Don Grundmann Writes Letter To CP Members and Leaders About CCTUC

Subject: a letter from Don Grundmann, Founder, California Constitution Party

Tuesday 4-30-13
Re : The ” Clarion Call to Unite Committee ” ( CCTUC )
Dear State Chairmen and all Constitution Party supporters and members -I write this hopefully short letter to you with the knowledge that you, as I, have a tremendously busy schedule but I feel that the issue which I shall discuss needs to be brought to your attention and consideration relevant to both current and, especially, future developments within the party.As important background information on which to frame my following comments, for those of you who are not fully acquainted with events regarding the former Constitution Party California affiliate, the American Independent Party, I have previously written a description of the attack upon the AIP which may be found at  Here you will find a basic outline of the events and a report of the attack upon the AIP inclusive of both the crime which was committed to achieve its destruction and the criminals who committed the crime.As a quick synopsis of those events, moles, persons working as agents for other forces, within the American Independent Party succeeded in filing fake documents with the California Secretary of State to break the AIP away from the CP.  These moles, specifically Mark Robinson and Mark Seidenberg; working in conjunction with Ed Noonan, the handpicked ( by Bill Shearer ) Chairman of the AIP who chose to betray it to those ” other forces;” committed the crime of fraud – the construction of fake documents and the filing of them with the state to accomplish the crime of theft – with the specific and declared ( by Robinson ) aim of destroying the CP by breaking away its biggest component of the AIP.

As an extremely important point – Robinson and Seidenberg were not working for themselves.  While Noonan has since had a falling out with his fellow traitors and has seen, and proclaimed, that Robinson is and was in fact an agent of the Republican Party the conspiracy against the CP was in fact orchestrated by additional powers beyond just the Republican Party; most specifically I claim that an alliance was formed between the Southern Poverty Law Center ( SPLC ), the Anti-Defamation League ( ADL ), and the Republican Party for the destruction of the CP.  These collective elements, who appear on the surface to be quite separate, were operating on the principle of ” the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”  This in addition to the fact that elements of the Republican Party, specifically its ” moderate ” branch, are actually not that far away in their belief system from those of the SPLC and ADL; here having an alliance against the Christian foundations of our nation and the expression of those principles within our modern culture and society.

The nexus/intersection of this alliance was Mark Seidenberg; the ” bag man ” of the operation who brought together the elements and organizations of the conspiracy noted above along with fellow agents/conspirators/assassins Alan Keyes and his lieutenant Tom Hoefling.  These individuals/conservative movement moles are/were all part of the visible assassins bullet which was fired by their unseen controllers and coordinators who provided the money for the operation; starting with any and all lawyers ( other fake conservatives/moles within the movement ) needed; such as Gary Kreep of the ultra corrupt United States Justice Foundation and James Lacy, an attorney at the highest levels of the Republican Party; to succeed in covering up for their crime of fraud.The most immediate result of their attack was that Chuck Baldwin, our 2008 Presidential candidate, was driven off of the ballot and replaced by Alan Keyes, the most visible/well known representative of the conspiracy to destroy the CP.  The continuing result is that the AIP is under control of what I refer to as the ” Robinson Crime Syndicate;” the criminal organization which committed the crime that allowed them to seize control of the party.Additional results?  All of the work of Bill Shearer – the Founder of the AIP –  is gone.  For while the ( now ) criminal AIP pretends to be a christian or conservative party via its website it is in fact controlled by forces/persons ( Robinson and Seidenberg ) who have spitting contempt for all of the principles of the CP and of our nation itself; inclusive of their being totally pro-war, pro-UN, pro-homosexual marriage, pro-abortion, etc.; i.e.; the exact opposite of the original AIP.  They have even installed a sock-puppet ” Chairman,” a Baptist minister named Wiley Drake, to enhance their surface/fake appearance/cover story of being conservative/Christian.  The current REAL purpose of the AIP is to draw unwitting, unknowledgeable, and well meaning conservatives/Constitutionalists away from a true fighting party such as the CP and into a ” dead end ” of wasting their money and time on an organization that has not only no intention of fighting the evil attacking our nation but is in fact totally supportive of those forces working actively toward the demise of our Republic.  Those drawn into the AIP spider web will hence waste their energies and become discouraged in the battle while a true fighting party such as the CP is denied such energies in the battle – the exact result which is expected and desired by Robinson, Seidenberg and their controllers.Additionally, as part of the continuing attacks ( plus others noted below ) against our party by Robinson and Seidenberg, our most recent Presidential candidate, Congressman Virgil Goode, was ostensibly invited to a Sacramento, California ” convention ” of the AIP to possibly receive his placement upon the Presidential ballot line of the AIP on the November ballot.  As can be confirmed by numerous sources, Congressman Goode was denied such placement and treated extremely poorly and contemptuously in the process.

This treatment was predicted by myself beforehand as I knew that Robinson and Seidenberg never had the slightest intention of placing Virgil on the California ballot.  Rather Virgil was invited and strung along for months to serve the REAL purpose of such invitation : that Robinson could personally turn a thumbs down – just like Caesar at the Roman games – and hence have his ” kingship/rulership ” acknowledged; i.e.; that his monstrous ego could be fulfilled by having the pleasure of personally seeing even more fruits of his criminality, both literal and moral, via the destruction of the CP; here being his personal face-to-face dismissal of Congressman Goode.

Which brings us to the so-called ” Clarion Call To Unite Committee ”  ( CCTUC ) led by Mr. Cody Quirk.

Mr. Quirk is actually negotiating with Robinson and Seidenberg, via his ” CCTUC,” to gain an alliance with them as an attempt to place the CP Presidential candidate of 2016 placed upon their presidential ballot line; the line which they stole from the CP by the literal crime of fraud.

Question – Can a criminal organization which performed a criminal act of deliberately filing false documents with the California Secretary of State office to attain control of the AIP, and this for their stated purpose of destroying the national CP, be expected to honor ANY agreement with the CP to place its candidate upon their controlled ballot line?

Question – Can a criminal organization which openly bragged ( via Robinson ) of its plan to drown the CP in lawyers fees if it attempted to stop their criminal seizure of the AIP be trusted in any possible way to aid the CP in any possible way?

Question – Can a criminal organization which has already literally stolen the ballot from one CP Presidential candidate, Chuck Baldwin, and deliberately contemptuously treated the following Presidential candidate of the CP, Congressman Goode ( and this when the Congressman Goode would have been on many more state ballots than their eventual choice of Tom Hoefling – a fellow Alan Keyes lackey/lieutenant of the conspiracy ), be expected to do anything differently in the future when THEIR ENTIRE FOCUS ALL ALONG HAS BEEN TO DESTROY THE CP IN SERVICE TO THEIR CONTROLLERS?

An additional question-

Is Mr. Quirk doing, via the CCTUC ( or actually ANY other way ), one thing – JUST ONE – to help the California Constitution Party become ballot qualified; a process which needs roughly 110,000 registered voters in the party to attain recognized ballot status; and hence to overturn/overcome the outright evil criminality which has attacked the CP and the AIP?

Answer – No; and extremely emphatically so.  In fact ( and this is largely a motivation for this letter to you now ) Mr. Quirk has not only been continually attacking the California Constitution Party but has provided, and continues to do so, extremely great comfort and aid ( this cannot be too highly emphasized ) to the greatest traitors/moles/literal criminals within the history of the national Constitution Party – Mark Robinson and Mark Seidenberg.

Rather than working, in ANY possible way, to aid the California CP in achieving its goal of reaching ballot recognition status within the state Mr. Quirk has extremely diligently, and in multiple ways and forums and via multiple methods, attacked the work of the party in the state and has worked to aid and be in alliance with the criminal organization which controls the AIP in its own attacks against the California CP.

Hence I write this letter to –


A) Give a battlefield background to you regarding the current condition of the California CP and why it is at its current status.


B) Give a greater clarity to claimed attempts by the CCTUC to unite constitutional forces regarding the coming 2016 elections.


C) Expose the actions of Mr. Quirk in attacking the California CP.

While the collection of such attacks in beyond the scope of this letter the bottom line relevant to our current moment is that I; as the Founder of the Constitution Party of California, and the last legally elected Chairman of the AIP, in the effort to replace the now criminal AIP and to continue and expand its work both for California and in support of the development and work of the national Constitution Party ( and the work and legacy of Bill Shearer ), declare that Mr. Cody Quirk is in fact an active enemy of the California Constitution Party and is actively working for its demise, this in alliance with the greatest enemies of both the state and national CP.   I will work with all California CP members to counter his continuing malevolent attacks against the party, inclusive of damage via the Internet, and will see that neither he, nor his colleagues, will be allowed to ever attend any CP functions in California; i.e.; he and/or they will be recognized as active enemies of the party and will be thrown out of any such event.

My fellow Constitutionalists – with recognition of my own limitations in building the party in California, it is a difficult task to resurrect the party with virtually countless forces attacking it.  It becomes even more difficult when persons claiming to be Constitution Party supporters, as with Robinson and Seidenberg before them, turn and attack those who had casually presumed their support, and this not only for their own glorification but especially to be in service to the most deadly enemies of the party and its principles; persons and organizations who and which totally despise all that the CP and its founders have ever worked for and/or stood for.

Hence while the recent Baltimore national committee meeting vote thankfully addressed the CCTUC by rejecting any alliance with it, an action which has NOT stopped the forces behind it, I write now to alert you that the forces which have so monstrously hurt the CP are not satisfied with their results.  To this day they continue to work to destroy the 3rd party conservative/constitutional movement so well represented by the CP.  They have simply shifted their focus to actions inclusive of working through a ” Trojan Horse ” such as the CCTUC, actively attacking ( through remaining agents within our party such as Mr. Quirk ) our California party so that the evil of their literally criminal acts is not reversed, and multiple other methods.

It was in their original actions of treason and literal criminality against the party, always in service to their unseen controllers, that Robinson and Seidenberg were so successful in harming/hurting the work of our party Founder, Howard Phillips – the work which they were and are dedicated to destroying.  Their controllers had seen the great potential of the CP to derail so many of their monstrous plans against our nation inclusive of ushering it into a ” New World Order ” under the eternal boot of the United Nations.  They saw the CP approaching ” breakout status ” where it could have overtaken the Republican Party and become its replacement in the national political arena.  Hence they dispatched Robinson and Seidenberg ( both foaming-at-the-mouth UN supporters ) to be agents/moles within the party who silently waited for the time when they could ” by hook or by crook ” destroy the CP.  They, as an assassination team ( a ” hit squad ” ), were dispatched, along with Alan Keyes and Tom Hoefling, to strangle the CP baby in the cradle.

The continuance of the work of Seidenberg and Robinson to destroy the CP, always in service to their actual controllers, comes through the continuing Robinson Crime Syndicate controlled AIP on the outside of the CP and actions such as those of Mr. Quirk inside to betray and backstab those working for the resurrection of the party to its previous success and then beyond to its greatest yet unachieved heights.

Mr. Quirk has written of ” retaliation ” against the national party for their Baltimore vote against the CCTUC.  You can be assured that he will continue to attack the California CP, and do all that he and his allies can to harm it, in conjunction with the Robinson Crime Syndicate and its allies/controllers; an attempt to gain their favor by attacking their greatest enemy in addition to gaining personal satisfaction from the attack.  You may address the gentleman as you wish but here in California we shall, due to his own actions, confront him and his proposed organization as an active, direct, and deadly enemy of both our state party and of the national party who, despite any cover statements to the contrary, is working in complete alliance with its greatest enemies to ensure its demise.

This letter has been written to inform you of current events which are a continuance of past attacks against the CP and which can have great, and possibly very negative, effects upon the party in the days ahead, both collectively and possibly in different state parties than in California.  Although the core of the battle is here you can be assured that Seidenberg, Robinson, and their controllers are diligently working throughout the nation to kill the CP in any way possible.
The California Constitution Party hence asks for your prayers regarding our fight against the alliance of forces opposed to us as we shall also have you in our prayers in regard to your own battles against such forces.
Closing points –
A) Mr. Quirk has worked diligently to spread the idea that there is dissention within the California CP.  This is a lie.  Yet it has been of extremely great and incalculable aid to the Robinson Crime Syndicate, both as a moral booster for them ( as I am their greatest enemy ) and as a weapon which they are wielding to attack the California CP.
B) Seidenberg has just written of approaching the California Secretary of State to have me placed ” on trial.”  This development, as part of the continuing attempts of Seidenberg to attack the national CP via his attack on the California CP, would not have occurred without the aid and assistance of Mr. Quirk ( such as noted in A) above and in many other instances ) which he has given to Seidenberg via his attacks on and against the California CP and myself.
C) I have traveled almost the length of the state, from Yreka in the north to Los Angeles in the south and all points in between inclusive of Sacramento on April 15th ( a photo of which will soon be found at the California CP website ) in promoting the Constitution Party and its values.  Those values include defense of traditional marriage and total opposition to homosexual marriage; the legalization of such being a catastrophic and cultural, societal, and national shattering event should it occur.
Mr. Quirk has initiated his attack against the California CP and myself not only for my being the greatest enemy and exposer of the Robinson Crime Syndicate and its literal criminality in attacking the AIP but additionally in retaliation for my defense of traditional marriage and total opposition to, and attack against, those who support homosexual marriage.
This is hence also the beginning stage discussion/confrontation of a great philosophical/moral question for the party and especially its future – how will we address homosexual marriage?  Will the CP come to accept ” marriage equality ” even if such ” acceptance ” consists of ” sitting on our hands ” in non-opposition to its implementation lest our ” image ” be harmed; i.e.; what will people think?  The possibility of such an event occurring is not as far off or out of the realm of possibility as you may wish to believe as there are elements in the party, specifically Mr. Quirk and his associates within the CCTUC, who are actively, despite any and all of their surface protestations to the contrary, heading down just such paths, one of which includes an alliance with the SPLC/ADL/Republican ” moderate ” controlled AIP.
For while the CCTUC may have true conservative/Christian/constitutional elements within smaller parties in their so called ” discussions ” such persons are pawns of those playing a bigger game; i.e.; the real intent is to bring the philosophical/moral ( anti-Christian ) views of Robinson, Seidenberg, and especially their SPLC/ADL/Republican ” moderate ” controllers, within the CP – camels nose at first with the whole camel to follow.  Such views are the total opposite of the founding vision of both our nation and the CP itself.  But that is the whole point – their intent is to destroy the CP via their criminal actions in California and then to make us beg, grovel, and accept their alien philosophy as our own ( in addition to totally ignoring their moral and literal criminality inclusive of their destruction of the work of Howard Phillips and Bill Shearer, both of whom they hold in total contempt ) before we would receive their approval and ” blessing;” i.e.; they, as our rulers and masters, will allow us to touch the hem of their garments.  Hence the smaller parties who may be closer to our own values are simply window dressing to disguise the poison which we shall be told that we must drink.
The SPLC, ADL, and Republican ” moderate ” forces which control the AIP are completely behind the drive to legalize homosexual marriage; this in addition to their being the greatest force behind promoting homosexuality via the public school system – inclusive ( and especially ) of kindergarten as I have documented at  Seidenberg and Robinson, in allegiance to and alliance with their controllers, also completely support its legalization.  Mr. Quirk, being their friend and the open enemy of the California CP, is a representative and defender of those who believe in ” marriage equality;” i.e.; homosexual marriage.  This despite any of the monstrous consequences for our nation if such marriage is legalized; events which I have documented at  It was my defense of traditional marriage and especially of the countless children who will be horrifically harmed and shattered by such a victory of what I refer to as the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement that brought Mr. Quirk out into the open to attack myself and the California CP.
There are hence many motivated forces, with unlimited money and great power, behind the attack upon both the California and the national CP as we; because of the foresight, leadership, and courage of Howard Phillips; are the last political party that – for now and in fact ( as compared to the Republican Party ) – completely opposes homosexual marriage.  This is yet another reason that our party has been and still is in the gun sights of those forces working for the demise of our nation.
Hence the party will be asked to choose – shall we work together to build California or shall we grovel to the greatest enemies of the CP, inclusive of those who are dedicated to destroying the work of Howard Phillips and Bill Shearer, so that we may gain their favor/blessings?
The Enemy of God will croon to us via his demons on earth – All this ( California Presidential ballot line access ) will I give to you if you will bow down and worship me.
Will we then make a literal deal with the Devil?  Will we call ourselves ” pragmatic ” or ” open-minded ” as we cuddle up to our deadliest enemies and seek their demonic blessings and favor upon us?  The same people who conducted a horrific and utterly monstrous attack ( spreading the most horrific and demonic lies about her throughout the state ) against Chelene Nightengale, our REAL non-corruption faction of the AIP candidate for Governor in 2010?  The same people who rigged their 2010 ” convention ” so that their criminality would not be legally stopped by voting party members?
I was shocked ( only somewhat ) to learn that Mr. Quirk has been in previous negotiations with the demonic monsters Seidenberg and Robinson well before our current time and roughly when they were planning their attack against Chelene.  Are we as a party willing, as Mr. Quirk is, to sell our soul to the devil so that we may gain Presidential ballot line access in California?
If we are indeed a party with Christian foundations shouldn’t we instead look to The Creator of the Universe for the answer to our problems instead of His sworn enemy?
My fellow Constitutionalists, you may do as you wish but for myself I will NEVER bend my knee to either The Enemy of God NOR his earthly demons.  I will never negotiate with Hell.
And you can be assured – you will never find my knife in your back.  While I have several in mine; via Misters Seidenberg, Robinson, and Quirk to name a few; I will continue fighting the war in this part of our nation.
I write this letter to, among many other things, alert you to the knife which shall be put in our collective back if we ever decide to make a deal with the Devil and agree to any idea such as the CCTUC.
While Presidential ballot line access in California may be difficult it is NOT impossible.  Bill Shearer did it once so obviously it CAN be done again.  But to achieve it we MUST decide who our ” corner man ” in the fight will be.
Will it be The Enemy of God who sings his demonic sirens ” Come Hither ” song through his earthly demons?
Or will we rely on the blessings, guidance, and Grace of our Creator to solve our problem when we acknowledge that only HE can do so?
My friends – it is a clear choice.  As The Creator has informed us – we cannot serve 2 masters.  We MUST choose.
I hence urge you to totally and completely reject ANY negotiations, alliance, or any combination of such with the Robinson Crime Syndicate, the representatives of the greatest enemies of the CP ( and indeed the entire nation ) in its entire history.
Let us put our faith, reliance, and trust in our Creator that He may bring us a solution; a solution that may be used to bring all glory and honor to Him – something our enemies will never do.
I invite your comments regarding this letter.  I may be contacted or at my cell phone of 510-7600968.
Please consider this writing as an ” open letter ” which may be disseminated as you wish.
May God bless us in our alliance to save this wonderful nation.
Don J. Grundmann, D.C.  Founder and 1st Chairman of the Constitution Party of California
P.S. – In 2010 Chelene Nightengale ran for Governor of California as an AIP candidate.  She was part of an entire slate of candidates of the REAL AIP; the Bill Shearer faction of the party that was fighting the corruption of the Robinson Crime Syndicate which had seized control of the party by filing fake documents as I have reported  Our plan was to have enough voters on our side at the AIP convention of 2010 that we would legally vote out the Robinson Crime Syndicate.
The end result was that Robinson exploited a flaw in the California election law to deny voting rights at the convention to anyone who opposed his corruption.  With the passage in the November election of that year of what was known as Proposition 14 he was able to rewrite party bylaws to permanently weld his Crime Syndicate into control of the party.
And Chelene?  She was subjected to an utterly monstrous and horrific campaign conducted against her, as winner of the AIP primary for Governor, by the ” leaders,” Robinson and Seidenberg, for whose party she was the standard bearer.
This utterly evil campaign included, but was not limited to, accusing her of – being a criminal, committing the crime of fraud, not knowing how many children that she had, having a son and husband that hated her, being a porn actress, and having sex with animals.  Seidenberg himself bragged that when Chelene had a walk of 100+ miles through the central valley of the state, from Fresno to the capital of Sacramento, in solidarity with farmers that he went ahead of her and poisoned the media against her all along the way.
Seidenberg additionally conducted a massive war over the internet against Chelene where, writing under easily over 100 false names, he day after day spread the lies which I have mentioned above against her.
And to top it off, one particular attacker of Chelene, a defender as Mr. Quirk now is of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement and who himself was a proponent of the homosexual practice known as ” fisting,” who also day after day attacked her under the direction of Robinson and Seidenberg was actually appointed to the AIP State Central Committee in recognition of and gratitude for his attack upon Chelene.
I hence ask again – Do we REALLY want to make a deal with the Devil and, in particular, these demons?




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