Peace And Freedom Party’s Roseanne Barr Running Cable Television Ads in California

Darcy Richardson at Uncovered Politics:

Comedienne-turned-presidential candidate Roseanne Barr has purchased television ads in the San Francisco Bay Area. Media tracking sources told ABC News that the former television sitcom star is spending $4,900 on cable television ads that will air from October 9 through October 16.

The ads will run on several cable networks, including CNN, MSNBC, TBS, the Country Music Channel (CMT) and Comedy Central.

Not sure if it’s this ad, another one or more than one. Comments on that welcome.

2 thoughts on “Peace And Freedom Party’s Roseanne Barr Running Cable Television Ads in California

  1. Trent Hill

    Why just in San Fran? Seems odd to me. I guess she’ll saturate that market though and San Fran does seem to have a lot of engaged voters who are third partiers.

    Still, I’d think she’d cast her net a little wider. I’m interested to see Barr’s vote totals, especially in CA. I’m similarly interested to see Anderson’s in Utah, Goode’s in VA, and Johnson’s in NM.

    Previously the CP has never eclipsed 1% outside of Utah in 2008 (And Montana in 2008, but Paul was the nominee against his wishes). I’m betting Goode gets 1% in Idaho, Utah, Virginia. I’m also interested to see how the CP does in NY–since they haven’t been on there in quite awhile.

    It’s too bad they missed the ballot in PA and CA–both of which could’ve been large vote totals. It’ll hurt the final result.

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