Three Parties File for PA Ballot, Eight Additional Presidential Candidates Qualify for NJ Ballot

Richard Winger, always the source of ballot access news for third party aficionados, brings news in these reports of good news for many presidential campaigns and third parties.

Winger reports that three parties have filed for the ballot in Pennsylvania and all of them expect to meet the signature requirement. They are the Libertarian, Constitution, and Green Parties.

The only statewide petitions submitted in Pennsylvania this year are from the Constitution, Green, and Libertarian Parties. Here is a story that says the Greens submitted 35,000 signatures. Some were turned in on July 31 and some on August 1, the deadline. The state requires 20,601 signatures.

The Constitution Party turned in 34,000 signatures; the Libertarian Party turned in 42,000 signatures.

Additionally, it appears seven minor party presidential candidates and an independent presidential candidate have qualified for the ballot in New Jersey.

Minor party presidential candidates who qualified for the New Jersey ballot are the nominees of the American Third Position, Constitution, Green, Libertarian, Justice, Party for Socialism and Liberation, and Socialist Workers parties. Besides those seven, an independent candidate, Jeff Boss, qualified. His ballot label is “NSA DID 911″. His vice-presidential candidate is Bob Pasternak.

The Socialist Party petition for president did not succeed. However, the Socialist Party had earlier this year qualified a candidate for U.S. Senate in New Jersey, Greg Pason.

Thanks to Ballot Access News for keeping us abreast of the latest news.

6 thoughts on “Three Parties File for PA Ballot, Eight Additional Presidential Candidates Qualify for NJ Ballot

  1. Reed E

    I am glad to see the Libertarian Party making progress. I take it New Jersey has easy ballot access?

  2. Nick

    Hopefully by the next election cycle the Reform Party will have ballot access for the Presidential Election in New Jersey.

  3. NewFederalist

    Since the GOP has challenged the LP and the CP petitions look for both alternative parties to pull their petitions rather than face the unfair $100,000+ cost to check the petitions for accuracy.

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