Libertarian David Staples May Be Competitive In Georgia Statewide PSC Race

Via Brett Bittner:

The following message is forwarded at the request of LP Georgia’s Chairman on leave, Daniel Adams:

If the Libertarian Party wants to attain its biggest victory since our inception, they’ll donate today.

In 2008, I informed people that we had a race in Georgia that had the potential for an LP candidate to top the one million vote mark running as a Libertarian in a state wide race… to which we were scoffed at and told we’d never come close and at most we could expect only 250k. Well, as some of you know, John Monds topped the predicted vote total with the grand total of 1,076,726 votes, breaking the record for any race ever, including Ed Clark’s 1980 presidential run.

This year, we’re in a similar position in a 2 person race.

Yesterday, we received some informational polling numbers that suggest we’re currently in a dead heat with our Republican incumbent opponent. We can WIN THIS! And even though, as Libertarians, we know how to run very frugal campigns, my biggest fear is we lose due to a lack of funding.

We need your help. I believe with as little as $15k added to the $5k cash we currently have on hand, this office can be ours. Can you imagine what an elected Libertarian in a statewide office will do for our Party?

For the five years I’ve served as chair of the GA LP, I’ve never asked anything from anyone outside our state, including the National Party… I’m asking now. Please do what you can to help.

In Liberty,


P.S.Feel free to call 706 207-1645

When I forwarded this from the State Chairs list to the LNC list, Scott Lieberman replied:

Mr. Frankel:

Thank you for posting that.

It helps to tell us what this candidate is running for!

I did about 10 minutes of “due diligence”…

Staples is running for the District 5 seat of the Georgia PSC. There will probably be about 2,200,000 votes cast in that district.

If anyone can find a link to a statistically valid poll that really does show Staples in a dead heat with the enfeebled incumbent Stan Wise, please post that link to lnc-discuss.

Scott Lieberman

6 thoughts on “Libertarian David Staples May Be Competitive In Georgia Statewide PSC Race

  1. David Staples

    Just noticed a few hits coming into my website from here on Google Analytics. I don’t have much time as I’m off to another event tonight, but wanted to clarify one thing. This race is voted on statewide. We’re expecting roughly 3.2M to 3.8M voters – not 2.2M. That means I need roughly 1.6M to 1.9M votes to win. Thank you for posting this. I appreciate the support!

  2. Scott Lieberman

    “Though each commissioner must be a resident of the district he “represents” for 12 months prior to election, commissioners are chosen in statewide elections and not by the citizens of their district.”


    In other words, one of the best incumbent protection schemes known to man. Require candidates to run in a particular district, but force them to campaign statewide.

    I wish Mr. Staples luck, but a statewide partisan election is a **very** difficult battle to win for a third party candidate.

  3. Matt Cholko

    If there is some solid evidence that $20k will win this statewide race, I’ll happily donate as much as I can and encourage others to do the same. I can’t see how $20k will do much in a state the size of GA though, so I am VERY skeptical of that number. Where did it come from?

  4. Stephen

    I live in Georgia and this race can be won. I just hope the LP and LP supporters will step up the plate and put their money where their mouths are. This is a statewide race that can be won.

  5. David Staples

    I’ve got a few more minutes now, so I figured I’d pass along this link as well to anyone who may be interested in who I’m running against. This guy isn’t liked by many people within his own party even:

    I’ve been endorsed by a co-founder and co-organizer of the Atlanta Tea Party, who is also on the board of the national Tea Party Patriots. I’ve also been endorsed by the Sierra Club of Georgia. Everyone I talk to agrees – ethics is a non-partisan issue. It doesn’t matter whether someone is a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, Independent, or any other designation. Anyone who doesn’t believe cronyism is acceptable should be supporting my race. Unfortunately, running on a platform of ethics for a position which regulates utilities isn’t exactly a big draw to campaign contributors. It’s not exciting, and it’s not your typical dinner table conversation… but it hits everyones’ pocketbooks and wallets as they pay higher utility rates as a result.

    As was said above, campaign strategy is not something we are going to discuss openly and publicly, though we may be open to having that discussion privately. I’d be happy to answer any questions or address any concerns. Feel free to e-mail me or contact me on Facebook anytime.

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