Virgil Goode Campaigns in AZ, NM, and VA, Meets With Sheriff Arpaio

The Virgil Goode for President campaign roamed all over the country on Labor Day weekend. According to this article, Goode was campaigning in Arizona and New Mexico this weekend. In Arizona, he met with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a nationally-recognized figure in the debate on illegal immigration.

‘Sheriff Joe’, as his fans call him, is the high-profile Arizona Sheriff who’s made a name for himself by taking a tough stand against corruption, government waste, illegal immigrants, and a host of other problems that many Americans are fed up with. The federal government on the other hand, sued him for a host of allegations including civil rights violations, abusing the power of his office by targeting political rivals, and racial profiling to weed out illegal immigrants.

Perhaps the Constitution Party’s Virgil Goode is a good luck charm. Just days after the two men met, the US Justice Dept announced it would not seek charges against Sheriff Joe, Maricopa County, or any of Arpaio’s Sheriff’s Deputies, some of which were also under investigation. It was a victory for the conservative movement.

An email announcement from the Virgil Goode campaign describes the meeting. “In Phoenix, Arizona, Congressman Goode had the honor of meeting with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who has received national recognition for his willingness to enforce the law against illegal aliens,” the statement announced, “Goode and Sheriff Arpaio met for an hour and discussed the ways to deal with illegal immigration and to cut government spending.”

No visit with Sheriff Arpaio would be complete without a discussion about the legitimacy of President Obama’s birth certificate. Arpaio’s volunteers investigated the evidence surrounding the document and revealed it was their conclusion that it was a fraud.

The Goode campaign’s statement goes on to say, “Sheriff Arpaio has utilized several common sense measures to reduce the costs of his office to Phoenix taxpayers. He also shared information about his private investigation Cold Case Team and the questions about the validity of President Obama’s birth certificate displayed on the Internet.”

Goode also went to New Mexico to meet with Constitution Party state officers in the state and plan strategy for the final months of the presidential campaign. Additionally, Goode attended the Buena Vista Labor Day Parade in Virginia on Labor Day, just a few hours ago.

8 thoughts on “Virgil Goode Campaigns in AZ, NM, and VA, Meets With Sheriff Arpaio

  1. Oranje Mike

    I would like Goode to explain how Arpaio is saving me money after we pay out millions upon millions because Sheriff Joe cannot run a law abiding office.

  2. Constitution First Commitee

    Hopefully Congressman Goode will follow-up on this confab with Sheriff Joe and issue a statement on the eligibility and identity of the current White House resident.

  3. paulie

    Hopefully Sheriff Joe (Stalin) will become a resident of his own tent city gulag, with no special treatment different from any of the other inmates.

  4. paulie

    The worst punishment Joe Arpaio might receive is being fired come November 6th, 2012.

    Hopefully that will be only the beginning of his overdue downfall and comeupance.

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