William Saturn: Jerry Brown’s War on Women

The following was posted on the Saturn Repository blog on August 17, 2013. William Saturn is an IPR contributor and accredited Wikinews reporter. 


Despite the claim that Republicans have declared war on women by opposing publicly-funded birth control, Democratic Governor Jerry Brown of California seems to be going out of his way to wage his own kind of war on women.

Brown recently signed an act into law forcing California schools to allow “transgender” students to use the bathroom and shower best matching their “gender identity,” as opposed to their actual sex.  As discussed last month in my review of CandleCrusade.org,  such a mandate interferes with a fundamental right of girls.

According to Amnesty International, every girl has a right to “sex-segregated toilets and washrooms” (emphasis added). Brown’s removal of this right makes schools less safe for girls, exposing them to greater risks of physical and sexual violence.  There is no reason for the state government to take this decision away from schools. With community input, schools are the best place for society to determine whether it values the self-esteem of “transgender” students, who make up about one student per elementary school, over the safety of girls, who make up half the school. Regardless of what communities believe, Brown made his own value judgement, which he now dictates to all California girls.

Immediately after signing his bathroom bill into law, Brown continued his war by vetoing a bill that would have allowed women to sell their own eggs for research purposes. Though California women may still sell their eggs to fertility clinics, that remains their only option. Consider a woman in need of extra money, who decides to sell her eggs.  Though she does not wish for someone else to have her child, with Brown’s veto, she has no other choice.

Brown claims he made his decision due to the difficulty of obtaining “genuinely informed consent.” In other words, as Reason‘s Scott Shackford writes, “Genuinely informed consent is difficult, so the governor will decide for you, ladies! He’ll decide what in your life is for sale.” Once again, Brown encroaches upon a fundamental right of females. In this case, the right to do what one wishes with her own cells.

Governor Brown’s war on women represents just a small segment of the overall war on freedom going on throughout the nation. It does not matter whether an officeholder is a Democrat or a Republican. Both parties have members who believe they and their lobbyist friends know what is best for the people and their communities. This will continue indefinitely if people allow Statists like Governor Brown to remain in office.

As a voter, please remember that alternatives exist. If you are tired of government constantly inserting itself into your life, search for those espousing freedom. You will likely find them outside the two party system. The Libertarian Party may be a good place to start.

2 thoughts on “William Saturn: Jerry Brown’s War on Women

  1. johnO

    Is Jerry Brown for/against topfreedom that Moira Johnston of Philadelphia(?) advocates. Where men can go topless women should too?

  2. Antirevolutionary

    Generally agreed William. People are working so feverishly to act like they care about transgendered people, that they forget about everyone else. A boy is still a boy as long as he is biologically a boy, and should not be allowed in a girls’ bathroom; and someday one of these boys will turn out to be some sort of predator and hurt a girl, when this could have been easily avoided. I am generally happy with jerry Brown because he got Proposition 30 passed which has improved California’s struggling public education system. However, he has made some severe mistakes as well. The egg issue is interesting; yes if women are going to sell their eggs, they should be encouraged to do so for research instead of creating children through unnatural processes.

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