Update on 2013 NYC Mayoral Race

IPR has received information that Carl Person has sought and received the endorsement of the Reform Party for Mayor of NYC in 2013. Person, who sought the Libertarian Presidential nomination in 2012 and was the Libertarian nominee for New York State Attorney General in 2010, allegedly sent the following proposed press release to the Reform Party:



Bill Merrell, NYS Chairperson,
631-563-7720, nyeducator@optonline.net

Julian Panachyd, Campaign Manager
212-307-4444, jul10@verizon.net

Bohemia, New York, March 22, 2013 –

Bill Merrell, Chairperson of the Reform Party of New York, announced today that “Carl
Person is the Reform Party candidate for Mayor of New York City.”

“Person is the candidate offering the best program for economic reform,” according to
Chairperson Merrell, “because Person’s proposals are directed to expanding small business, which is the nation’s only source of net new jobs.”

“Jobs is the main issue among voters, and our candidate has outlined the educational
reform that is needed to create full employment,” Merrell went on to explain.

Carl Person is a graduate of Long Island University and Harvard Law School, and is a
founder of the paralegal field, and owned and operated a career school for 18 years. He is
active in defending against home foreclosures and throughout the United States.

In 2010, Person ran for New York State Attorney General as the Libertarian
Party nominee and came in third, receiving more votes that received by any of the
Libertarian Gubernatorial, U.S. Senator and Attorney General candidates during all
prior elections (with one exception, in 1992). [Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/
Libertarian_Party_of_New_York ]

Person is a high-school dropout, and has been a small businessperson starting at age 9,
owning and operating a newspaper route in North Platte, Nebraska.

“Full employment can be created,” according to Person, “by training all high school
students in their final year of high school in 100 different Internet- and computer-related disciplines, and showing them how to obtain help from an expert if they can’t solve the problem themselves.”

This training is not “blue collar”. It is “gold collar”, and what this country needs to
have small business re-create manufacturing in the U.S., to expand farming and agriculture, and to develop and market new and improved products and services, to create prosperity for Americans and a reduction in dependence upon government.

A corresponding adult education program would teach the same curriculum during
evenings and weekends.

Upon completion of this program, high school graduates and adults could obtain
employment anywhere in the United States as the information technology assistant to an
owner of one of the 27,500,000 self employed individuals, small businesses or professional firms (or churches or small government agencies) in the United States, at weekly salaries ranging from $1,000 to $2,500, according to Person.

Volunteers and contributors are urgently needed to be able to implement these needed
economic and educational reforms, including the gathering of petitions to put Person and the other Reform Party candidates on the ballot for the November 5, 2013 elections.

Person was, at least as of last month, describing himself as a Libertarian candidate (for example see here).

LPNY Chair Mark Axinn commented (via email):

New York Election Law prohibits the same candidate from appearing on the lines of two independent bodies.

We are currently challenging that statute in US District Court in the Credico case; I am one of the named plaintiffs therein.

Summary judgment motions have been argued and submitted; we are awaiting a decision.

As far as the upcoming Mayoral race, the LP has not yet endorsed anyone.

Meanwhile, the Queens LP has endorsed Kristin Davis:


This Saturday, January 12, 2013, in a unanimous vote at their convention, the Queens Libertarian Party Endorsed Ex-Madam, Kristin Davis, as their candidate for Mayor of NYC in 21013.

Kristin Davis, the former Manhattan Madam, who supplied prostitutes for Eliot Spitzer, was convicted for promoting prostitution and served four months on Riker’s Island. Since her arrest and motivated by the inequities in our criminal justice system, Davis has become one of New York City’s most vocal Libertarian activists and ran for Governor in 2010 on a Libertarian platform of decriminalizing marijuana, marriage equality and legalizing casino gambling.

The Queens Libertarian Party is the largest Libertarian group in the state and their early endorsement of Davis sets the tone for her to become the official Libertarian Party Candidate in the 2013 NYC Mayoral Race.

Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Gary Johnson won over 42,000 votes in New York State last year. Davis is expected to announce her candidacy in early 2013 and will file for campaign matching funds under the city’s campaign finance system. Davis opposes the NYPD Stop and Frisk program, supports legalizing marijuana, opposes the restriction on soft drinks to 16oz and favors casino gambling in NYC over upstate.

Although the release capitalizes Libertarian in

…ran for Governor in 2010 on a Libertarian platform…

Davis was actually the candidate of the Anti-Prohibition Party. The Libertarian nominee was Warren Redlich, who now owns IPR. Redlich has sued Davis and her campaign manager Roger Stone (among others) for flyers that described him as a sexual predator and warned neighbors to keep their children away from him and call the police if they saw him. Davis had also threatened to sue Redlich for allegedly calling her a whore, but didn’t sue. UPDATE: Redlich says the statute of limitations has run out on that.

The Queens County, New York LP is run by allies of Dr. Tom Stevens, the controversial Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania chairman, Objectivist Party founder and two time presidential nominee, and former Vice Chair of the Boston Tea Party. Dr. Stevens was also Carl Person’s original campaign manager when Person ran for president, but was fired by Person.

In a prior IPR comment on February 28, Marx Axinn wrote

Kristin Davis is the front-runner to get the nomination for NYC Mayor, but as the nominating convention is not for another six weeks, someone new may come into the picture. If she is the LP nominee, or if she is not and runs as an independent such as she did in 2010 for Governor as the candidate of the the Anti-Prohibition Party (APP), any sentient being knows that Roger Stone will act as an advisor behind the scenes as he did for her in 2010.

Her closest opposition for NYC Mayor nomination was from Randy Credico, LP and APP candidate for Senate in 2010 against Chuckles Schumer, but Randy now is only going to seek the Democratic nomination and not the LP.

See also: Big and Small L Libertarians Contemplating Runs for Mayor of NYC

36 thoughts on “Update on 2013 NYC Mayoral Race

  1. Warren Redlich

    “Davis has also threatened to sue Redlich for allegedly calling her a whore.”

    This was an empty threat when it was made and the statute of limitations has run.

  2. Queen of Queens

    I wonder if he will have a bestiality plank in his platform? And if Tom Stevens will be involved with his campaign?

  3. The The Queens-Philly Zoo Connection

    The Queens Zoo Caucus and its liberty lion is firm behind Kristin Davis.

    Carl Person is a traitor to Zoo Pride. He should have withdrawn and endorsed Haji Sam Sloan instead of splitting the Zoo vote in two.

  4. Krzysztof Lesiak

    I think Davis is a joke, nominating her would not be a good idea. Person obviously isn’t great either considering he actually defended his campaign manager’s pro-bestiality statements before eventually firing him and repudiating them.

  5. paulie Post author

    Does Person concur that he can’t be the LP candidate if he is the Reform Party candidate, or does he dispute this?

    I don’t think Kristin Davis is a joke. She has a compelling personal story, has been successful in more than one type of business, has been the victim of government oppression, knows how to get media attention, and emphasizes compelling issues.

    Unfortunately, she also has a history of being spectacularly wrong about the so-called “ground zero mosque” which is neither, putting her on the side of opposing religious freedom and property rights. Despite the obvious intelligence indicated by her accomplishments in business, she sometimes comes off as ditzy.

    Her attention-grabbing use of her appearance makes her stand out from the herd of conformist politicians, but it also reinforces stereotypes. Her use of shady political consultant Roger Stone may indicate bad things about her ethics, but he’s very good at what he does, or at least used to be. His real objective might be to increase the chances of the Republicans to win, but so what?

    Davis is probably better suited to run for Mayor than Governor. The gubernatorial run did build some political name recognition for her. Her style is more suited to the city than to upstate, and since she lives there she can campaign there more effectively, with more convenient access to in person events and in studio media interviews.

    LPNY may be making a bargain with the devil in running her after her role in denying them ballot status in 2010 and her vendetta with Warren, but it may be one that makes sense for them tactically…as long as they can count on Stone and Davis not to double cross them in some way, and I’m not sure whether they can or should.

    Regardless of whether it turns out to be a good thing or a bad thing, it looks like it’s going to happen. It has the potential, at least, to be very good or very bad. Either way, I don’t think she’s a joke. She seems to me to be someone who can be very effective. Maybe she likes to come off as something of a joke to catch people off guard better?

  6. Q2Q

    From my understanding, Carl Person is still a bit miffed about Davis getting preferential treatment for the Mayoral nomination and Johnson getting preferential treatment for the Presidential nomination. Plus, I heard a rumor he may seek the Reform Party Presidential nomination.

  7. Ray Beez

    @7-8 Did you miss this part of the article?

    “LPNY Chair Mark Axinn commented (via email):

    New York Election Law prohibits the same candidate from appearing on the lines of two independent bodies.

    We are currently challenging that statute in US District Court in the Credico case; I am one of the named plaintiffs therein.

    Summary judgment motions have been argued and submitted; we are awaiting a decision.

    As far as the upcoming Mayoral race, the LP has not yet endorsed anyone.”

  8. Ray Beez


    “I heard a rumor he may seek the Reform Party Presidential nomination.”

    It’s a bit more than a rumor when he’s drafting press releases saying he accepted it, or did that not actually get forwarded from his email address?

  9. Mark Axinn

    New York has fusion only among parties (i.e., those entities which obtained at least 50,000 votes for Governor), but independent bodies do not have fusion rights. As previously noted, Randy Credico, I and others are challenging that statute on constitutional grounds.

    Both the LP and the Reform Party are independent bodies in New York. Carl Person cannot be on the ballot as the nominee of both unless the statute is overturned.

    Of course, that would pre-suppose that he receives the LP nomination.

    The City nominating Convention is April 9. To my knowledge, Carl Person and Kristin Davis are seeking the LP nomination.

  10. Ray Beez

    Is it a fact that he has accepted the Reform Party nomination? Is he aware that he can’t run for both? If he is not aware of that, does he still want the Reform Party label or is he going to try to get the LP label first? When does the Reform Party decide its nominee, or have they already decided?

  11. Steven Berson

    I think based on the platform that Carl Person put forth when he was seeking the LP’s 2012 Presidential nomination and in this press release that he is much more suited to the “pragmatic centrist” environment of the Reform Party than he is with the LP – as to me he seems to advocate for government initiated programs way more than libertarians usually would ever tolerate. Beyond that – while I find him to be intelligent when speaking directly with him I have find that his public presentation is very low on a general charisma level and have a feeling his candidacy would ultimately generate little enthusiasm or interest among the general public – and also would not necessarily effectively communicate libertarian principles either.

    As far as Kristin Davis goes – while I find her very affable in person – and while she is able to get some small modicum of media attention via her semi-notoriety – I think for the vast majority of voters have her already pigeon holed in their minds to a place where they will not really ever take her seriously. And while I do greatly appreciate her anti-prohibition activism, her public statements against the building of so called “Ground Zero Mosque” in the 2010 NY Governors race I also found to be very anti-libertarian.

    I sincerely hope other potential choices for NYC’s LP members to nominate for Mayor that would be able to communicate libertarian ideals and solutions effectively to the widest range of NYC’s voters – that would not come with what to myself is “baggage” that both Person and Davis have – would make themselves known soon.

  12. Ray Beez

    Unfortunately there probably won’t be any more candidates for the LP, the nominations are in just over two weeks (April 9).

    Most voters may have Kristin Davis pigeonholed, but most voters won’t vote LP no matter what, and if she can get more attention than the typical LP candidate maybe she can get more votes too from the minority that won’t hold her past or her style against her (and may even find it to be a good thing).

  13. Steven Berson

    Ray – not to be mean about either candidate – but I’d say it’s very possible either Davis or Person would actually turn off a good percentage from considering to vote Libertarian in future elections as well – so extra attention to either might actually effect the NYC LP negatively rather than positively. If those are the only two choices I personally might lean towards “NOTA”.

  14. Steven Berson

    The one person I can think of that I would want to draft for the LP’s 2013 NYC Mayoral candidate would be Rob Powers!! But I have a feeling he wouldn’t be at all interested in doing the run…

  15. ProFunk

    I think Rob Power lives in PA last time I checked. I could be wrong, he does move around.

    It’s true that Davis will probably turn off some voters from voting LP in the future, but she’ll bring in some others that would never know about LP or consider it otherwise. Many of the people she would turn off the most would never vote LP no matter what anyway. Not all of them, but no candidate is perfect. The LP has run many candidates, and many of them upset some people, but many other people forget, forgive, don’t care or actually like what upsets someone else.

    The LP can survive a Davis run, whether it turns out to be a good thing on balance or not. It would survive a Person run too, but it looks like it will be Davis, for better or for worse.

  16. Steven Berson

    ProFunk – did Rob move? I haven’t spoken to him since the LP National Convention in Las Vegas but he was living in NYC at that time.

    Anyway – I agree with you that the LP will indeed “survive” a Davis run. I just don’t know whether it would thrive as much as it should – especially because I think in current circumstances implementing some libertarian solutions could be easily demonstrated to be in the best interests of pretty much every New Yorker if the advocacy of these were put in the hands of someone who was an articulate and eloquent public speaker.

  17. Ray Beez

    The question is will it thrive as much as if there is no mayoral candidate? I think it will thrive more with Davis than with no candidate. Yes some people will be driven away, but many will hear something they like from the LP for the first time. Either way, most people will still not seriously consider the LP no matter who if anyone they run this year.

  18. Steven Berson

    Ray – you’re right – NOTA is indeed likely not the best way to go by any means. I still hope a decent third choice will throw their hat in the NY LP’s ring prior to the Convention vote though.

  19. Ray Beez

    Well, it’s getting kinda late.

    Maybe Sundwall should be convinced to take his jokes about coming down the Hudson and campaigning for mayor from a tent in the City more seriously?

  20. Ray Beez

    He’s not interested. He’s only going for the Democratic nomination now that fusion has been ruled out for the LP and other non-recognized parties. In the meantime there’s a lawsuit about that, but it won’t get settled fast enough for this nomination.

  21. Eric Sundwall

    @22 – My thought was to not live in Gracie Mansion if elected. I would never run a campaign from a tent.

    That being said, I would be hard pressed to run for any elective office again. It takes too much time, effort and toll on what is otherwise my free and prosperous life upstate.

    Even a huge campaign war chest, guaranteed media and polling that exceeded 20% wouldn’t prompt or tempt me to run for anything.

    I’m a happy bumpkin anarchist now and forever . . . happy to collect sigs when the occasion arises though.

  22. ProFunk

    Actually it is Brian Miller, not Rob Power, who’s in Philly. Rob Power would be great, but I’m going to guess that much like Eric Sundwall he has thought about it and doesn’t want to spend all that time and effort. Most people are busy with careers, families, relationships, friendships and hobbies – a quixotic run for office is not an easy thing to get someone to do. So as imperfect as the candidates may be, they are what they are, and with two weeks left it is unlikely anyone else will jump in.

  23. Steven Berson

    fwiw – Rob Power just answered my email and said he was way too busy these days to run for a high profile office such as this – kind of what I expected. oh well! – again I do hope a third more viable option will pop up in the next two weeks – but my hopes for this happening are indeed very low.

  24. Mark Axinn

    Rob (not Ron) Power lives in Manhattan and is a very generous member and supporter of the LPNY and Manhattan LP.

    I am deeply grateful to Rob for all his support since he moved here from California a couple of years ago.

    I understand that he has extremely limited time and is unlikely to be a candidate for public office at this time.

  25. paulie Post author


    Do you anticipate any realistic chance of additional candidates who may have a real chance at the nomination? I am going to guess no but I may as well ask.

  26. Our Opponents Are Nuts

    Must be read to be believed…or not.


    I quote from the article

    Conservapedia takes that ignorant liberal, Albert Einstein down a few pegs………..

    Under the heading E=mc², we find the following:

    E=mc² is Einstein’s famous formula which asserts that the energy (E) which makes up the matter in any body is equal to the square of the speed of light (c²) times the mass (m) of that body. It is a statement that purports to relate all matter to energy. In fact, no theory has successfully unified the laws governing mass (i.e., gravity) with the laws governing light (i.e., electromagnetism), and numerous attempts to derive E=mc² in general from first principles have failed. Political pressure, however, has since made it impossible for anyone pursuing an academic career in science to even question the validity of this nonsensical equation. Simply put, E=mc² is liberal claptrap.

  27. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Re: 27

    I guess you got what you wished for. Joe Lhota popped up and he is arguably more viable.

  28. Mark Jones

    Too bad he is not even close to libertarian. Thankfully he has been replaced.

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