National Independent American Party Chairman invites the Constitution Party and others to ‘IAM Summit’

National IAP Chairman invites the Constitution Party and others to ‘IAM Summit’

“To Frank Fluckiger, Randall Stufflebeam, Janine Hansen, and other State & National Libertarian & Constitution Party Leaders,

“I commend you for your patriotism and hard work in trying to overcome the duopoly of the 2-Party system. Your service is recognized.

“You have been a leader in the movement to get our Country back to the original intent of our Founding Fathers. From my heart, personally, I thank you. As Chairman of the Independent American Party*, in 2012 we had two of our leaders, Robert Gorgoglione & David Hay (both in Idaho), run under the Constitution Party ticket. They did quite well, though neither was elected into office.

“I’m not writing you to talk about our Party or yours. I do, however, want to persuade you to join us in the Independent American Movement Summit, 2013, in Salt Lake City (June 29th). As you’ll see from the logo below, many circles intersect, and for years Constitutional parties and organizations have been splittered, splintered, and splattered, because we have interacted within the areas OUTSIDE of the center core. These are areas where we disagree. However, we want our main focus to be INSIDE these circles, or the areas in which we agree! The Independent American Movement IS this area, and we MUST come together to overcome the stranglehold of the duopoly dependency.

“The week after this summit, Glenn Beck will be in Salt Lake City, and we are in contact with his inner circle. The strong indication is that if the Libertarian Party, the Constitution Party, the Tea Party of Utah and the Independent American Party, minimally, can all come together, Glenn will cover our Summit, and make a big deal about it in the media.

“So the question is will you, and up to 10 of your most influential national leaders, make arrangements to come to the summit? I sincerely hope you will consider this, for the sake of America and her children.

“Although it is the tip of the iceberg on the “Process” of the Independent American Movement, we DO have a website. I invite you to look it over. When we generate a certain amount of interest in the movement, we will unveil the full process, which is a FAIR and EQUAL selection process to elect people into office from “We the People,” NOT depending on the two-party system. The philosophy of the Movement is that it doesn’t matter which Constitutionally-based 3rd party the selection process runs under, but the object is to get them elected, instead of electing those from the duopoly.

“Can I count on you attending the summit? An agenda, hotel sponsorship, and other information will be forthcoming. You will be a key party in attendance, and I urge your consideration.

“Independence now, and Independence forever! I look forward to your reply.”

Kelly Gneiting

Committee Member, Independent American Movement

The above was taken from Cody Quirk’s blog, Independent and Third Party News and Views (ITPNV)

6 thoughts on “National Independent American Party Chairman invites the Constitution Party and others to ‘IAM Summit’

  1. Kleptocracy And You

    @2 Enjoy your youth. The years get much shorter (quicker) the older you become !

    This is an idea which could be a positive move. I’m not a fan of Glenn Beck and his national media exposure is much less than it was when he was at the larger stations. Some say any (positive) media is GOOD media, so maybe it won’t hurt! The trick will be to home in on the 4 to 5 (?) items you can agree upon and not have a meltdown on the ones in which you disagree! Those items you agree upon needs to be known BEFORE you get there and keep ALL others off the table. If not it could cause more trouble than there is now!!!

    “Wealth comes from successful individual efforts to please one’s fellow man… that’s what competition is all about:
    “outpleasing” your competitors to win over the consumers.”
    – Walter Williams, ALL IT TAKES IS GUTS

  2. Deran

    Like with the socialist Left in the United States, it does seem a prime historical time for the non-fascist US far Right to make a break out, and some sort of united front of constitutionalist seems essential.

    I know there is similar talk among the US far Left; create a united front organization of socialists.

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