Southeast Regional Coordinator for Robby Wells Presidential Campaign Resigns

Robby Wells is an independent candidate running in the 2016 presidential candidate. Joshua Fauver is the vice-chairman of the Clarion Call to Unite Committee (CCTUC), an organization that aims to unite and bring together all right-wing and constitutionalist third parties into a singular political force. Until today, he served as the Southeast Regional Coordinator for the Robby Wells campaign. The following is his resignation email:

From: Joshua Fauver
To: Robby Wells
Sent: Monday, July 1, 2013 12:42 AM
Subject: Resignation

Dear Mr. Wells,

It is with a heavy heart that I write to you today to inform you that I’m a resigning my post as Southeastern Regional Coordinator for your presidential campaign. A few days ago I did a “google” search of your name and scrolled for several pages looking for material to write up an article on your campaign. It was upon this search that I’ve discovered information concerning your coaching career (namely your career and resignation at SSU) that I found to be truly disturbing, which led to further investigation of the information. It was upon further investigation that I was truly disturbed.  That information, as well as your colorful history politically (running independent, for the Reform Party nomination, Constitution Party nomination, Independent, for the GOP nomination (for the “CRU” against Ron Paul no less), and again as an Independent), leads me to the conclusion that I cannot in good conscience continue to be a part of your presidential campaign. It is not that I don’t support your message, it is your character that has come into question and became an issue for me.


Joshua Fauver

36 thoughts on “Southeast Regional Coordinator for Robby Wells Presidential Campaign Resigns

  1. Han Shot First

    How does one take a job on a campaign without knowing the candidate’s history — which is well known by most involved in third party politics?

  2. Ad Hoc

    I’d have done this research before getting on board in the first place, but better late than never.

  3. Han Shot First

    @3 – I doubt even Wells’ followers consider Gingrich to be a Libertarian as your “movement” asserts.

  4. JD

    Is he talking about when Wells claimed reverse racism after being fired at Savannah State?

  5. JD

    I am a little confused about the FFFM. Is it truly honoring Fillmore or is it making fun of him like the Millard Fillmore Society? Personally he is one of my favorite presidents.

  6. Concerned Citizen

    It honors Millard Fillmore as the first third party candidate to win over 20% in a US presidential election, as the nominee of the native American Party in 1856.

    Fillmore will be the subject of Part II of my treatise to be released this month.

  7. JD

    When I click on your name it takes me to the regular Tumblr site. Is there a specific link where I might read the treatise. You know he began his political career as a third partier. He was a member of the second anti-masonic party in New York

  8. NewFederalist

    @12… he seems to drop out of everything. Not such good resume fodder!

  9. William Saturn

    Why was this made public? It just makes Fauver look bad.

    Also, unless he gave permission, Wells’ e-mail address probably should be removed.

  10. Joshua Fauver

    You mean the official campaign email that is public and listed on his website?

  11. William Saturn

    E-mail addresses should remain private and be redacted as standard practice.

  12. Agorism Project

    If it’s a personal email address. Not an email address for a political campaign (or any organization) that does not try to hide it.

    Are you new to the Internet?

  13. William Saturn

    Small campaigns and minor candidates are often covered here. It makes no difference who I e-mail or receive an e-mail from, I will not release anyone’s e-mail address without permission. Privacy should remain a top priority.

  14. William Saturn

    Also, I’m not seeing the Wells e-mail address posted anywhere on the campaign website. There is a form set up to contact the campaign.

  15. Steve Rhodes

    William, for someone who supposedly doesn’t believe in censorship, you sure believe in censorship.

  16. William Saturn

    I believe in privacy. Listing an e-mail address is not a relevant aspect of this story. If you had received an e-mail from Barack Obama himself and so knew his e-mail address, would you post the address in a story about someone else sending him an e-mail?

    Press releases usually direct one to an official campaign e-mail, which usually does not go directly to the candidate. From this story, we now know that the above e-mail address goes directly to Mr. Wells.

  17. Joshua Fauver

    William if you had bothered to read the last several campaign press releases by the campaign you would know that the email above is listed as a method for contacting the campaign on everyone of them. So if you looked at the website carefully and clicked on any of the press releases on the “home” portion of the website you would see the email address in question. So if Robby felt fine making it public, I don’t know why you have such a problem with it.

  18. William Saturn

    As I said: “Press releases usually direct one to an official campaign e-mail, which usually does not go directly to the candidate. From this story, we now know that the above e-mail address goes directly to Mr. Wells.”

  19. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    I took down the email. My intention was for the thread to lead into a discussion of why nobody should support Wells and the reasons behind why he sucks so much. Hopefully it goes into that direction from now on.

  20. Jeremy C. Young

    So let’s get this straight: The CCTUC wrecked the idea of gaining California ballot access for the CP, in part, because they stuck up for Robby Wells whom the CP rightfully saw as toxic to their brand. And now Fauver is saying he didn’t even KNOW why Wells was being shunned, because he hadn’t even done a Google search on the man he was standing up for?

    This is really amateur hour stuff. Hopefully the Constitutionalist Right gets some smart, organized people together to reverse its slow decline. I haven’t seen any of those involved since Clymer stopped being national chairman, unfortunately.

  21. Joshua Fauver

    Well, the CCTUC had absolutely nothing to do with Wells. Did Cody Quirk involved him? Yes, but was our effort to unite these right winged parties to help out Robby Wells? No it wasn’t, it was to unite the movement that claims to fight for Constitutionally limited government. And I talked to several Constitution Party members and talked with Robby, heck even shared a hotel room with the guy in St. Louis and the only reason I was given about why he was hated by the C.P was “he left after he lost the nomination”. I talked to Robby about his career at SSU, and nothing about this stuff came up. I did some research, nothing that really disturbed me came up, but this most recent search brought up some truly disturbing information, and it wasn’t all about his SSU career.

  22. Jeremy C. Young

    Still, I think it’s on you to find out this sort of thing before you agree to work for a candidate — particularly if that candidate is so polarizing that your mere association with him removes certain parties from the negotiating table. Of course Robby wasn’t going to tell you about the things that went on at SSU. There is a reason people dislike the man!

  23. Joshua Fauver

    Well SSU never cam up as a reason for disliking him. All that ever came up in my discussions with people who didn’t like him were “he left the C.P after losing.” which of course was understandable. All of the stuff about SSU never came up. In fact, in previous searches I never stumbled upon any of the information I recently came across.

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