August 2013 Open Thread

Every month IPR has an open thread. Here, you can post anything related to third parties – news, suggested article ideas, upcoming events, reports, and commentary. Also, feel free to post about any topic at all, even if it doesn’t relate in the slightest to minor parties. In a nutshell, this thread is for YOU! All of us at IPR greatly appreciate our readers and thank you for helping make IPR as great as it is!


152 thoughts on “August 2013 Open Thread

  1. Boggs Watch

    Although a Democrat, the late congresswoman Lindy Boggs had strong Catholic Trotskyist tendencies…. she is laid to rest today.

  2. Richard Winger

    It appears Tom Stephens did not get on the Republican New York city primary ballot after all, for the office of Public Advocate. Some individuals had tried to petition for him but there is a challenge to the petition, which will keep him off. Therefore the Republican Party almost certainly won’t have any nominee at all for that citywide office in November 2013.

  3. Steve Scheetz

    Richard, It is probably better for any organization to have nobody on the ballot as opposed to someone like Tom Stevens.

    Those who have read his blog understand why I am saying this…


    Steve Scheetz

  4. Steven Wilson

    Missouri LP will be present at the State Fair in Sedalia. Booth is open from 9am to 9pm. The fair runs from August 8th through August 18th.

    Celebrate freedom and Liberty!!

  5. Catholic Trotskyist

    Don’t worry NF, Boggs Watch is not me, although I agree with his commentary. Rest in peace Lindy Boggs and also to her husband Hail Boggs who was tragically thrown out of the sky. May their spirits have eternal rest. More in a minute.

  6. Catholic Trotskyist

    As stated earlier, the Catholic Trotskyist Party of America is indeed dissolving. Founded on December 7, 2007, the CTP has posted its commentary on Independent Political Report since September 2008, after nearly a year on Third Party Watch, before a spyware attack on its chair’s computer on August 1, 2008, which I still believe may have been ordered by Ralph Nader. The Catholic Trotskyist Party is a countercultural expression of true Christian values; social conservatism combined with economic liberalism, support of immigration, and antiwar activism. Something close to this combination is growing in Russia, with the growing social conservatism of Vladimir Putin at the same time as he grants asylum to Edward Snowden. Having said that, it is time for this ideology to distance itself entirely from Marxism, and to spread itself into all denominations of Christianity. This is the only way to combat dangerous libertarian movements such as Functional Filmore Frugile, and various moderate Republican pro-choice movements as well as Third Way Democrats who care nothing for freedom or family while at the same time trying to cut all the government programs on which we all depend for our survival as a civilization, instead thinking it’s perfectly ok for the rich to keep most of what they earn. More in a minute.

  7. Catholic Trotskyist

    The Catholic Trotskyist Party will be henceforth replaced by a new party, the Socialist Christian Antirevolutionary Party. Founded as an inspiration based on the work of the Dutch Protestant theologian and politician Abraham Kuyper and his Anti-Revolutionary Party of the early 1900s, the SCAP seeks to combine the best traits of the Left and of traditional conservative. The Socialist Christian Antirevolutionary Party will work collaboratively with Democrats for Life, and of those in the Constitution Party willing to work with us. We will start out as activists in the US Parliament, and then seek to run a few candidates for Congress or state legislatures in 2016 or 2018; culminating in a movement to draft congressman Dan Lipinski for President in 2020. More will be forthcoming in a treatise to be released in October or November. My IPR screen name from this point will be Antirevolutionary. Thanks to all of you for the fruitful discussions and laughs. I apologize to Deran, Mike Kavlan and any others whom I may have offended. Ironically libertarians, with whom I agree only on peace and security issues and some on immigrations, have been very kind to me and I appreciate that. May IPR live long and prosper, God bless you all, and so farewell to the name of Catholic Trotskyism. I will post more soon as AntiRevolutionary.

  8. Antirevolutionary

    Ok, here I am. I wonder what the Protestant Stalinist Party will think of this? Also David McReynolds, the only person outside IPR to give me media attention (he is in one of the other Socialist parties). I will be hopefully starting another WordPress blog by the end of the year.

  9. Beth McGrady

    Anyone know anything about what party Danial Gentry will proclaim? He is a Catholic Trotskyist Party member as far as I know. Will he switch with their leader or remain with the CT?

  10. Nick

    The Reform Party recently had been releasing and distributing original content. We got a lot of new stuff out last month that we completely ours compared to any point last year. we have plans for me. We are getting better with social media, and we are getting out press releases that occassionally get picked up. This is a big improvement over last year.

    That doesnt even take in account that we could have monthly newsletters starting up. We are planning monthly phone meetings. We are looking at putting together a new website.

    We may have ballot access in New York and a North Carolina Party by election time next year.

    Hopefully I provided some useful information by writing this.

  11. Antirevolutionary

    NF, it is Antirevolutionary. I will explain more in the coming weeks why I chose that name; basically it’s about encouraging people to be moderates and team players, as shown through Ogle’s concept of US Parliament and William Saturn’s posts about Graham’s hierarchy of disagreement. Dr Gentry is joining me in the SCAP. In fact I do seriously hold to most of the views I list here, but do have a sense of humor about it, and I don’t act in this persona in public. Additionally, while the SCAP continues to have many disagreements with libertarianism, it does agree with the libertarian position on drug policy, especially for marijuana.

  12. marzak

    FYI I watched a few minutes of the game show “family fued” and one of their surveys was, what’s the biggest state in Amaerica? Someone said Hawaii, next the guy said Ca. # 1 answer was texas, abandon all hope.

  13. Mark Axinn

    Nick @15.

    To have ballot access in New York, the Reform Party would have to get 50,000 votes for Governor (something the owner of this website knows only too well!).

    Whom is the RP thinking of running for NY Gov. in 2014?

  14. Nick

    @22 No one has stepped forward yet. It’s a lot of rumor and speculation at this point. Carl Person may run if he doesn’t win the mayor’s race.

    The New York affiliate has money in the bank and some deep pocketed members. It’s one of the better organized and stronger Reform Party affiliates. Whoever they have will have some resources and some party level support, which most of our candidates haven’t had in awhile.

  15. Nick

    @25 Andre Barnett may be running for Congress in 2014.

    @26 Let me clear that with the Executive Committee before I give out that information. I don’t know what I’m allowed to say.

  16. Mark Axinn

    Nick @24–

    Best of luck. Please keep us apprised of developments of the Reform Party (and to satisfy my own bias), the Reform Party in New York.

  17. Reality Watch

    Who are Darryl W. Perry & Davi Barker and what do they have to do with independent or third-party politics?

  18. William Saturn


    I don’t know who Davi Barker is, but Darryl Perry is running for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination.

  19. Darryl W.Perry

    Davi Barker is known as the Muslim Agorist, and is the author of Voluntary Islam and Other Essays, which was the July Book of the Month for

  20. William Saturn

    Last call:

    I will use all four of the questions suggested on the July Open Thread in my interview with Cindy Sheehan. Are there any other suggestions before I begin the interview?

  21. Steve M

    see…. i have been thinking that only a liberal democrat could unseat Pelosi from her San Francisco seat… given Nancy’s anti freedom positions on government espionage…. I figure this next election cycle she is vulnerable…. So who is going to unseat Nancy Pelosi in the democratic primary?

  22. Thomas L. Knapp

    KL @ 42,

    “I’d like to know [who] Sheehan voted for in the 2012 presidential election. ”

    Presumably for the ticket on which she was the vice-presidential candidate.

  23. Antirevolutionary

    At CLC huh? You think Perry should be put on moderation for being a weak candidate? That would put a lot of people on moderation. You’re probably just concerned about the Socialist Christian Antirevolutionary movement’s rise and how the Functional Filmore Frugal movement can ever compete with it.

  24. Reality Watch

    Mr. Perry is not listed as a candidate with the FEC. Is there any evidence he is an actual candidate and not just a delusional hobo? Anyone can post a comment to IPR proclaiming themself a “Presidential candidate.”

  25. Thomas Hill

    @55 Well that “hobo” has added another $1, 000 since I posted the link. Not too bad for any third party candidate, even a hobo…

  26. Antirevolutionary

    Also Mr Perry is relevant for a lot of reasons besides just running for President right now, as a candidate for some local elections (New Hampshire and Alabama I think) and as a key figure in the Boston Tea Party. I may not agree with him on much, but he has earned respect around here.

  27. Thomas L. Knapp

    TH @ 56,

    Don’t let Concerned Troll bother you. Of the three descriptors (s)he applies to hirself, likely only the last, if even that, is accurate.

  28. Wes Wagner

    We had a court hearing on Thursday, August 1st, to resolve the requests for a finding of fact that the plaintiffs case had no objective reasonable basis in fact or law …

    The judge seemed, less than sympathetic, to the plaintiffs position … but it is hard to know what he will rule after he has had more time to review the record.

    A ruling in the affirmative for the defendant LPO means that the plaintiffs will be assessed reasonable attorneys fees by the court.

  29. Concerned Libertarian Citizen

    @58 According to the world’s smallest political quiz, I am libertarian. And I am concerned about the future of our country. Functional candidates are the solution, not hobos.

    The words that come from Wrights are no different than the words that come from the homeless man on the street corner. They have the same level of credibility and governing experience. The difference is Wrights has a big enough ego to believe he is qualified to be governor. That is delusional. Giving him money is no different than giving money to the homeless man on the street corner. The homeless man will waste it on drugs and alcohol and end up at the same street corner. Wrights will waste it on a meaningless campaign that will have no effect on policy, and then will beg you for more money to waste on an equally pointless presidential campaign in 2016.

    I ask my fellow libertarians to stop wasting money on hobos. We need a functional candidate like Ross Perot, Jr. He knows how the economy works. He knows the freer the market, the freer the people. He does not need to waste time panhandling. He has billions to use to spread the message of libertarianism throughout the state. Please everybody, let’s make a difference. DRAFT ROSS PEROT, JR. FOR TEXAS GOVERNOR 2014!

  30. Concerned Libertarian Citizen

    @58 According to the world’s smallest political quiz, I am libertarian. And I am concerned about the future of our country. Functional candidates are the solution, not hobos.

    The words that come from Wrights are no different than the words that come from the homeless man on the street corner. They have the same level of credibility and governing experience. The difference is Wrights has a big enough ego to believe he is qualified to be governor. That is delusional. Giving him money is no different than giving money to the homeless man on the street corner. The homeless man will waste it on drugs and alcohol and end up at the same street corner. Wrights will waste it on a meaningless campaign that will have no effect on policy, and then will beg you for more money to waste on an equally pointless presidential campaign in 2016.

    I ask my fellow libertarians to stop wasting money on hobos. We need a functional candidate like Ross Perot, Jr. He knows how the economy works. He knows the freer the market, the freer the people. He does not need to waste time panhandling. He has billions to use to spread the message of libertarianism throughout the state. Please everybody, let’s make a difference. DRAFT ROSS PEROT, JR. FOR TEXAS GOVERNOR 2014!!

  31. Concerned Libertarian Citizen

    @58 According to the world’s smallest political quiz, I am libertarian. And I am concerned about the future of our country. Functional candidates are the solution, not hobos.

    The words that come from Wrights are no different than the words that come from the homeless man on the street corner. They have the same level of credibility and governing experience. The difference is Wrights has a big enough ego to believe he is qualified to be governor. That is delusional. Giving him money is no different than giving money to the homeless man on the street corner. The homeless man will waste it on drugs and alcohol and end up at the same street corner. Wrights will waste it on a meaningless campaign that will have no effect on policy, and then will beg you for more money to waste on an equally pointless presidential campaign in 2016.

    I ask my fellow libertarians to stop wasting money on hobos. We need a functional candidate like Ross Perot, Jr. He knows how the economy works. He knows the freer the market, the freer the people. He does not need to waste time panhandling. He has billions to use to spread the message of libertarianism throughout the state. Please everybody, let’s make a difference. DRAFT ROSS PEROT, JR. FOR TEXAS GOVERNOR 2014!!

  32. Reality Watch

    Couldn’t the Texas LP recruit a functional, non-hobo candidate for governor?

    Alex Jones, John Mackey, Ron Paul? There are bound to be others.

  33. Thomas L. Knapp

    Concerned Troll @ 60/61/62:

    “The difference is Wrights has a big enough ego to believe he is qualified to be governor.”

    The qualifications for governor of Tennessee are as follows: 30 years of age, US citizen, resident of Texas for five years.

    Wrights meets all of those qualifications. It’s not a matter of ego or belief. The Texas Constitution says he’s qualified to be governor.

    The biggest difference between Perot and Wrights is that Perot is an experienced welfare queen who managed to convert his inherited wealth into more unearned wealth via government subsidies of the Alliance Airport and the Dallas Mavericks.

  34. NewFederalist

    CLC @ 60-63… what makes you believe that Perot, Jr. is even interested? Secondly, why run as the Libertarian nominee instead of an independent candidacy? With money not being an issue I don’t see any advantage.

  35. George Phillies

    I am pleased to see that the LP of Texas is recruiting a Libertarian to run for Governor, not a Republican fascist pork-loving nationalist socialist.

    Running as a Libertarian builds the party. Also, since most of the press has a brain, they will cover the Libertarian as a Libertarian,and ignore the ballot line.

  36. Steve M

    As one of the donors to the Lee Wright for Governor campaign I feel perfectly comfortable with how I spend my money and whom I use to to help. The same goes for Robert Sarvis and his efforts.

    My position is… these are individuals who are committing a fair amount of time over the next few months or the next year and will be out promoting libertarianism. Helping them is well worth my cash.

    How you spend your money is up to you!

  37. Nick Hensley

    “The qualifications for governor of Tennessee are as follows: 30 years of age, US citizen, resident of Texas for five years.”

    You completely Rick Perry-ed that.

  38. Thomas L. Knapp

    NH @ 69,

    Well, what other qualifications do you want?

    Perot, like his father before him (EDS became a giant by procuring government contracts to process Medicare claims), has proven that he’s good at working the system to move dollars from the taxpayers’ pockets into his own. Is being really good at being a welfare queen a “qualification” for governor?

  39. Steven Wilson

    If Lee Wrights is the candidate then I think the Texas LP has a great candidate. Lee Wrights became very strong at the podium during his run for President. He has improved his ability to work a floor and he has a viable brand in the LP.

    I have heard he would like a great deal of money up front in order to run a quality campaign. Smart move and another sign of his maturation as a candidate.

    1. Texas is too big to creep on your belly or operate as the “broke” candidate.

    2. Rick Perry leaving is going to get national attention so a quality run for Governor might help in 2016 Presidential.

    3. Wrights has improved his ability to speak in public and articulate his points easily and clearly which would be a strong contrast to the existing Governor.

    4. A state senator has made abortion a statewide campaign for women. If planned properly, that would be a great “in”.

    Lee is a great choice!!

  40. Thomas L. Knapp

    NH @ 71,

    Ah, I see.

    That was probably because as I was writing the comment, I was thinking of Sam Houston, who was governor of Tennessee before being governor of Texas.

  41. Steve M

    Given Tennessee’s long history of corrupt politicians… I think being a graduate of the Tennessee School for Better Government should be an automatic dis-qualifier.

  42. George Phillies

    Our party’s unambiguous position on abortion ‘government should have no role in this matter’ – gives us an enormous in with women regardless of their other political positions.

  43. Mark Axinn

    TK @77–

    All the more reason to say that it not up to the government but individual women. For example, no Libertarian would ever force a taxpayer to pay for someone else’s abortion, which Democrats and Republicans routinely do right now.

  44. Mark Axinn

    NF @35–

    I spoke to Paulie about a week or so ago.

    I believe he’s just taking a breather from posting right now, especially since Chris is doing such an exemplary job!

  45. William Saturn

    The questions have been sent to Cindy Sheehan, and she has received them.

    I will post the answers here unless I am unable to, which is currently the case. If this continues, I will post the answers to my blog, Saturn’s Repository.

  46. Thomas L. Knapp

    MA @ 79,

    I’m all for keeping political government out of EVERYTHING.

    My point was that it’s foolish to try to paint something as a “women’s issue” based on a non-existent consensus among women on that issue.

  47. George Phillies

    Congress Declares War! War on America!

    (To teh follwoing, add SOD.)

    By a vote of 205-217, Congress has rejected the Amash-Conyers ‘Defund the NSA’ amendment, which would have shut down one of the many programs under which the Federal government wages electronic war on the American people.

    It was a vote by the Establishment — the Democratic and Republican Party leaderships and their fellow travelers.

    It was a vote against the American people. We are not trusted, so we must be monitored. Watched. Spied upon. Investigated.

    The American people should recognize the vote for what it was.

    It was a declaration of war.

    It was a declaration of war by Congress and the American political establishment

    It was a declaration of war on the American people.

    By vote of Congress, that NSA spying program will continue.

    The establishment voted in favor of war? Oh, yes. They voted down the Amash-Conyers amendment.

    Republicans for war on us: Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, and Committee Chairs: (Armed Services Committee) Howard McKeon, (Homeland Security Committee) Mike McCaul, (Intelligence Committee) Mike Rogers, and (Oversight and Government Reform Committee) Darrell Issa.

    Democrats for war on us: Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, and the chairs of the National Democratic and Republican Congressional Committees (Steve Israel, Greg Walden).

    That’s as establishment as you can get. The establishment voted against the Amendment. That’s a vote for the electronic war on the American people, a war that has robbed us of our privacy.

    Is the NSA really reading all these things, and collecting all those phone calls? A long series of whistleblowers of which Mr. Snowden is only the latest say “yes”. We may go back to the revelation that AT&T had installed an optical splitting arrangement in major phone offices. As a result, a duplicate of the entire content passing down major optical telephone cable trunks was sent off into Federal hands.

    That’s electronic warfare, and we the American people are the target.

    America needs to replace its entire political establishment with new political parties, and a full set of new politicians, politicians who differ with each other on many issues, but who are not the declared enemies of the American people.

    There are three boxes that will get us there: The Soap Box. The Donation box. The Ballot Box.

  48. Warren Redlich

    @35 Paulie is working.

    @60-62: “We need a functional candidate like Ross Perot, Jr.”

    Thank you for destroying whatever credibility you had before saying that. Perot Jr. was on the Romney 2008 Texas campaign finance committee. Plus he’s a billionaire. If he wanted to run, he’d run Republican.

  49. mARS

    @85 Unless he was one of the billionaires Ralph Nader wanted to recruit, of course. (I hope he keeps going with that. It’s hilarious.)

  50. George Phillies

    @77 few people are monolithic on any issue. However, like gay marriage, there is a wave of the future among young people, and it is in favor of unrestricted abortion access and unrestricted marriage access.

  51. George Phillies

    Wayne is tad out of date. It’s now called “Libertarian Populism”, and while it resembles material I use as rose fertilizer, it smells considerable more badly. I editorialize:

    “Libertarian Populism”=Republican Lie

    The Republican Party has hatched a newer but hardly better scheme to lure libertarian-leaning voters into their clutches. It’s called ‘libertarian populism’. It’s named after two things that Republicans will never be: ‘libertarian’ and ‘popular’.

    Republican supporters of ‘libertarian populism’ throw out a smoke screen of small concessions to libertarian thinking, while leaving in place the herd of elephants in the living room, the vast horde of antilibertarian Republican social and spending policies.

    Thus, the Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney talks about ending the sugar subsidy and the Export-Import bank. These are tiny government programs. You will search in vain for “libertarian populists’ who talk of ending the big corporate welfare programs.

    Big programs? How about ending the entire agricultural subsidy farm program system? Not three months ago, the Republicans had a chance to end agricultural subsidies by defunding them. Only 12 Republicans were willing to vote against farm welfare, welfare that goes in fair part to large corporate farms.

    Big programs? How about ending the defense corporate welfare scheme, which spends trillions every Presidential term for pointless weapons systems, defenses against dangers that do not exist, and drones sent to strange countries to kill small children.

    The Cold War has long since ended, and only the United States has been foolish enough not to demobilize most of its Cold War military. Defense welfare is corporate welfare, corporate welfare at its most grandiose and pointless.

    Big programs? How about ending the national surveillance state, the spying scheme that listens to your every telephone call? Republicans didn’t support that, either.

    Then there is the Republican populist ‘tax simplification’ scheme, a scheme whose actual effect is to shift taxes from Republican donors to Democratic donors. Taxes go down on the rich, and up on the not-so-rich. Total taxes do not change, but names on tax bills do. Note in particular the proposed elimination of the mortgage deduction, which will crash house prices, this wrecking a substantial part of the savings of many Americans.

    Missing in all this are the real Libertarian stands that “libertarian populists”, conservative wolves in sheep’s clothing, can be counted on to oppose. Let’s look at a few of those real Libertarian stands, all reasons why Real Libertarians Don’t Vote Republican.

    *Abortion. Libertarians are 100% pro-choice. Period. Full stop. The other guys? Even in Massachusetts, we have a forthcoming special State Senate Election, and the first policy position out of the Republican’s mouth was that he was against abortion rights.

    *Sexual Freedom. Republicans continue their war against gay marriage, and are not about to change. Republicans opposed allowing teenagers to obtain the Plan B contraceptive, and even got Democrats to join them. Libertarians, of course, are just the opposite.

    *The War on Drugs. Republicans are inveterate drug warriors, for whom the war on drugs is important outreach to working-class white males.

    *Immigration. Libertarians welcome foreigners who want to move to America. Republicans want to brick up the door.

    *Foreign Trade. “Libertarian Populism” attacks NAFTA as a key part of their outreach to Perot voters. That’s the opposite of Libertarian thinking. We may well point out that NAFTA is anything but free as a trade agreement, but Libertarians recognize that free trade is morally right and beneficial to our economy.

    * The warfare state. Libertarians reject our wars in Iraq, Pakistan, the Philipines, Somalia, Yemen, Uganda, Nepal, Syria, and a long list of other places, because waging war on people who have not attacked you is wrong. Blowing up innocent women and children with robot dorne strikes is immoral.

    That is not a complete list, but it’s enough.

    Libertarian populism is an opposite of Libertarian.

    Oh, yes: Libertarian populism is actually a scheme for recruiting Perot voters into the Republican Party. Republican thinking — if you will forgive the oxymoron — on the topic is confounded by a wrong Republican belief. Republicans believe that if Perot had not run, Bush would have won. In fact, there are excellent exit polls on this question. Clinton led Bush by a significant margin. If Perot had not been in the race, Clinton would have won the election with a solid majority of the popular vote.

    Libertarian populism is sound evidence that Republicans are idiots.

    The Libertarian answer should always be “Just say no! to libertarian populists!”

  52. Thomas L. Knapp

    There actually could, and should, be such a thing as libertarian populism.

    The stuff that’s being called “libertarian populism” is neither very libertarian nor very authentically populist. I’ve described it by a different name — Peckerwood Populism — for several years now.

  53. Concerned Libertarian Citizen

    George Phillies: “*Abortion. Libertarians (and by that I mean my fellow liberal Democrats) are 100% pro-choice (including the late term murder of fully developed fetuses). Period. Full stop.”

    There fixed that for ya.

  54. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author


    There are many pro-choice libertarians, but there are also many pro-life libertarians, and I can rattle of a list of the most prominent ones, on the top of which of course would be Dr. Ron Paul.

    Professor Phillies is very mistaken when claiming that there is only one, universally accepted libertarian position on abortion.

  55. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author


    Yes, but he also has a lifetime membership in the Libertarian Party. And note that I did not spell libertarian with a capital “L.”

    Either way, I think it’s fair to say that most American libertarians are not members of the LP. Cato did a study a while back suggesting 14% of the American electorate hold libertarian views. 330,000 or so people would not come close to that percentage.

  56. Andy

    “107 Reality Watch // Aug 14, 2013 at 9:47 pm

    I thought Ruwart was based in the Carolinas.”

    Mary Ruwart lives in Texas. I think that she may have lived in North Carolina at one time, but she’s not from there. I think she’s from Michigan.

  57. Green Party

    Wiki leaks scab manning professes he is a woman trapped in a mans body…… I heard everything. Goodnight and good luck.

  58. George Phillies

    Sometimes being able to say ‘we’re just the opposite’ is a good thing:

    As covered on

    The Alabama Republican State Committee are talking about purging people from party leadership positions for saying the country is run by the Constitution rather than the Bible.

    McKay Coppins (BuzzFeed Staff ) wrote on BuzzFeed:

    “Senior members of the Alabama Republican Party are trying to kick a 23-year-old college Republican off their steering committee after she told a local news site that same-sex marriage was reasonable because “we’re governed by the constitution and not the Bible.”

    Stephanie Petelos, who chairs the College Republicans Federation of Alabama, made the comments to in June shortly after the Supreme Court overturned the Defense of Marriage in June. The state party’s chair, Bill Armistead, had called decision “an affront to the Christian principles that this nation was founded on.” ”

    Libertarians reject the Republican theocratic war on marriage equality, abortion rights, not to mention their war on those glories of the Republic science and technology, in the form of Republican global warming denial, renewable electricity denial, environmentalism denial, and evolution denial.

  59. George Phillies

    Impeach the FISC Twelve

    The eleven members of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and the Chief Justice who appoints them should be impeached by the House, tried and convicted by the Senate, and removed from office. The FISC Twelve are:

    Reggie Walton
    Rosemary M. Collyer
    Raymond J. Dearie
    Claire Eagan
    Martin L.C. Feldman
    Thomas Hogan
    Mary A. McLaughlin
    Michael W. Mosman
    F. Dennis Saylor IV
    Susan Webber Wright
    James Zagel
    Chief Justice Roberts, who appointed them.

    I begin with our Constitution, Article II Section 4, which provides “The President, Vice President, and all civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” “Misdemeanor” is a traditional term of art; it refers to abuses of office whether specificaly criminal or not.

    Historically, impeachments have usually involved criminal acts such as bribery. However, in 1862 West Humphreys was impeached and removed from office for waging war against the United States.

    And now we come to the FISC 12. They should be sent on their way.

    What are the charges?

    One. Abuse of office, issuing writs of assistance and general search warrants as denounced by the founding fathers of our republic. I quote the Virginia Declaration of Rights:

    “That general warrants, whereby any officer or messenger may be commanded to search suspected places without evidence of a fact committed, or to seize any person or persons not named, or whose offense is not particularly described and supported by evidence, are grievous and oppressive and ought not to be granted”

    But that’s what a FISC search warrant is, a general warrant. There can be no doubt. Issuing a general warrant is a gross abuse of power. For such an abuse, the cure is impeachment.

    Two. Perjury, failing to adhere to their oaths of office to protect and defend the Constitution. General searches are completely forbidden by our Fourth Amendment, which provides ” no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized”. Precedents go back to the case of colonial-period case of John Entick (1765), who had all of his papers (not just the criminal ones) seized, with no probable cause. The search and seizure were voided under law existing even before our Constitution was penned. The FISC warrant targets every single person using a major telecomm firm. There’s no possibility of probable cause. The FISC warrants are anything but legitimate warrants, because there is no particularity in the description of what is to be seized.

    The proceedings of the FISC court are Star Chamber proceedings, kept secret not only from the people but from the attorneys of those being searched. Against secret hearings there is no possibility of defense. Again, we have here perjury, failure to adhere to the oath of office.

    We now in addition have the interesting result that the NSA leaks evidence of alleged crimes to other law enforcement agencies such as the DEA. These other agencies then manufacture a fraudulent evidentiary trail, hiding the fact that the actual evidence for the crime was tainted. That’s a massive violation of or Constitution and Bill of Rights. By failing to prevent these violations, or to speak out against them, the FISC Twelve failed to protect and defend our Constitution.

    Three. Levying war on the United States. Oh, yes, electronic warfare is warfare. That’s why the Department of Defense spends so much money on it. What is being done is a classic part of electronic warfare, sweeping up every scrap of our electronic communications, exactly as the Allies did against the fascists during World War 2. Thanks to various nefarious international agreements, it is the same allies doing the sweeping, but this time the target is not the German war machine but the American people. That’s electronic warfare, and we the American people are the targets. The effect of the war is deny journalists their sources and frighten some Americans into silence.

    The FISC Courts have destroyed one of our fundamental rights, a right so fundamental that it did not need to be spelled out, the Right of Privacy. To return two and a half centuries ago to the case of John Entick, the court held “Our law holds the property of every man so sacred, that no man can set his foot upon his neighbour’s close without his leave.” That’s the Constitutional Right the FISC proceedings have trampled underfoot. My email is my property, and it is being set foot upon. Readers may wish to recall that privacy is the same right that gives women access to abortions and (recall Griswold) married couples access to contraceptives.

    Finally, there are those who will defend the FISC 12 by claiming that the FISC 12 are simply obeying the law.

    First, no law passed by Congress can override our Constitution. By authorizing writs of assistance and general search warrants, Congress has not merely violated our Constitution, it has smashed the Constitution to pieces. The Law of the Land, our Constitution, is being violated.

    Second, we have a clear legal precedent. I refer to the third of the Nuremberg Trials, the Judges’ Trial. Sixteen German judges and lawyers were tried on four major charges. The judges had the defense that they were obeying German law; furthermore, unlike the United States, there was no higher German law above the acts of the German Parliament. Most of the Germans were convicted. The FISC 12 have no such defense. American does have a higher law, our Constitution, and they broke it.

  60. From Der Sidelines

    @110: There a lot of lesbians trapped in men’s bodies–we call them hetero males! 😛

  61. Nick Hensley

    In Charlotte, North Carolina, the Reform Party and Modern Whig Party are backing Lee Sowers for Charlotte City Council District 1. He is looking for volunteers and holding an organizational meeting on Tuesday August 20th via teleconference. The phone number to join the teleconference is (605) 475-4700 and the access code is 847354#.

  62. Independent Green Party Gail for Rail

    Indy Green Party’s Gail for Rail Parker running for Virginia House of Delegates
    For Immediate Release: Contact: Gail “for Rail” Parker
    August 17, 2013 571-282-8381*

    Gail for Rail Parker Candidate for Virginia District 43 Delegate

    The Independent Green Party’s, Gail “for Rail” Parker, on the ballot for District 43 (the Virginia House seat held for 22 years by Gladys Keating).

    Gail ‘for Rail”: “We need renewable and sustainable energy for us and for the generations following us. By becoming more energy efficient we can improve our global competitiveness in the future. Rail can help make us free of dependence on consumable fossil fuels. We also need to transition buildings and housing to renewable energy. Buildings and housing account for 40% of energy consumption in US.

    This is the 9th straight year for my being on the ballot. Our message more urgent than ever. Our Nation’s reliance on fossil fuels is increasingly a National security concern. We can cut our dependency on oil with renewable energy both in our housing and by building rail; light rail in our population centers that feed into high-speed rail nationwide –Trains as fast as planes. Every year we import about $300B in foreign oil products. For one third of that amount we could build a state-of-the-art nationwide high-speed rail system that would cut our consumption of foreign oil in half.

    Residents of District 43 understand and support the need for building feeder rail systems in our communities that will feed into high-speed rail nationwide.

    Rail transit is the mass transit method of choice for the typical Fairfax County resident. Folks who prefer not to sit in traffic and choose to ride trains. Clean, fast, quiet, safe trains.

    We also need dedicated passenger rail track for Virginia Railway express. In the National Capital Region, emergency evacuation is a real concern. Hurricane Katrina demonstrated the type of mass transit that does NOT work. Hurricane Sandy demonstrated how rail can move large numbers of people in a very short time. We need new track, with more trains, that run more often to more places!

    Rail benefits communities in so many ways: home values located near rail increase in value. In contrast, homes near interstate hi-ways decrease in value.
    Currently federal policies say to local authorities: If you build roads the federal taxpayers will pay 80%; if you build rail federal taxpayers will pay 20%. That is why it is important to elect rail advocates to both federal and state-level offices.

    We need More Trains, Less Traffic. We need to build Rail NOW! And move rapidly to energy sources that are renewable and sustainable, sources that are not used up in consumption. The Independent Green Party advocates for smarther growth. Bringing Bike Share to our communities. Bring Bike Share to Huntington Station. Build rail to Ft. Belvoir. Grow revenue, save energy by installing geothermal heating and cooling systems in all our buildings, with solar panels on the roofs.

    (According to a 2007 Gallup poll 38% of Americans are Independents …larger than either of the other two political groups now in office.)

    Glenda “Gail for Rail” Parker
    Independent Green Party State Vice Chair
    Candidate for Delegate, VA District 43
    703-960-5602 (home)
    703-282-8381* (mobile)

  63. Reality Watch

    @0 — Every month IPR has an open thread. Here, you can post anything related to third parties – news, suggested article ideas, upcoming events, reports, and commentary. Also, feel free to post about any topic at all, even if it doesn’t relate in the slightest to minor parties. In a nutshell, this thread is for YOU! All of us at IPR greatly appreciate our readers and thank you for helping make IPR as great as it is!

    Is news about nonpartisan independents not welcome at IPR? Is this Independent Political Report, or Minor-partisan Political Report?

  64. Jill Pyeatt

    News about non-partisan Independents is definitely welcome here, RW. You can post something in the Open Thread, or send it to me at or to any of the other writers.

  65. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Mr. Phillies @ #116 – The book ” Science vs Evolution ,” found at along with great amounts of supporting material, demonstrates conclusively, via the mathematical perspective separate from many other ways, that ” evolution ” is/was impossible. Absolutely impossible with NO – zero – nada – nyet – way possible for its occurance.

    The claim that the theory of evolution is ” science ” is, via the REAL scientific evidence, totally shattered and exposed as the Religion ( faith ) that it is.

    Hence your screed was/is simply a reiteration of the theology of the Libertarian Party; i.e.; its Religion.

    And that Religion, boiled down to its essence, is Humanism.

    So you are actually discussing your religious war upon normal marriage ( as compared to pervert, i.e.; homosexual ), your religious war upon life via the niggerizing of the unborn child to a less than human status ( as with the Dred Scott slavery law for blacks ), and your religious war upon science via the fantasy of ” evolution.”

    Hence please ” come out of the closet ” and admit your own religious bias and war against Christianity which is what Humanism is all about.

    The Libertarian Party is every bit as ” theological ” as any other party and is actually far more so.

    Its theology is the destruction of Christianity and, most particularly, the Christian foundations of our nation.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. a soldier in the Army of Life, a Christian Army, standing in opposition to the Humanism Army of Death; an Army composed of Democrats, RINO Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, and every other lackey/slave of The Enemy of God

    P.S. – I see that you ” haven’t gotten the public relations/marketing/Social Engineering memo ” that so-called ” Global Warming ” is now called ” Climate Change ” because of the embarrassment to the Plantation Master controllers of the fraud/lie that actual weather/climate is not falling in line with the DOOM!! DOOM!! DOOM!! claims of Pope Gore and his Religion of Humanism/Global Warming cattle herds/followers.

    Yet another example of the anti-human religion of Humanism.

  66. Nick Hensley

    Carl Person has ballot access in NYC. We estimate that there will be more then 5 minor party candidates on the ballot.

    Lee Sowers is halfway to ballot access in Charlotte, NC. He has about 6 volunteers now to help him gather signatures with about 1,500 signatures to go.

  67. Reality Watch

    14 candidates have filed for the open primary (leading to a top-two runoff) election in Louisiana’s 5th Congressional district. There’s a Green carpetbagging from New Orleans, two independents and two Libertarians. One Libertarian is carpetbagging from baton Rouge.

    The other LP candidate is Henry Hereford, who was a Ron Paul delegate to the state GOP convention last year. Jackbooted policemen acting on illegal orders of the state GOP Chair, attacked Mr Hereford and broke his hand.

    U. S. Representative 5th Congressional District

    1 to be Elected

    Name/Address/Phone Filed Date Party/Race/Gender

    Eliot S. Barron 08/21/2013 Green
    5721 Magazine St., Ste. 217, New Orleans LA 70115
    504-866-1676 Male

    “Tom” Gibbs 08/21/2013 Other
    P.O. Box 304, Fairbanks LA 71240 White
    318-267-7026 Male

    Henry Herford Jr. 08/20/2013 Libertarian
    2604 Hwy. 17, Delhi LA 71232 White
    318-488-0857 Male

    Clyde C. Holloway 08/21/2013 Republican
    P O. Box 340, Forest Hill LA 71430 White
    318-308-1361 Male

    Marcus Hunter 08/19/2013 Democrat
    900 Saint John St. , Monroe LA 71202 Black
    318-235-5511 Male

    Robert Johnson 08/19/2013 Democrat
    P. O. Box 468, Marksville LA 71351 White
    318-253-0935 Male

    James “Jamie” Mayo 08/20/2013 Democrat
    3818 King Oaks Dr., Monroe LA 71202 Black
    318-325-7387 Male

    Vance M. McAllister 08/21/2013 Republican
    2460 Hwy. 594, Monroe LA 71203 White
    318-343-3452 Male

    “Jay” Morris 08/21/2013 Republican
    P.O. Box 4986, Monroe LA 71211 White
    318-330-9020 Male

    Neil Riser 08/19/2013 Republican
    P. O. Box 344, Columbia LA 71418 White
    318-450-0922 Male

    Weldon Russell 08/21/2013 Democrat
    P. O. Box 548, Amite LA 70422 White
    985-969-2208 Male

    Phillip “Blake” Weatherly 08/20/2013 Republican
    411 Hodge Watson Rd., Calhoun LA 71225 White
    318-599-9316 Male

    Peter Williams 08/21/2013 Other
    15864 LA Hwy. 970 South, Lettsworth LA 70753 Black
    318-359-5333 Male

    S. B. A. Zaitoon 08/21/2013 Libertarian
    P.O. Box 23, Baton Rouge LA 70821 White
    800-364-7257 Male

  68. Darryl W. Perry

    A Presidential Pardon for Bradley Manning

    On August 21, Judge Col. Denise Lind sentenced Pfc. Bradley Manning to 35 years in military prison (minus 1294 days for pre-trial confinement). Three hours after Manning’s sentence was announced, attorney David Coombs said the appeals process will begin in a matter of days. Coombs said, “I will file a request… that the president pardon Pfc. Manning, or at the very least commute his sentence to time served.”

    Coombs said, the request includes a statement from Manning himself, “I understand that my actions violated the law. I regret that my actions hurt or harmed the US. It was never my intent to hurt anyone. I only wanted to help people.”

    The truth is Manning’s actions caused no actual harm to any of the American troops overseas. The only harm was to the egos of those who want to control other people.

    Col. Morris Davis tweeted that “Manning [will] likely serve about 8 to 8.5 yrs more in confinement.” That means Manning will serve nearly 10 years longer in military prison than the people who commited the war-crimes that he exposed. As of yet, the apache gunner who appeared in the ‘Collateral Murder’ video has never faced criminal charges. Those who slaughtered civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan have never faced criminal charges. Those who ordered the troops into combat have never faced criminal charges.

    Bradley Manning is a whistleblower who exposed war-crimes, and for his good deed he is being confined to military prison for at least the next 8 years of his life. I am proud to be among the 4,114 who signed the petition to serve part of Bradley Manning’s sentence, and ask Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan to either allow each of the people who signed the petition to serve 3.1 days in custody so that Bradley Manning may go free or that the Maj. Gen. Commute Manning’s sentence upon review. Regardless the action by Maj. Gen. Buchanan, I formally request that President Barack Obama grant a full pardon to Pfc. Bradley Manning.

    In Peace, Love & Liberty,
    Darryl W. Perry
    2016 Presidential Candidate
    Co-Chair NH Liberty Party
    Owner/Managing Editor Free Press Publications

  69. Jill Pyeatt

    RW @ 134: That is a great topic, and I’ll write something up over the weekend, unless another writer gets to it first. Thanks for pointing it out.

  70. Antirevolutionary

    At Concerned Libertarian Citizen, I think if you saw some videos of Burns and looked at the number of times he has run for President etc, he would probably be considered a hobo according to your criteria.

  71. Antirevolutionary

    I was looking at some of Wikipedia’s articles on California’s state assembly elections in the 1990s for some research projects, and it turns out Don Grundman was a Republican candidate several times. Interesting.

  72. Concerned Libertarian Citizen

    It doesn’t matter to me how many times one runs. Qualifications matter. The hobo on the side of the road begs for money which he will waste (Wrights, Badnarik, Milnes). Is Burns the man on the side of the road, or is he a seasoned officeholder who understands governance? I get mixed messages. Somebody please clarify this in an article.

  73. Jill Pyeatt

    CLC @ 138: Perhaps it would help to know what a “hobo” is to you. The objections I have to any of the three candidates you mentioned are not in a category of “hobo”, as I understand the word.

  74. Mark Axinn

    Jim Burns is a very nice man and a dedicated Libertarian. He does not have much following or gravitas, but he is certainly true to his convictions.

    Here is an interview I did of him (and Alden Link) when they were both potential LP candidates for President in 2008:

  75. Mark Axinn

    It’s about 28 minutes long, so sit back and eat some of Eric’s popcorn while watching! 🙂

  76. Dennis

    Bob Barr Campaigns on Individual Liberty

    “Had former Congressman Bob Barr decided to simply retire and return to private life upon leaving Congress in 2003, nobody would have blamed him. After an illustrious and influential career in the House of Representatives, prolific support for conservative causes, and a presidential candidacy, Barr had already accomplished a great deal. Rather than relaxing during his post-electoral career, however, the sixty-four year old attorney spent a decade writing, advocating, and speaking on behalf of liberty-minded issues.
    As the years progressed, Barr became increasingly worried by what he saw occurring in Washington: the erosion of civil liberties, the expansion of federal power, and the unwillingness of the Legislature to stand up to the Executive Branch. Consequently, a full decade after leaving office, Barr has decided he is ready to make a comeback.”

  77. Steve M

    Could IPR run a calendar which lets us check in and see what on-line activities are coming up?

    for example…..

    Lee Wrights Will be on Freedom Rings Radio Show Monday AM yes I know doing this cost money… how about crowd sourcing to raise the money?

  78. Steven Wilson

    You are invited to the St. Louis County Libertarian’s annual fall picnic, Sunday, September 15, at the Lindbergh Picnic Shelter in McDonnell Park. The picnic is open to the Libertarians of St. Louis County and nearby counties, and friends.

    The park is located a few miles south of I-70, near Lindbergh Blvd. (A pdf map link for it is below.)

    The picnic shelter is reserved from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, but the official start time is noon or 1:00.

    We are providing the hamburgers and hotdogs; however, we are requesting people to bring something to share.

    Lindbergh Picnic Shelter is near the sand volley ball pit –

  79. World Leader

    Coming on September 1st, 2013, world leader elections! Guaranteed 100% of all names elected winners for ten years, after that 99.99% plus 10,000 votes, guaranteed minimum level of voters electing winners into perpetuity.

    Watch here for more updates; the WORLD revolution, coming here soon!

  80. Oranje Mike

    Does anyone view or interact the Facebook page Being Liberal?

    I am beginning to wonder if this page is not run by a libertarian minded (or even green minded) person that is poking fun at Obama zombies. The level of hypocrisy is over-the-top it cannot help but think it’s satire.

    This was posted earlier as an excuse for not criticizing our pending war in Syria:

    “(M) A lot of conservatives have been posting on this page, asking why the liberals who protested our war with Iraq are being hypocrites and not protesting our war with Syria, and I’d like to take a second to answer that question.

    We’re not at war with Syria, so there’s no reason to start protesting against it. We’re not protesting against World War III either, that doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be liberals who oppose it if it happens. Anti-war liberals aren’t required to protest against wars that haven’t even started. If they are, then I would like to firmly announce my opposition to the war with Canada.

    Hopefully that’s a sufficient answer.”

    Notice that anyone, in the mind of Being Liberal, asking a legitimate question is assumed to be a “conservative”.

    Being Liberal must be a work (and I can’t imagine it’s the brainchild of a GOP stalwart).


  81. 8/31 AntiWar Rallies Go Viral

    George Phillies Writes:

    On Saturday, August 31st, rallies are scheduled across the United States against the War on Syria. I have compiled a partial list below the orange maze.

    Some of the people organizing these have happily said they have never done anything like this before, and have posted facebook pages omitting minor details like the city or state for their rally location. Also, for facebook announcements there are some anomalies involving which time zone is being posted with the announcement, so check what time these are. Finally, *some of these events are not tomorrow*. I have done what I could, but the list is very long and some announcements were a tad bit obscure. The following list is not complete, but I got tired of typing.

    The driving force is an internet message

    Here’s the plan of action to Oppose the illegal and unconstitutional war with Syria:

    We are launching a global rally on Saturday August 31st in every city and town in the world.

    Here’s how you get involved:

    Go to the FB search bar and search for ‘No War With Syria Rally (your city)’ example: No War With Syria Rally San Diego

    Join the event, invite ALL of your friends to join it as well, then get involved with the locals that are already in the event page to help them any way you can.

    *If there is no event page made for your location yet, please make one.
    Here’s how:

    -Simply click on your event tab from your FB homepage

    -Click create an event

    -Name the event ‘No War With Syria Rally (your city)’ example: No War With Syria Rally San Diego

    -make sure you set the privacy to public so other people can find it when they search for it

    -Pick a central and relevant location and start time for your area(please make it on Saturday August 31st)

    -Invite ALL of your friends and encourage everyone else to invite their friends as well and do whatever else you can to let people know about the rally

    -Try to get some volunteers together to make banners to do some canvassing on friday the night before your rally. Contact the local overpass light brigade or set one up yourself. Make signs.

    -Pass out flyers in the days leading up to your rally, if you can’t afford them, ask for some donations. Some local businesses may also be willing to help you out with printing

    -Contact other activist groups in your area for help(occupy groups, anti-war groups, veterans for peace groups, code pink, civil liberty groups etc)

    -contact local media and let them know about your rally. Focus on independent journalists in your area.

    -Set up a hashtag for your march and use it on FB, Twitter, and Instagram

    -The rest is up to your discretion to handle locally

    The time to change the world and stop the war is now. Share this information with anyone and everyone you know, thousands of innocent lives depend on it

    Please Comment, LIKE & SHARE!

    Here are a few of the events across America, in order by state, with thanks in part to / and and , not to mention DailyPaul and various Libertarian Party sites.

    Huntsville Corner of Whitesburg Drive and Airport Road

    Mesa 8AM Southern and Dobson
    Phoenix 11 AM Steele Indian School Park 300 E. Indian School Rd
    Tempe 7PM 225 W University Dr 7:30pm- MARCH from Ash/University to Mill Ave
    Tucson 8 AM DMAFB @ Golf Links and Craycroft

    Little Rock, noon at the State Capitol, and march downtown

    Costa Mesa 5-7PM Day of Attack 3300 Bristol
    Fresno 10AM Blackstone and Shaw
    Los Angeles 2PM Pershing Square :
    Los Angeles 5PM Day of Attack Westwood Federal Building
    Oakland Noon Frank Ogawa Plaza
    Point Mugu 6AM-10PM Pacific Coast Highway just south of Point Mugu Naval Base
    Sacramento 5:30 PM Day After Attack Sacramento Federal Building 5th and I Streets
    San Diego
    San Francisco
    San Jose
    Santa Cruz 11AM Ocean and Water Streets

    Denver Noon, Saturday Capitol Building
    Fort Collins Mulberry and College 10 AM
    Longmont 5-8 PM HWY 66 and 287 Near Walmart

    New Haven 5:30 Church & Chapel

    Fort Myers 4PM Saturday Centennial Park
    Ocala FL

    Tampa/ST PEtersburg 6 PM Gandy Blvd and Dale Mabry
    Sarasota Saturday 1 PM

    Atlanta Noon State Capital

    Honolulu 11AM-2PM Ala Moana Center
    Honolulu 5-8 PM Federal Building

    Chicago Saturday Noon Daley Plaza :;

    Fort Wayne Noon Allen County Courthouse
    Indianapolis 12 Noon the State House;
    Indianapolis High Noon March from the War Memorial at 431 N Meridian ST Indianapolis, IN (where parking is plentiful) to the WTHR 13 news building at 1000 N. Meridian Indianapolis, IN.

    Des Moines Noon Northland Studios Parking Lot

    Wichita 10AM Saturday Bradley Fair 21st and Rock Rd.,

    Baton Rouge 1-4PM 900 North 3rd St

    Blue Hill 10AM-2PM
    Portland, Me 11AM and Noon Veterans for Peace in . Sat. noon at Monument Sq., Portland,Me

    Boston Saturday 10AM-4PM MBTA Park Street Station
    New Bedford MA 10AM -3PM Buttonwood Park
    Springfield Saturday Noon 65 Highway, Battlefield Overpass

    Ann Arbor 11AM Liberty Plaza
    Detroit 10AM Hart Plaza
    Detroit Noon Campus Martius Park
    Detroit 6PM Grand Circus Park
    Madison Heights Noon 1111 W 14 Mile Road
    Traverse City 11AM 243 E Front Street
    Wayne-Macomb County Noon-3

    Minneapolis Saturday Noon Hennipen County Government Building
    Rochester 1 PM Peace Plaza

    Kansas City Saturday Loose Park, 11-5
    St Louis 11AM at Art Hill in Forest Park, and then march 6 miles to the St Louis Arch (Kienar Plaza) at 2PM

    Las Vegas 9AM-11AM Tropicana and I-15 Overpass

    Concord Noon State Capitol
    Manchester Sunday Noon City Hall
    Nashua 11AM 229 Main Street CityHall

    Albuquerque (time = ?) US courthouse on 5th SW and Gold SW

    Albany 12:30 Towsand Park
    Buffalo, outside City Hall, Saturday start 8AM
    Buffalo, Niagara Square, 9/1 1PM
    New York City Times Square noon:

    Charlotte 1-2 PM, Bank of America Plaza ;

    Cleveland Saturday 1-7PM 200 Public Square
    Columbus Apparently 1 demo at State House, one demo at the Ohio State game (OSU, High and Lane Streets)
    Newark 4PM Hull Avenue

    Oklahoma City 2PM Penn and Northwest Expressway :
    Tulsa 1:30 Pm, 101st and Memorial :

    Portland 2-5 PM Pioneer Courthouse Square

    Erie Noon-3 Perry Square
    Horsham noon-2 Horsham Ai Guard Station
    Philadelphia City Hall 15th and Market Street @ 1pm
    Philadelphia Day after attack 4:30 PM 15th and Market Streets

    Hilton Head, SC Day after attack 4PM Ruoute 278 and Beach City Road

    Memphis 11AM CDT Poplar and Highland Street
    Nashville 11AM-1PM Global Mall at the Crossings
    Nashville Noon Legislative Plaza

    Austin 11 AM Texas State Capitol 1300 North Congress
    Conroe Noon Walmart Conroe 1407 North Loop 336 W
    El Paso Mundy Park 2PM
    Fort Worth 10 AM 900 N. Main St.
    Fort Worth11 AM-3 PMSundance Square 201 Main Street
    Houston Texas noon Westheimer & Post Oak
    Jacksonville 5PM SUNDAY Jacksonville Public Library
    San Antonio Noon, Main Plaza

    Salt Lake City Saturday, Noon Capitol Hill

    Richmond Day fot eh Attack 5PM Richmond Federal Courthouse Broad Street

    Bellingham Noon, The Federal Building
    Bremerton WA 3PM Evergreen Park Contact
    Centralia TUESDAY 5:30 PM 110 S Silver St
    Olympia 6PM Percival Landing Park
    Seattle Noon Jackson Federal Building
    Seattle Noon Westlake Park 4th and Pine
    Spokane Noon Riverfront Park Fountain at Howard and Spokane Falls Blvd
    Spokane 5PM
    TriCities 2PM John DamPlaza Richland

    Bayfield/Red Cliff 42 South Broad Street

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