it was in Greece when the first “controlled” act of ethnic cleansing ever took place. In the after math of the failed annexation of Anatolia the government of Prime Minister Venizelos negotiated with the Turkish government. 1,000,000 Christians of predominantly Greek backgrounds were exchanged for roughly 500,000 Muslims of Turkish ethnicity. It was a disaster.

  9. Concerned Citizen

    Semantics aside, white “racism” is not an issue in this country especially when minorities are the most bigoted people here.

  10. JD

    This is not a matter of political correctness. We are not talking about offending overtly sensitive feelings. The A3P advocates ethnic cleansing. Our country has problems, our ethnic minorities are not one of them. Even some of our troublemakers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are not problems because of their ethnicity. It is their rhetoric and their actions. They are bigots and they are also wrong.

  11. Concerned Citizen

    Dennis, unlike you and your pc liberal friends, I don’t have issues with wetting the bed so I can’t answer your question.

  12. Concerned Citizen

    Maybe you can fantasize about your king obama in a place other than your bed???

  13. Concerned Citizen

    jd, you should join dennis in fantasy land if you don’t think high poverty and crime among minorities is an issue. This inability you recognize this as a problem is a great example of pc run amok

  14. JD

    That is another issue entirely. It isnt pc to say crime rates are higher amongst blacks but it is true. I agree with that. You can fix some of these problems by forcing them to get jobs. I also think it would be a good idea to have back to africa clubs like were popular in the 1800’s. These would be private groups helping young blacks migrate to Africa if they chose to. I do understand what you are saying but we can not condone ethnic cleansing by the government.

    This also does not explain the A3P and their xenophobia against Asians. They have very low crime rates and low unemployment. So this is unfounded racism and should be discouraged.

  15. Concerned Citizen

    Good point on the asians, but with blacks and hispanics I see the breakdown of culture as the leading problem. Rather than discourage the gangster culture, we embrace it. Attacking it is not pc and so it is racist

  16. Dennis

    Um…I am not a liberal. I am as conservative as one can get. What I am not is a racist. I was raised better than that.

  17. Concerned Citizen

    Let me be clear that I don’t support this party, but I don’t see it as worth as consternation. WE need to fight pc and instill moral values in all youth so they do not embrace a backwards culture that leads to crime and poverty. The longer you ignore this and use white supremacists as a scapegoat, the worse the codition of america.

  18. JamesinUSA

    The A3P is a legitimate political party in every sense of the word. The only reason it’s being referred to as being ‘Supremacist’, is simply because it has the audacity, not to mention ‘right’, to put the interest of White Americans into its program.

  19. Deran

    Hmmm, I’d like to suggest all you “concerned citizens” pack up your old kit bags and head on over to Europe. I’m sure the home of us caucasians will no doubt giddily embrace you! And the fewer of you all the better for our United States.

  20. JD

    James, one can encourage the betterment of ones own culture. The white, european culture is the basis of our republican culture. My criticism of the A3P is based on the supremacist rhetoric. Anytime you exclude people from your organization, not because of how they adt, but because of their racial background that is racism. You then add that you wish to export all non-white immigrants and prohibit non-white immigration. That is ethnic cleansing by definition and is a characteristic of white supremacy.

    Racist and racial philosophers often make valid points about ethnic groups. Negros are not as smart, productive, or intelligent on average as whites. This does not mean they can not be productive they can be helped by reducing dependence on welfare and by ending affirmative action. This will force them once again to compete on equal footing for jobs and subsistance. In the end they will be forced to be be more American than African. For those who dont wish to assimilate and wish to live like a bantu they could seek the assistance of a modern ACS which would be an NGO that could help move them to Africa.

    The issue of latino immigration is solved simply by securing the border. We can set IQ requirements on legal immigration that ensures that only the best and brightest are coming here. We can also legal very soft drugs and crack down harder on the more nefarious varieties. We should also increase the use of capital punishment to disincentivize crime as a career choice.

    Nothing needs to be done with asians. They assimilate well, work hard, mind there business, and dont commit crime. Even the most successful white supremacist regime in history, the National Party regime in South Africa, allowed east asians to be classified as whites. They did this because even though asians might not technically be white they act just like whites. They exhibit all that is good about our culture and sometimes do it better.

    Admittedly everything I said just now is overtly non-pc and it has a racial slant. I hope everyone knows that I wish the best for all people. I wish nothing but Joy, Hope, Love, and Peace.

  21. Deran

    @ JD, you don’t wish anyone peacce or love, you are a racist, a supremacist. Your comment abt African Americans being inferior, but teachable is silly sad trash talk. Obviously you have metal health issues, maybe you should take off your white sheet and get some sunlight, up your vitamin D to improve your psychological health, get some sunlight to improve your melanin, and maybe learn spanish and make friends with a couple non-white people, I think all this will improve your mental health, reduce your fear/hate and who knows, you might even find yourself taking down all the portraits of Hitler and George Wallace you cover you walls with. Good luck!

  22. Concerned Citizen

    Classic pc by deran. Rather than engage in discussion, he simply calls someone a racist. If you dispute his logic explain why, don’t just throw words around.

  23. JD

    Race does exist as a factor in human abilities and decision making. Too many well prepared scientific studies show that. I abhor racism which is always unfounded by science. Racial science allows us to discuss things in a civilized manner. The negro does have a smaller brain and much lower IQ scores. That being said I do not supposed the white race to be superior. I believe their are traditionally civilized and un-civilized races. It is clear that the negro is un-civilized. Look at Africa. All the large cities inhabited by negros were actually built by whites. Everyone of them. These are facts. Now the negro is capable but has shown an inability to thrive up til now. Why? Simple the negro of both Africa and America has been coddled too much. If forced to compete on equal footing evolution will take over and the negro will thrive.

    I am not a racist. I enjoy racial science because it helps explain who we are. I actually left the LDS church because of their poor history of civil rights. They didnt even ordain negros until 1980. My church has ordained them since 1860. Btw, George Wallace was not a racist either. He believed segregation was a states rights issue. Today he would actually be considere to the economic left of the Democratic party. He was even later able to gain a majority of support amongst negros in Alabama. I even prefer the term negro because saying black makes someone sound dirty or swarthy and African-American is just incorrect.

  24. Thomas L. Knapp


    On the one hand, you write:

    “Racial science allows us to discuss things in a civilized manner.”

    But then you go to:

    “The negro does have a smaller brain and much lower IQ scores.”

    Apparently you don’t understand “racial science” very well, as neither of those statements is scientifically accurate.

  25. JD

    Try the bell curve or iq and the wealth of nations. Any study of IQ levels will show the American Negro to be roughly 15 points below the average caucasian. We actually covered the fact that negros have a slightly smaller brain when I was in college. The professor passed it aside as a non-issue. See Rushton for this. The real issue here is whether or not ethnic cleansing could solve any of the problems that Merlin Miller is concerned about. The answer is no. The negro will be fine if we simply expect more of him.

    As of now affirmative action and social welfare programs cause society to expect less of the negro. He is made inferior by that which is supposed to help him. This works the same as in previous times when the negro was made subserviant by slavery. Nothing was expected of him. We dont truly know what to expect from the race until we free them and allow evolution to reign. I believe in the potential of the negro as I have stated time and again. We must simply expect more of him than to see hime running with a football.

  26. Trent Hill

    When my great grandparents came off the boat from Ireland, they were called “Irish niggers”. I’m not white, I’m irish.

  27. JD

    Trent, there was an unfortunate time when individuals took prejudices so far as to exclude those of European ethnicities. The British government produced a document to this effect around 1900 in order to help those in its foreign office better identify people. It was very unflattering to southern europeans.

    I myself am scottish and Italian on my mothers side. On my father’s side I am southern French and Lebanese. I would flunk the white test on most 19th and early 20th century racial charts.

  28. Thomas L. Knapp


    “Try the bell curve”

    Bought it the day it came out, and read it with interest.

    Even setting aside the fact that there are some problems with Herrnstein and Murray’s claims, those claims aren’t the claims that you imply.

  29. JD

    I listed two others. Regardless you are digressing from the actual conversation. While I am flattered at your interest in me I would like you to please keep in mind that I am not in the A3P and am not the subject of the news story.

  30. Thomas L. Knapp


    I comment on the things that I find interesting.

    I don’t find it especially interesting that the A3P is a racist organization, because it’s something everyone who’s ever paid any attention to them already knew, especially if they bothered to read Anonymous’s email hack dump of A3P’s internal communications.

    When a current IPR commenter turns out to be racist, I find that at least interesting enough to call him on the carpet when he makes up non-applicable citations as “scientific proof” of his position.

  31. JD

    Any search of brain size and race will turn up the reports I cited. I never said the negro was unworthy or that they should be subjugated. These are very simple scientific facts. Now the difference in brain size only equates for about 5% of the difference in IQ. The rest of the difference is unkown. If I had to hypothesize I would say it came from years of disuse due to slavery and low expectations. I dont know many racist who would say that they expected better things from and for the negro.

    Face it Knapp you are a chronic contrarian. You are just like the little child that ask why after everything. I recommend you grow up a little before you join adult conversations. I am not speaking anymore about this digression.

  32. JD

    One last thing knapp you are a liar. The bell curve does make extensive use of race in its data. It also mentions IQ and race. One of the main purposed of the study was to awaken Americans to the many factors surrounding the IQ gap. Chapter 13 deals with it specifically. So I say again you are a liar plain and simple.

  33. Thomas L. Knapp


    You might want to read what I actually wrote before responding to it.

    I didn’t say that The Bell Curve doesn’t make extensive use of race in its data, nor did I say that it doesn’t mention IQ and/or race.

    What it does not do is make the claims you cite it in support of. Your reification of its statistical claims into proofs of your fantasies is your work, not Herrnstein’s and Murray’s work.

  34. JD

    I cited three works. The bell curve does state that negros have lower IQ scores. That is one of the claims I made. I also made the caveat that all these claims were averages. I listed two other studies you damned idiot and they have different conclusions that support my statements as well. If you could read past the first one you ignorant little child you would see the other ones. What is so difficult about seeing that I cited three works at the request of Concerned Citizen? I never said the bell curve was the bell cow of racial science. If you weren’t so stupid you could have read post 41 in its entirety and infered that I was speaking about the finding of multiple studies. I also wouldnt have to explain this to you. Those studies do show negros of both the American and African variety have lower IQ scores and smaller brains by both weight and girth when compared to whites and asians. These are the findings of the different studies I have cited. Rushton studied brain size. Do you understand now? Has that been spelled out simply enough for you? Concerned Citizen wanted to know someplace to get some of the info I was refering to I told him to start with those three studies.

    I also made a claim that negros are not as productive as whites. There is no super study on this you have to do some searching. A good place to start is “They were White and they were Slaves” by Michael Hoffman. He explains why slave holders preferred whites to do the work but had to settle on negros. You can also study inventions and infer that negros are devoid of talent in the producer category when compared to whites and asians. I like peanut butter as much as the next fellow but it isnt an earth shattering invention.

  35. Thomas L. Knapp

    JD @ 50,

    “The bell curve does state that negros have lower IQ scores.”

    No, it doesn’t.

    And since you said it does when it doesn’t, I have to draw one of two conclusions: Either you don’t understand the material you’re citing, or you’re lying about the material you’re citing.

    For either case, the corollary conclusion is that I can’t just take your claims about the other sources you cite, which I haven’t read, at face value.

  36. JD

    From a University of Indiana report citing the bell curve:

    Ethnic Differences in Cognitive Ability – East Asians typically earn higher IQ scores than white Americans, especially in the verbal intelligence areas. African-Americans typically earn IQ scores one full standard deviation below those of white Americans. The IQ difference between African-Americans and whites remains at all levels of socioeconomic status (SES), and is even more pronounced at higher levels of SES. Recent narrowing of the average IQ gap between black and white Americans (about 3 IQ points) is attributed to a lessening of low black scores and not an overall improvement in black scores on average. The debate over genes versus environment influences on the race IQ gap is acknowledged.

    So there is a university report stating what I have said. The bell curve does state that negros have lower average IQ scores.

  37. Thomas L. Knapp


    Keep on fantasizing. But just be aware that no matter how many times you click your heels together and repeat “there’s no place like the Aryan Nations compound,” The Bell Curve will still not magically start saying what you claim it says.

  38. JD

    Thomas because of my sympathy for your plight I just made a donation to the National Institute for Literacy in your name. I dont want any child to grow up with the same limitations you have to deal with. I am so sorry the system has failed you and left you functionally illiterate.

  39. Thomas L. Knapp


    Nice try — but you still haven’t QUOTED the book saying what you say it says.

    You haven’t QUOTED the book saying what you say it says because you can’t, because it doesn’t.

    It just isn’t your lucky day. You had the misfortune to run into someone who’s actually read the book.

  40. JD

    I dont have to quote the book. I dont need to summarize whole chapters for people. The University of Indiana has done the summarizing for me and is a far more reputable source than you will ever be. Nice try though you almost sound like you know what you are talking about but since you continue to puposefully misread my posts you cant be taken seriously.

  41. JD

    Since I do not have the book handy I will post a quote from the author Mr. Murray in which he states exactly what I have stated about the negro. Please note that he also is careful not to criticize them but to state a commonly known fact.

    MURRAY: The mean is about, by most standard — by most tests, it’s about 15 points below the white mean. And that has created the huge controversy about IQ tests that persist. Again, take a look at the overlap. I mean, you’ve got lots and lots of blacks and whites in the same range. You also have tens of thousands of blacks at the very highest levels of IQ, which is another reason that insofar as we treat people as individuals in this society, the black-white difference should not cause a lot of anxiety.

    The mean is 15 points lower. This is common knowledge. It does not make the negro inferior just less developed as far as IQ test can tell on average.

  42. Thomas L. Knapp


    Thank you for quoting Murray saying something other than what you say his book says.

    “The mean is 15 points lower. This is common knowledge. It does not make the negro inferior”

    Correct. It does not make “the negro” anything.

    Statistics aren’t science.

  43. Dennis

    So if five people take a test and the two black guys score lowest, there must be some biological/physiological cause that makes their entire ethnicity less intelligent?

    I am confused.

    Maybe it is because I am part Slovak and we obviously aren’t as smart as those Western European folk are. XD

  44. JD

    I have said from the get go that the scores are lower on average. I never said anything different about IQ scores. I said we can take these studies in racial science and have an intelligent discussion. Murray said the mean, which is average, is 15 points lower. That is exactly what I said regarding his work.

    You also accused me of being a racist. You have nothing to sustantiate this claim. No proof of me ever belonging to a white supremacist organization. What you do have are my statements where I wish the best for everyone and where I specifically wish for the negro to be liberated from their current bondage. I have stated statistical findings that are so common that to many they are facts. If the negro race as a whole is saddened by their scores they can improve them. If you are offended by this information you may volunteer to teach them.

    Dennis, these scores are tested in much larger quantities than that. There is a statistical probability that it is due to race and genetics. For instance even those negros from higher socioeconomic status on average only score as well as poor whites. We are speaking about thousands of averages. There is also some current study going on into whether or not there is an actual intelligence gene. I do not have access to a written copy but the issue is covered in depth in the British documentary “Darwin’s Dangerous Idea” episode three. I honestly dont know anyone who has taken info from these studies and used them against the negro. There is however fear that if enough studies continue to show undevelopment in the race then prejudices will begin to run wild again. We need to be mature and accept finding for what they are. Everyone knows that the scientific communtiy will not establish something as “fact” in todays society that could be construed as racist.

  45. Ad Hoc

    white “racism” is not an issue in this country especially when minorities are the most bigoted people here.

    Don’t be such a drag


    How do you keep your sheets so white?

    Roll, Tide, Roll


    Oh, and JD is not racist at all. No sirree Bob, not even the teensiest weensiest little bit. Not a speck of racism in there.


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