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Maryland US Senate poll shows Independent Rob Sobhani tied for 2nd

While US Senator Benjamin L. Cardin is polling safely at 50%, he still has to worry about two different candidates competing for his seat.

Republican Dan Bongino and independent Rob Sobhani are in a dead heat for second, the poll by Gonzales Research & Marketing Strategies found. Cardin was the choice of 50 percent of voters, followed by Bongino with 22 percent and Sobhani with 21 percent. Seven percent are undecided.

Sobhani has invested a sizable amount into TV ads promoting his candidacy.


The poll included 813 registered voters who say they are going to vote in the November election. It was conducted between Sept. 17 and Sept. 23. The margin of error is plus or minus 3.5 percentage points, according to Gonzales.

Rob Sobhani is a Maryland-based author, former professor and business owner and is currently the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Caspian Group Holdings. His campaign website can be found at

To read more on the poll, visit the Washington Post: Maryland Senate poll: Second place too close to call

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Austin Battenberg

Austin Battenberg was born and raised as a Californian. After living for several years in Virginia, Austin now lives in El Dorado, California with his wife and son. A strong believer in individual rights and the non-aggression principle.


  1. paulie paulie September 10, 2015

    Comments removed from this thread; see to find them.

  2. Stuart Simms Stuart Simms September 29, 2012

    Curt @13

    I would pay serious money to go to WS games involving the Nat’s and/or the O’s.

    In a prior post on another thread I stated that LPMD would retain ballot status if GJ’s vote total is ? 1%. However, I have since learned that I was incorrect and that the recent petition drive gave the LPMD ballot status through 2014 elections.

    MD petition requirement for party ballot status = 10,000. Our best bet long term is to get legislation through that would count registrations as de facto petition signatures or a separate registration requirement of 5000 for the purpose of ballot status, no registration provision currently exists. LPMD registration is 10,308 (GP 8498) as of August report, despite (both) not being on the voter registration form for about 2 months.

  3. Curt Boyd Curt Boyd September 28, 2012

    @7 – if bigger miracles happen, that could be a World Series matchup this year!

    Races like this seem to boost turnout, when voters know they have more than 2 choices on the ballot. In Maryland, are the Libertarians in a position to retain ballot access if Dean Ahmad gets a good percentage of the vote, or is it strictly based on the presidential vote?

  4. GoergiPorgi GoergiPorgi September 28, 2012

    I think he has a chance of winning, much greater than that the far right Republican has. If only he can target his message better towards Democrats by saying he’s moderate on social issues and towards Republicans by explaining he’s conservative on fiscal issues. I also saw they are trying to exclude him from the debates just because he didn’t run in the primary, ridiculous, he didn’t miss the deadline and of course he wasn’t a part of the primary he’s independent !

  5. Jose C. Jose C. September 28, 2012

    What would be more miraculous would be someone of Middle East heritage to be elected to the Senate in the post 9/11 era.

    This is not so miraculous considering who occupies the White House. If we can elect a Kenyan as President someone of Middle East heritage could be elected to the Senate.

  6. George Phillies George Phillies September 27, 2012

    Dean Ahmad is a fine person, whom I hope Libertarians will all support. I regret when I sent in the original report on this I found the Sobhani campaign interesting enough that I forgot that this was the same Senate race in which Dean was running. I knew he was running, but did not tag it to this race.

  7. Gene Berkman Gene Berkman September 27, 2012

    Stuart – yes I know Dean Ahmad is Palestinian – I met him at the LP National Convention in 1981.

    It would be an even bigger miracle if Dean Ahmad were elected.

  8. Stuart Simms Stuart Simms September 27, 2012

    Sobhani’s TV ads are well done and obviously effective.
    Gene @5 the LP candidate in this race is Dean Ahmed.
    So a Jew, a Palestinian, an Iranian and an Italian walk into a bar…

    True Story…for Father’s Day my son purchased tickets for us to go to see the Nationals v Orioles at Camden Yards in Baltimore. The night he picked at random turned out to be union appreciation night at the Yards. Senator Cardin (introduced as “a great friend” of unions) threw out the ceremonial first pitch. This presented me with the opportunity to visually express to the esteemed Senator that he’s number one, double barreled of course.

  9. Gene Berkman Gene Berkman September 27, 2012

    It is unusual, but not miraculous for an Independent to be elected to the U.S. Senate. It looks like Angus King will be elected Senator from Maine, and Sen. Bernie Sanders will probably be re-elected.

    In the past a number of Senators have been elected from outside the two party system.

    What would be more miraculous would be someone of Middle East heritage to be elected to the Senate in the post 9/11 era.

  10. Austin Battenberg Austin Battenberg Post author | September 27, 2012

    He isn’t a libertarian, but his issues page on his website isn’t that bad. Who knows miracles can happen right?

  11. NewFederalist NewFederalist September 27, 2012

    It takes a lot of money to be able to waste it on an expensive petition drive and then run a high profile campaign against an incumbent who could only lose if found to be an accomplice of Jerry Sandusky. Perhaps not even then in Maryland.

  12. Trent Hill Trent Hill September 27, 2012

    Very expensive. And still very much not in the heat of the race.

  13. NewFederalist NewFederalist September 27, 2012

    An expensive hobby I would think.

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