Minutes of the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance Released

From: Aaron Starr
Date: Sun, Jun 2, 2013 at 1:42 PM
Subject: [Statechairs] Minutes of the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance
To: statechairs@lp.org


I enjoyed meeting the many high-caliber people attending this year’s annual meeting.  The general sentiment was that we had a fine, worthwhile program with great speakers – definitely worth the time and money.   Holding the event in conjunction with a state party convention provided synergy and economies of scale.

Kudos to Brett Bittner for his leadership role in making this event a success, especially noteworthy since he stepped into the role of Chairman mid-term.

Thanks to the speakers, the volunteers, and everyone else who participated.  Special recognition should go to Jeff Orrok and the rest of the Libertarian Party of Colorado for being such fine hosts.

While no real formal business per se took place, I have nonetheless prepared the attached draft minutes.  I request that attendees review this document and make me aware of any changes that are required.  Hopefully, I did not misspell anyone’s name.

We do not have a formal process for approving minutes outside of a meeting, so unless the consensus is that I am being heavy-handed for adopting this approach, I will deem these minutes as approved if no objections or corrections are received by June 16 at 12:00 PM Pacific Time, which is two weeks from now.

Thank you.


Aaron Starr, Secretary

Libertarian State Leadership Alliance


Minutes of the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance

The annual meeting of the LSLA came to order at 10:10 AM on May 18, 2013 at the  DoubleTree Hotel in Aurora, Colorado.

Chairman Brett Bittner opened the event.

Secretary Aaron Starr took attendance. The states registered in attendance were as  follows:

District of Columbia – Ryan Sabot
Georgia – Brett Bittner
Indiana – Matthew Wittlief
Iowa – Keith Laub
Michigan – Mary Buzuma
Nebraska – Benjamen Backus
New Hampshire – Richard Tomasso
New Mexico – Elisheva Levin
New York – Vicki Kirkland
North Carolina – Joseph “J.J.” Summerell
Ohio – Jillian Mack
Oregon – Timothy Reeves
South Carolina – Victor Kohler
Texas – Patrick Dixon
Wisconsin – Robert Burke

The bylaws defining quorum as a majority of those members registered, a quorum was found to be present.

In addition there were a number of guests in attendance.

No agenda for formal business was adopted.

General announcements were made concerning events scheduled at this year’s conference, the details of which are included as an appendix to these minutes.

Chairman Bittner made a request seeking applicants for the position of Treasurer, which  has been vacant for a number of weeks. The Secretary has been doing double duty, assuming the Treasurer’s functions in the interim.

Richard Tomasso gave a short presentation on alternative money produced by activists in  New Hampshire.

Without objection, the meeting adjourned at 10:38 am.

Appendix: Seminars and Workshops Presented at the 2013 LSLA Annual Meeting

Keynote Speech: Does What You’re Doing Matter? (Penn R. Pfiffner)

Winning Partisan Elections as a Libertarian (Dan Cochran)

Your Rights and the Law (David K. Williams, Jr. & Stacie Woods)

Social Media Panel

Be Dangerous (Geoffrey Neale)

The Impossibility Trap: the Biggest Barrier to Libertarian Party Progress and Success – and how to overcome it (Michael Cloud)

Public Policy and Amendment 64 – Colorado’s Approach to Ending Cannabis

Prohibition (Mark Slaugh)

Pushing for Legislative Success

Who’s Driving (Carla Howell)

The Approval Voting Tradeoff – More Visibility & Fewer Spoilers (Frank Atwood)

Back to Basics

Campaign Finance (Mike Spalding)

CRM – Why? & How to Pay for It (Rob Lapham and Nathan Kleffman)

How Ballot Access Works in Colorado (Norm Olsen)

Getting Your Message Out in the Media

Volunteer Engagement (Evan McMahon)

Applying Principles to Politics (Richard Bratten)

Identifying Voters and GOTV (Evan McMahon)

A Libertarian Dozen: 14 Great Ways to Discover and Create More Libertarians (Sharon  Harris)

Leadership training of “Who’s Driving?”: Putting Libertarians in the Driver’s Seat (Carla  Howell)

Freedom in America Starts with Freeing Your Children (Larry Welshon)

Inside the TABOR ‘Blue Book’ – Crafting Pro and Con Statements on Tax and Debt

Measures (Jim Frye)

It’s a Wonderful Liberty (Sharon Harris)

Hour Money Jubilee (Wayne Walton)

Judicial Reform (Matt Arnold)

How to Simply and Easily Fundraise the First $10,000 for Your LP Campaign… from Non-Libertarians … in Just 4 Evenings – Even if You’re Shy (Michael Cloud)

Opposition Research (Sarah Arnold)

6 thoughts on “Minutes of the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance Released

  1. Wes Wagner

    I think the Reeves representing Oregon gambit has caused a large number of the state chairs to just write the LSLA off.

  2. Starchild

    I was wondering about this. I showed up Saturday evening and was told that the LSLA meeting was over and nothing got done. I’d hoped they would continue meeting Sunday, but nope.

    An annual national meeting scheduled months in advance only lasts 28 minutes, a good portion of which is apparently taken up by a presentation on alternative money? Nothing wrong with that topic, but one would think the state chairs might have had other matters to discuss, such as the proposed affiliate service-level agreement with the LNC, the messes in Oregon, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, etc. I’d also hoped they would address the matter of transparency and participation on the LSLA email list — get some rules set and keep it from being used in an arbitrary, partisan manner.

    Evidently only 15 out of 51 affiliates were registered, and of those registered no more than 14 were represented by their state chairs (probably fewer).

    These minutes say no agenda was adopted. Was any agenda even presented? What’s the point in having a quorum if you’re not going to do anything anyway?

  3. Wes Wagner

    Starchild @3

    The LSLA started on its lingering death back during the Hinkle-Starr conspiracy to setup Rachel Hawkridge to take the fall for a bad annual meeting by first sabotaging her and then spreading a disinformation campaign in order to press her out … they then stepped into the vacuum to use it as their own political chew toy.

  4. George Phillies

    Perhaps a report on the content of their treasury? They did have a Treasury, after all. Someone with a finer tooth comb may want to look up events at the 2012 NatCon, too.

  5. Sam Kress

    My understanding is that their budget is in the four figure range. I don’t have details.

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