Libertarian Kenneth Kaplan to Run for Governor of New Jersey in 2013

This was posted May 2nd on the New Jersey Libertarian Party Facebook page:

Pleased to announce our Gubernatorial nomination, Kenneth Kaplan. A father of two grown children, Kaplan is a long time libertarian and commercial real estate broker. A graduate of Brandies University and NYU School of Law, Kaplan is president of KenKap Realty Corp, and past president of the Livingston Lions Club. He is also a member of Temple Beth Shalom in Livingston, where he serves on the board of the Men’s Club. Kaplan was admitted to the NJ Bar in 1972 and remains a member in good standing. Give it up for Ken Kaplan everyone !!

Kenneth Kaplan ran for U.S. Senate in 2012. He came in third, with 16,803 votes, or 0.5%.

12 thoughts on “Libertarian Kenneth Kaplan to Run for Governor of New Jersey in 2013

  1. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    Good luck to Ken. Given that the Tea Party guy that’s challenging Christie in the primary will assuredly lose, I really hope Ken can do well and perhaps attract conservatives disaffected with Christie.

    One a side note, perhaps it may be a good idea to quit IPR. It’s certainly not favorably enhancing my dating prospect(s).

    Ahh, who am I kidding. I’m not going to abandon IPR. If nothing else, I want to start writing original political commentary. It’ll help with school and a lot else.

    I just wish this arbitrary political involvement would somehow spell into being some sort of chick magnet. Sadly, it’s not :/

  2. Mike Koch

    Not sure if he has one for this year yet. An internet search yielded only some out of date pages from past runs for office and mentions on outside news sites, facebook, ,etc.

  3. Nick Hensley

    There are 4 big races in the year after the presidential election. You have the Governorships of New Jersey and Virginia and the Mayors of New York and LA. Winning any of those four would bring legitamacy to any third party.

  4. Maxim Gerasimov

    Well, one big problem with New Jersey is that there are not nearly enough White Christian Conservatives living there to constitute a majority, much less a reactionary-revolutionary force using special weapons and tactics to make everyone else leave the territory by force or die. A better place would be somewhere like Idaho or Montana, for example.

  5. William Saturn

    Robert Milnes has released a statement arguing that this election can be won if Kaplan replaces himself on the ballot with a Green man and finds a woman libertarian to run for Lt. Governor. However, “[g]ender reversal is possible also but not ideal.” Otherwise, Milnes says, Kaplan will be lucky to receive 1%.

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