Constitutionally Correct Airs March 28th With Guest Host Cynthia Davis

On March 28, the newest episode of Constitutionally Correct, the official talk radio show of the Constitution Party, aired. Normally hosted by CP National Vice-Chairman Randy Stufflebeam, this time the guest host was Cynthia Davis, former Missouri state representative who was the CP candidate for lieutenant governor in 2012.  According to the show description: ” We will be discussing the planks of the Constitution Party, specifically, Character and Morality, Drugs, Family and Gambling.  With the United States Supreme Court taking up some controversial subjects, we will offer some analysis to help our listeners understand the cultural movements taking place “under the fault line”. The archived show is available below:

2 thoughts on “Constitutionally Correct Airs March 28th With Guest Host Cynthia Davis

  1. johnO

    Do they want to ban alcohol? Is BINGO banned as well under Gambling? How strict in banning divorce, or cigars and cigs? Will be very interesting platform what a person cannot do. Hard to enforce though. What penalties? What will become a criminal offense?

  2. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    I am pretty sure they don’t want to ban alcohol. In the third party world the Prohibition Party has taken care of that.

    I also don’t think they want to ban divorce or smoking. Again, that’s a Prohibition Party thing, or perhaps for the one true theocratic party in the USA that seems more or less moribund, the Christian Liberty Party.

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